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Agnifera 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Agnifera 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Agnifera 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Anurag sleeps on ground at the same time as ragini sadly looks at him and sleeps on bed. shristi on the alternative facet sleeps on ground and vishu sleeps on mattress. name tune rishto ki…agnifera..music..performs in the background. anua reminisces ragini punishing, her mother telling ragini has a coronary heart of gold, etc. shristi reminisces about vishu’s immaturity. gun falls from ragini’s bed. anurag thinks she does now not sleep with out gun. vishu wakes up and calls kaaki/brij’s spouse. shristi asks what took place. vishu says he desires to go to washroom. she indicates direction and he runs in.


Full Details of Agnifera 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


at vidhvan’s house, daadi tells brij’s spouse allow us to begin arrangements to greet anurag/ragini and vishu/shristi when they return from pagh phera rituals. revati asks divya and dulari to name village girls for bahu’s muh dikhai/face looking ritual. dulari remarks while she went home after muh dikhayi,, she took so many gifts that her in-laws had to name village ladies next day for muh dikhayi ritual, she is positive ragini will bring lots of items, but shristi may not. revati yells broke lawyer trapped vidhvan and were given his daughter married to anurag. brij asks what happened. she fumes that shristi will no longer get any presents at all. brij says not to worry, ragini will convey truck load complete of presents and vikral will ship masses of items.
Ragini returns to her room after a bathtub and sees anurag still dozing and sunrays falling on him. she stands in the front of him, playing cover and seek with sunrays. anurag wakes up. ragini shows him tea tray and says she delivered green tea, masala tea, everyday tea, and so on., which one he wants to have. her mom comes in and asks if anurag did not have tea yet. ragini says anurag wakes up overdue. mom sees mattress on floor. ragini selections it hurriedly and says anurag rolls all round. mother asks them to get prepared and come down soon.


Shristi wakes up and sees vishu standing with tea and biscuits. she shouts why did he carry tea. he says daadi requested to take care of her. mom enters and asks them to get geared up and pop out.


Last Part of Agnifera 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Anurag goes down getting ready and sees vikral ordering narad to load house complete of items in truck. he says anurag that he’s sending those presents for her daughter. ragini says even he can use them. anurag thinks he hates all this, but has no different choice. vikral asks narad in which is parag. narad says he left with armed protect. vikral asks to find out wherein he’s. parag reaches out of doors purshotam’s residence and waits for shirsti to come out. sumer brings lots of items for shristi and tells he will load them in pace. shristi says she can now not take anything. purshotam says let her do some thing she matters proper. shristi walks out preserving kalash. ragini walks close to door. her buddy taunts now not to overlook them if she goes to london together with her english husband. ragini goes to take vikral’s blessing. vikral offers her moral gyaan to win anurag’s heart. parag factors gun at her hiding and thinks anurag is evaluating this girl to his sister, he’ll kill her and provide quality present to his sister, but then stops whilst vishu stands before her.


Precap: Ragini does ritual and tour in car. revati calls her and says brij is waiting for her out of doors village to greet her with fire. as soon as she sees fire, all her troubles will solve and she or he should see fire first. ragini reaches close to fire and thinks in which is her problem shristi.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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