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Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Komal and shankar wait outside. they ask raghubir ji what health practitioner said. he tells them there is not anything to fear. doc remains checking bhabhi. i’m able to convey drugs within the intervening time. shankar offers to head however raghubir ji says i have to buy my drugs too. you stay with komal. komal tells shankar she wishes to speak to him on something critical.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Lucky is in jamuna ji’s house. badho introduced her complete circle of relatives in our domestic because of this codntiion of the house. ma already dint like her. now payal bhabhi created a rift between pinki and bhai. kareena points out that it’s going to take time if only 2 human beings do the paintings. lucky makes a decision to help so badho is out of his domestic at any value. he begins painting the residence.


Komal indicates her brother to spend extra time along with his circle of relatives especially lattu. he is asleep by the point you are again. you travel up to now to your work. how tons will vardaan handle? he too has to observe. shankar agrees. but i have to work to run a family. she nods. you are so best. you could get any job. we can run the residence with you leaving the house and taking time to present interviews. go away your task and take a house in sirsa. i’m pronouncing this for our circle of relatives handiest. a person told me it’s far essential for a own family to be impartial. i hope i dint say some thing incorrect? raghubir ji concurs together with her. when a family will become impartial, it approach they have faced every moment with courage. they may be left with out a worry or shortcomings then. raghubir ji and komal move inner. shankar is in mind.
Kareena sees new highly-priced items coming to jamuna ji’s domestic. aren’t you spending too much on this family? he says i don’t mind spending my everything to throw them out. simply wait! kareena says we can be free from badho as soon as this shanti puja is finished. permit’s make preps as pundit ji will come every time.


Doc tells own family that jamuna ji has ligament fracture. you should take bed relaxation. in which do you live? komal shares that they stay in bakriawal. doc advises them now not to tour thus far on this circumstance. it isn’t precise in your health.


Pundit ji comes to badho’s domestic. lucky requests him to do shanti puja in this house so whosoever stays here wont sense like leaving it ever.


Payal is crying. jamuna ji and komal ask her what passed off. payal holds raghubir ji’s feet. i made a genuinely big mistake these days. please forgive me first. they are saying so. payal stocks that she got lattu admitted in sirsa’s english medium college nowadays.


Pundit ji does puja. he explains that the puja is carried out now. everyone can stay here peacefully now. fortunate thank you him. kareena asks fortunate what’s subsequent. fortunate talks to convey every person again in the domestic. theyw ill cross mad seeing so many things here. badho’s greed can also be complete. kareena speaks of leaving badho here too. she is only a burden anyhow.


Raghubir ji says it isn’t wrong. payal points out that most effective those living in sirsa can take admission inside the college. i gave your house address as his deal with. i be given making a very massive mistake as i dint ask all and sundry however i’m a mother in spite of everything. every mom wishes correct for her son. i need my son to look at in english medium college and talk english. komal reasons that kids have to develop as much as be a pleasing person. english does no longer qualify you for some thing. payal says it’s far previous thought. you will recognize while you turns into a mother your self. raghubir ji talks in her favour whereas jamuna ji reprimands payal for taking a decision without consulting everyone. we are able to be heading back domestic in an afternoon or . what will we do then? payal nods. how can we control then? komal reminds her mom of what doc had said. we are able to must go to in a few days on a normal foundation. now lattu’s faculty is in sirsa too. shankar joins them. he tells komal he has determined to leave his job surprising all of them. payal speaks of the charges. how will you even think of this? shankar says i have thought well and feature made allowances. payal asks him why he dint seek advice from her earlier than taking such choice. i simply were given lattu admitted in english medium school. he is bowled over. who did you ask earlier than doing that? she agrees to explain later. komal suggests discussing it at home later. we can’t move everywhere for some days in any case.


Malti ji and kamla ji are making lunch. komal and all and sundry come domestic. she tells them of what doc stated. i have to tell you something else too. kamla ji wonders what she is thus far. komal asks approximately lucky and heads to their room to deliver him but collides with kareena as a substitute. komal facilitates kareena stand. she attempts to inform fortunate however he says what i’m going to say is extra crucial. he keeps the baggage bags earlier than everybody and asks badho’s circle of relatives to rush up. we have to leave right away. i made bharpayi do all preps and did the whole lot by myself. komal attempts telling him once more however he will pay no heed to her. fortunate tells jamuna ji which you would possibly sense awkward but now the whole lot is ready at your private home. i constant the whole thing myself. i purchased all new matters and even the shanti puja is done now. komal says what’s the need of all that. fortunate says this is also my circle of relatives. i need them to be happy too. malti ji and kamla ji appreciates him. payal cannot contain her happiness. lucky asks komal’s family to come.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


We are becoming past due. let’s go. he selections up the baggage however komal ends up telling him that her circle of relatives will now be dwelling in sirsa best. this was what i wanted to inform all and sundry. lattu got admitted in english medium faculty here. plus, ma too will have to stay here for a few days because of her harm. bhaiya left his process. kamla ji does no longer just like the ultimate news. payal concurs together with her. he left his activity without asking elders (which means herself). raghubir ji tells her not to fear. i have hired him as an accountant. i was seeking out someone truthful for that role in any case while he said he has left his job. i couldn’t have discovered a higher character than him for the job. komal nods. it will be higher for every body to stay in sirsa as lattu has to head to highschool too. payal hides a grin.


Precap of Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Komal suggests the unique quilt to lucky which she has crafted from his preferred t-shirts. he receives upset and tells her to preserve it. at night time, he keeps shoving it away while she maintains protecting him with it. in the long run, he in the end covers himself with it. komal smiles sweetly.



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