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Agnifera 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Agnifera 1st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Agnifera 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update.


Ragini and shristi serve their dishes after appearing kitchen ritual. family eats ragini’s organized pakodas and make bizarre mouths. shristi then serves her sweet dishes. brijbhan remarks it’s miles tasting so true after tastying sour pakodas. vishu insists to eat pakodas and revati stops him. daadi broadcasts shriti as winner and offers her present. shristi says if it’s miles a gift, she will maintain it. revati feedback she is performing as if her father is a billionaire. ragini gets jealous and says they all insulted her these days and asks to compete which she does not recognize in any respect, she can’t cook and shristi can cook, permit shristi compete in goal exercise and win, she does now not like dropping. vishu tastes pakodas and says it is very sour. ragini fumes and leaves to her room. shristi feedback and dulari scolds her.


Full Details of Agnifera 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shristi confronts and dulari counter-comments. vishu says he’s going to apologize ragini and goes to her room. ragini is seen fuming and commenting. he apologizes her and says he need to not have commented. she says absolutely everyone express regret her due to fear, but he’s the primary man or woman who apologized her with heart. vishu leaves. anurag enters and sees her injured hand and offers ointment to her pronouncing it’s going to heal her wound. their eyes lock. she hopes he applies it, says he did no longer eat whatever, he have to have eaten and praised her. he says he does no longer like lying and likes being uncomplicated. ragini says she is same. their verbal exchange keeps while dulari enters and says she introduced food for ragini. anurag leaves. dulari if she was speaking personally. ragini says yes and says she isn’t hungry now.
Vishu goes to his room and tells shristi that he apologized bhabi. shristi asks him to sleep in his tent now and writes her thoughts in her computer.


Inside the morning, ragini rushes down seeing daadi with pooja thali and questioning she ought to get prasad first. shristi walks from other side. ragini runs and touches daadi’s feet. daadi offers her prasad first after which to shristi. divya takes prasad next. dulari says chutki has prepared breakfast. ragini sits for breakfast. dulari asks if she will no longer name anurag. ragini says she likes having food in room and will take food to her mister to her room. shristi eats food. dulari remarks her husband is still napping and she is ingesting before him. shristi says she is hungry. daadi offers prasad and asks her to present it to vishu as he eats her prasad first after waking up. revati informs that village women are coming for bahus’ muh dikhayi.


Last Part of Agnifera 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ragini goes to her room and searches anurag. anurag comes out wearing towel after a bath. ragini stands bowled over. anurag turns in a shy.


Agnifera 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Village women come for ragini and shristi’s muh dikhayi and reward their splendor. they then inform anurag that they heard shristi is well educated like him.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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