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Agnifera 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Agnifera 16th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Agnifera 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Ragini learns english from trainer. she sees anurag coming down and loudly says who’s your excellent pal, my mister is my exceptional buddy. anurag thinks it’s far her new drama and walks away. trainer says nowadays’s class is over.


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Shristi presents digital e book to vishu and says he has to read it. vishu says he can not apprehend. she says it has pics and he can research easily. vishu says he can without problems research then. she says he has to build a tool and show that he has grown up. divya enters and says daadi is calling shristi.


Revati prepares pickle. dulari enables her praising herself, gets spices in her eyes and runs away. revati asks daadi why she is sending four of them to ichapurti mandir. daadi says their bonding will growth, she had despatched even revati and vidhvan there. ragini enters and says her mom extensively utilized to prepare pickle, however she did no longer research it. shristi and anurag additionally enter and ask daadi why she called them. revati says they must go to ichapurti mandir the next day morning. shristi says she has to put together for her exams and cannot pass. revati scolds she has to go. anjurag says let her observe. daadi says it’s miles her want. revati says nobody have to disobey daadi. ragini says she will go for sure.
Parag thinks of calling ragini and understanding how she is. he calls divya as a substitute. she asks if bhabhi’s smartphone isn’t always connecting. he says he known as her as they may be relatives now. she says she is analyzing and has to skip metric exam this time and disconnects call. parag thinks he’s good-looking and rich, is extra sensible than computer, then why girls run far from her.


Revati fumes how dare terrible lawyer’s daughter is to disobey her. Ragini enters and gives her some moral gyaan. vishu reads electronic book and thinks he desires lot of gadgets to prepare a system. he asks shristi what to do now. vidhvan passes by and vishu says shristi got him digital e book and he wishes lots of items to put together a device. vidvhan says what is wrong in it, he’s going to get them.


Ragini takes anurag’s bedsheet and pillow and thinks she can see how he will take them without touching her. she sleeps on them. anurag enters and sees her dozing on his bedsheet and pillow. ragini silently acts as sound asleep and watches him. he sees i am sarry written on reflect and thinks he can’t sleep with out pillow and bedsheet. he walks towards ragini and tries to drag bedsheet and pillow. her sari moves and exposes navel. he closes eyes in shy. she smiles and acting as asleep pulls blanket on her. he silently pulls bedsheet out. she turns nad holds his hand and says i’m sarry. he thinks she is murmuring even in sleep. he alternatives pillow and sleeps, reveals i am sarry be aware once more. ragini smiles.


Agnifera 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Whilst travelling in vehicle, ragini thinks she will be able to not do any mistake with a view to irk her mister. vishu sees shristi analyzing and asks if she is reading even here. shristi says she is preparing for exam. ragini switches on fm purposefully.


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