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Agnifera 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Agnifera 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Agnifera 24th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This Episode starts with ragini walking a under the influence of alcohol as a skunk wonderful anurag upstairs to her room. she is embarrassed and angry together with his obnoxious state. she notices that his wet clothes want to be changed in any other case he’s going to fall unwell. in a surprisingly comedian sequence she tries to get rid of his trouser with the aid of masking him with a blanket. while she swear mentally that she changed into higher off in her bandookwala wali avtaar instead of being married. anurag in his sleep apologises to ragini for all his nastiness closer to her. ragini wonders if he means it. then she gets a flash again of the hospital scene where she walks into a scene in which anurag had touched ragini’s shoulders to console her. she thinks that she will be able to in no way trusts anurag as he’s being pleasant in a drunken kingdom. inside the morning he wil be lower back to thinking about the ,kanoon ki devi’ (srishti)


Full Details of Agnifera 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Anurag wakes up inside the morning. he is set to take his blanket off and ragini stops him. he realises that he’s bare. he starts to behave modest announcing,’ you raped me..i m destroyed’ ragini explains that she needed to change his garments otherwise he could have fallen sick. he’s amused. teases her extra. she tells him she has stored his clothes in the rest room and he ought to quickly freshen up.
At mamta’s house srishti is having tea and shekhar walks in. two ‘upholders of morality’ type ladies stroll in. they ask mamta if srishti is that lawyer’s daughter married to vidwan’s son. she ran away from her house. now is often seen with this guy(which means shekhar). they are saying they’re positive that there is something fishy happening. mamta tells them that they may be simply colleagues and now not to think in any other case.


Vishu is combing his hair searching glad. vidwan asks him to get equipped soon. brij gives to take vishu to the medical doctor. vidwan says as he is going to the court he’ll take vishu to the medical doctor’s as it’s miles at the manner. vishu (looking lovable) thinks that he could be very excited as he’ll meet his fil and srishti.
back at vikral’s anurag is prepared and tells ragini to join him to go to courtroom as he has to put up a few prison formalities concerning the settlement straight away in any other case he may lose the settlement. ragini says she wont go with him anywhere. anurag says he will lease shekhar ot do his process. he is succesful. ragini receives worried that again he has all started considering excuses to satisfy the ‘qanoon ki devi’. she thinks she has to do some thing on the way to make anurag lose his agreement which will make him go away for london. anurag thinks ‘ragini i will actually take you again home’.


In shekhar’s office srishti is disenchanted approximately the taunts of these moralistic aunties and tells shekhar that she might realize like to be unbiased and get up together with her own strengths. so long as she will be visible with him the insults will now not stops. shekhar tells her to disregard all this, awareness on her work in order that one day humans will admire her for her work. int he meantime a consumer messages shekhar and he tells srishti to attend to the problem. as she leaves he holds up his cell and appears at srishti’s image announcing how he would love to make her the happiest and most loved girl. srishti comes form behind announcing she again to pick up her handbag and asked him why turned into he speakme to himself. if all of us else could have visible him they could have idea that eh has long past loopy. as srishti is going shekhar mumbles that his love for her has driven him crazy.


Last Part of Agnifera 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Lower back at vikral’s residence vani is busy making a rage nets for ht pooja at their kothai where anurag and ragini could be staying. vikral walks in educating parag that on the grounds that his netaji is busy with damadji he need to go and give na expertise to that lawyer about towing the line with them. ragini who turned into standing in a nook listening to this thinks that parag and the attorney have to play the criminal sport in such a way that anurag us not capable to complete the specified formalities. this may make him lose this contract by means of 5 pm after which he could be able to capture the following flight to london.


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