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Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update

Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Episode Update. Aarambh 20th August 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Devsena asks Lord to make way for her and take her across Narmada. Jaldev clears the way for her and holds a falling tree. They go ahead. Mahisha gets angry. Indramitra taunts him and says just one power works here, its me, Purohit Indramitra. He attacks Mahisha. He asks soldiers to be alert all the time. He goes. Mahisha says you have caught a volcano, you all will regret. Devsena says Mahisha didn’t come. Jaldev says he will come. He sees a pit and lies down in her way. She steps on him and goes ahead, smiling. They reach the river and walk ahead. Jaldev says I have seen Mahisha fighting with Arya soldiers he will come, don’t worry. It starts raining. Jaldev puts his hand on the sindoor. He gets a leaf and covers it up. Meghla looks for Padmavija. She sees the mirror and praises her beauty. Mirror breaks. Sambhavija says how did the mirror break, is this my illusion. She puts her hand across and says I can go out, but is this Padmavija’s trap, I have to save my daughter, I will go out. She comes out of the mirror. She takes a knife.

Devsena reaches the tribe. Padmavija gets shocked seeing Sambhavija, and says how did she come out. Devsena says Mahisha didn’t come till now. Jaldev says he will come. She says he has powers, who can tie him. Jaldev thinks Gurudev Indramitra can do this. Tribal people get glad seeing Devsena getting the sindoor. All the women thank her. The man says you have blessed up today. Devsena says its my duty to save my Praja from problem.

Sambhavija asks Padmavija not to come ahead and shows the knife. Padmavija falls in her feet and says I did big mistake to take your place. She smiles and pushes Sambhavija. Everyone cares for Devsena. Kalketu comes there and says Devsena, celebrate happiness, your Kaal is over your head, your biggest failure is written in this tribe, your death. He takes disguise. Devsena goes for the puja. The man says one who gets sindoor does the puja. Devsena says yes, I didn’t get this sindoor alone, Shivgam supported me, he protected me and the sindoor. The man asks Jaldev to go aarti alongwith her. Jaldev and Devsena do the aarti. Kalketu comes there. Devsena stumbles. Jaldev holds her. They have an eyelock. Kalketu thinks don’t know which fate she got, she doesn’t die, I have to take her away from here. Mani Karnika spreads as sindoor on the ground and forms back. Mani Karnika says I had to come here, Devsena got me to this Rajya.


This was the Last Scene from the Previous Episode.  Below is the Recap for Today’s Episode. New Episode will be updated after On air. Keep Visiting This Site. Thanks.


Precap: Indramitra says I will fulfill this aim now. Mani Karnika says a kinner will rule on the throne now. Padmavija says I wanted to kill Devsena, what powers does she have.





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