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Agnifera 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Agnifera 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Agnifera 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Parag tells anurag that ragini is very talented, although she is not educated. he must be happy with her and flow on. anurag hears a person shouting and rushes to save room. he sees ragini punishing tribhuvan and asks what is taking place here. ragini says she is simply explaining tribhuvan. tribhuvan holds anurag’s legs and pleads to store him. anurag shall we him pass. ragini fumes, however says she changed into about to go away tribhuvan.


Full Details of Agnifera 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pooja tells shristi that she need to receive new exchange as destiny and move on. vishu enters and introduces himself to pooja. shristi simply seems alongside. surekha comes and takes vishu out. purshotam attempts to work on laptop and pay attention to radio. surekha says human beings have gone on moon, however he’s nonetheless stuck in vintage radio. he says world moved rapid and he’s still old-fashioned. he receives a call and scolds consumer why did he ship documents through electronic mail. vishu maintenance radio in between. purshotam is surprised and asks how did he try this. vishu says he can restore anything besides computer. purshotam says shristi had taught him how to use computer, however he forgot. shristi hears that and demonstrates the way to down load document. purshotam attempts to speak, but she ignores him and actions aside. surekha asks vishu to head and relaxation. vishu says he does no longer need to visit shristi’s room. shristi orders him to go and he walks closer to room.
Dulari name callings brij’s wife that she is childless, so she cannot recognize mother’s worries for her kids. daadi scolds dulari. brij’s wife confronts dulari and says she has 3 children, anurag, vishu and divya. she loves them like her own children. dulari fumes.


Anurag’s uncle reaches home and calls his wife. his wife comes and acts as irritated. he pampers her. she asks why did anurag elope. he says he married vikral’s daughter, so it’s miles obvious for him to elope. she says she wants to meet both bahus. he says he will do some thing. Ragini receives geared up as bride. her buddies taunt and pull her legs that she is celebrating second suhagraat, but they may even one. she receives tensed reminiscing anurag’s anger on her.


Ragini’s mom sees anurag standing tensely and attempts to speak. he does not. she says she is aware of he’s going to now not talk to her, she became towards this marriage from earlier than as ragini is not his type. he says he desired to marry shristi, but because of vikral, he needed to marry ragini. he can’t even apologize shristi now. ragini is a great female and wishes a accomplice of her nature, but he is not the one. parag hears their conversation and thinks shristi is a spoilsport in his sister’s lifestyles, so he has to cast off her.


Last Part of Agnifera 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ragini’s buddies come and drag anurag to ragini’s room and after a piece of taunts push him on ragini. he falls on ragini and tries to get up, however falls again. ragini feels shy. he gets up subsequently. ragini in lieu of drinking water drops it on sofa and says anurag he can’t sleep on wet couch, so he must sleep on mattress. anurag prepares mattress on ground and sleeps.


Precap: Ragini sees solar rays on napping anurag and stands in the front of him, performs hide and are seeking for. parag plans to shoot shristi and thinks earlier than ragini reaches her home, her present will reach first.


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