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Agnifera 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Agnifera 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Agnifera 14th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Ragini eagerly waits for anurag to eat kheer. anurag thinks why she is acting so stressed, if she is as much as something. ragini sprays perfume and thinks it will work. she keeps and anurag maintains on his laptop. she receives worn-out and falls asleep on sofa. she desires about anurag coming near her and pronouncing he knows she did now not devour some thing. he feeds her kheer. she additionally feeds him. he asks her to be sensible and prove herself in 14 days. a mosquito pesters her and he or she wakes up from sleep and fumes that even mosquito does now not want to dream her about her mister. drama maintains. ragini in the end tells anurag that she has stored kheer for him. he says he will not have something and could work until morning. she feeds him kheer and asks if he liked it. .


Full Details of Agnifera 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update


He says sure and thinks if he does no longer devour kheer, she will be able to do some thing. she feeds complete kheer and asks if he appreciated her cake. he says yes and asks her to get property papers from papa within the morning as he desires to present them for surety. she asks if he will take her to patna tomorrow. he nods sure and thinks he’ll problem her so much that she will be able to recognize she is imperfect. ragini sets alarm and sleeps luckily.
In the morning, ragini wakes up listening to bike sound and gets tensed that anurag left. she sees him sound asleep and goes down. revati asks dulari to move and get shrsti’s hall price ticket and no longer make any blunder. dulari walks to vishu’s room. ragini asks revati if sasurji/vidhvan left domestic. she says sure. ragini says anurag asked to get property papers from him, but he left earlier than she should ask. she asks if she knows wherein papers are. anurag comes down and yells she can not do anything nicely and keeps.


Dulari on the alternative facet searches shristi’s corridor price ticket. vishu gets up and asks what’s she doing here. she says she got here to wake him up. he says he sleep in tent and no longer in cupboard. drama keeps. she says chutki is calling him. he is going out and springs with chutki. chutki asks while did she inform she called him. shristi comes out of lavatory. vishu says she got ready so soon. shristi gets her corridor price ticket out. dulari watches that. they all rush down listening to anurag shouting at ragini. dulari silently choices hall ticket and thinks where to hide it. vishu comes and she or he drops it on ground and hides it behind her. vishu says she woke him up so early, he goes to sleep. she says okay. ragini comes and searches her corridor price ticket. dulari stands nervously. shristi finds it on ground and alternatives it. dulari walks down unfortunately. revati scolds her.


Anurag calls vidhvan and asks in which are property papers. he then tells revati it’s far in her cabinet and to get them. ragini confronts that she wanted to get papers at night time, however he stopped her, what is her mistake if sasurji went out early, errors appear, even he does mistake. she walks to her room and spoils anurag’s % thinking he looks horrific in anger. anurag comes in and looking at p.c thinks she spoilt his percent, now he’s going to smash her patna experience and problem her a lot.


Last Part of Agnifera 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Revati maintains fuming. brij enters and says no longer to worry, vidhvan requested him to drop shristi to examination corridor. he has arranged individuals who will ruin ragini’s exam. revvati receives happy.


Precap: Examiner takes out chit from shristi’s bag and asks if she is dishonest. she says it isn’t always her paper. officer comes. examiner says she is dishonest and must be allowed to jot down exams. ragini confons a person for misbehaving with her and slaps him. people accumulate. anurag’s pals ask if that is bhabhi.


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