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Agnifera 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Agnifera 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Agnifera 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Agnifera 25th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Episode starts with ragini plotting towards toerag
she tells narad to take shekhar away from the courtroom until atleast five o’clock and to apply that point to ‘straighten’ him up. she has an inner monologue with herself and says that with out his settlement, toerag will haven’t any motive to stay at the back of.


Full Details of Agnifera 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Anuragini no.1 fan appears to be a mindreader and sends ragini to take breakfast to rag. raghu internally says that vani have to revel in feeding and loving her damaad as an awful lot as she wants before she puts him in a ship and sends him to london.


Raghu bumps into rang and spills the food on him and internally says that he determined another danger to name me an uneducated united states of america bumpkin. rag surprises raghu via no longer being a douchebag for as soon as, he tells her its only
clothes and he will alternate it. raghu internally asks the question we’ve been all asking because last tuesday, “how did this miracle take place? his soul seems to have modified”.
looks as if anurag took this threat to pop out half of bare and flaunt his muscle mass to raghu who’s more concerned approximately why he’s smiling. he sits down on the sofa wherein ragini’s pinnacle were given stuck on the brink.

Ragini thinks chipkurag is again and doing his usual clingy shenanigans, she tells him that she has already made it clean to him now not to do badtameezi stuff round her.


An amused rag enjoys this surroundings, raghu turns around and finds out that for as soon as it’s no longer toerag however the couch thats being chipku. she tells him she’ll deliver some other breakfast for him, he replies with a flying kiss .Meanwhile narad is convincing parag that shekhar is their maximum crucial project and they must begin with him.


Back to r&r


Rag is still looking to persuade raghu to include him to court..raghu thinks that she need to go along with him so whilst he doesn’t find shekhar there, he gained’t assume she turned into behind it. she tells him that if she doesn’t go together with him, he’ll start his blackmailing drama once more so its better she consents to move.


She tells vani that they’re going out, vani says to come back returned speedy so one can shift and do grah pravesh for the other residence.


As soon as r+r depart, vani says that regardless of dwelling afar, rag is making an attempt to reconnect with his start area, vikral is of the same opinion with her and says raghu is helping him reconnect …and says that the arena will one day say these are married for every other

again to r+r who ultimately reached shekhars workplace, negative ragini’s dreams are shattered as narad hasn’t kidnapped shekhar yet. as they take a seat down, toerag asks about raghu’s souten, srishti which irks raghu.

raghu thinks that she’ll should do some thing herself now so that rag loses his settlement. shekhar requires one of the workers to move and make a replica, raghu sees a hazard and is going out and calls narad. she tells them to hurry up and that theres nevertheless time to kidnap shekhar.

shekhar tells toerag that it’ll take 2 hours for the paperwork to be completed, chipkurag makes a reappearance and tells raghu that he’s going to take her purchasing

vishu and vidhwan are also at court docket, srishti’s dad asks vishu how his restoration goes and srishti who’s listening in is happy to pay attention that he’s restoration well. vishu as standard is making plans to peer srishti.


Last Part of Agnifera 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update


n+p have subsequently reached shekhars office to intimidate him. they are trying to kidnap him however srishti intervenes. parag threatens srishti and shekhar is giving him the evils, shekhars hit listing is getting longer via the day. loads of blah blah manifest in among in the meantime i’m falling asleep


Precap: Anuragini face off in opposition to s-s…shekhar accuses toerag of being sold via vikral after which goes to tell raghu to shut up as she married toerag at gun factor and stolen him srishti. raghu slaps him for this and shekhar increases his hand to slap her but toerag stops it mid-manner


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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