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Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Payal provides that lattu got admitted within the school because i gave this residence deal with. raghubir ji does not thoughts it. raghubir ji stocks that they have taken the nearby residence on rent. they’ll shift in a few days. fortunate reluctantly offers in. kamla ji whispers to malti ji about komal’s own family solving her roots on this residence. malti ji is helpless. you must guide me. komal tells fortunate she took this choice after what he stated. i made my circle of relatives unbiased. thank you for fixing our domestic in bakriawal. are you happy now? he lies that he is happy. we are able to stay together. nothing may be higher than this. pinki additionally appears disappointed. jamuna ji says lucky worked so tough at our home. now that our baggage are also packed, we ought to depart. raghubir ji factors out that they may be staying round the corner most effective. i don’t assume lucky could have a problem with that. fortunate nods. i have no hassle. badho says hum saath saath hain. payal continues smiling. komal sings the tune hum saath saath hain.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jamuna ji reprimands payal for what she did nowadays. payal justifies her stance as a mom. jamuna ji nonetheless calls it wrong. it became raghubir ji who dint utter a word. i too couldn’t do something. seeing what you did, i felt like sending you for your mother’s home right away. payal says it turned into important for me to send my son to an english medium faculty. you should relaxation now. depart the entirety else on me. vardaan seconds his mother. what you probably did is known as fraud in english for which you have a punishment and penalty too. she tells him not to give lecture to her. your time will also be stored now. i suppose properly for all people while you only factor out fingers at me. vardaan doesn’t thoughts daily traveling. i don’t like mendacity to get matters completed. he sees pragya and excuses himself.


Vardaan knocks at pragya’s door. he walks in after looking for her permission. i don’t recognise tons about what i want to say however it is critical. i need to tell you that i don’t suppose teji is a pleasant man. pragya says why you are announcing this to me. he says i don’t like interfering in others’ enterprise but i want to tell you honestly so you don’t fall for the incorrect person. i feel teji isn’t what he appears to be. you’re smart sufficient. choice might be yours simplest. he leaves. teji comes out from under the mattress. she tells him not to try this ever once more. he asks her if she does now not love me. vardaan is talking towards me. he is turning into bold daily! pragya teases him. he is probably speaking fact. teji calls it a lie. he stands close to her preserving her. have faith on me. see how i educate this criticism container a lesson now! she sends him out and smiles shyly to herself.


Raghubir ji and malti ji talk approximately the radio. we offered it while lucky turned into born. he’s all grown up now. children grew up with time. fortunate has matured too. i cherished what he did. he fixed jamuna bhabhi’s home on his own. i pray that he starts doing his obligations nicely with time. no one else could be happier then. malti ji offers credit score to him for his upbringing. raghubir ji is anticipating the day fortunate will tell komal to move struggle. she will be able to make all and sundry proud. malti ji says i don’t know all that. i only want him to be happy. he will become much like you if he works tougher. you used to arrange the fair to your personal in his age. raghubir ji nods. malti ji notices komal. do you have got to say something? komal thanks raghubir ji for what he did for her family. raghubir ji surely replies that we do as we’re succesful sufficient way to god. who will assist circle of relatives if now not circle of relatives? malti ji concurs with him. komal apologizes for demanding them. raghubir ji advises her now not to apologize again if she really thinks of herself as his daughter. move and sleep now. we have to do loads day after today. raghubir ji speaks proudly of lucky. he has certainly grown up.


Komal comes inside the room excited to hug lucky. he helped my family. fortunate turns and finds her smiling extensively. she hugs him. he pushes her away. are you mad to now not apprehend what you’re doing? she says i was saying thank you to you. he says you hug me each time you wish to. you must thank me from a long way. she walks a few steps away and shouts thanks. he asks her if he can sleep now. she nods. that is your property, your room. sleep now. he says thank you and lies down. komal suggests the unique quilt to fortunate which she has crafted from his favored t-shirts. he receives disillusioned. she points out that he never wears them. babu ji advised me to both donate or use the garments you don’t wear. he says i should have given it myself. maintain it now. komal covers him with the quilt at the same time as he’s dozing however he keeps shoving it away. in the long run, he subsequently covers himself with it. komal smiles sweetly. she leans toward him however he turns in his sleep. she appears on at him happily from her facet.


Subsequent morning, bharpayi has packed a few bins. kamla ji and malti ji ask them about it. payal says i’m moving in a new residence these days. i was wondering to get a few ration for a day or two. i cannot allow human beings gossip approximately us ingesting from your home. her mother comes just then. she maintains smallest possible boxes subsequent to the huge ones. i delivered some ration on your new domestic. see how a good deal i care about you. payal says i will come after solving baggage bags. komal tells her this ration wont cross everywhere. the whole lot is constant in your private home. ajay and jitesh come there protecting sacks. payal asks her why it became wished. komal replies that she got it from bakriawal. it’d rot in any other case. payal and her mother get disenchanted.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sarpanch ji brings a sack of grain to ahlawat residence. he stocks that farmers are satisfied now as this time the crops had been certainly desirable. they have given those snacks to you with love. you helped them once they wished water. raghubir ji accepts it. komal suggests organizing a honest to maintain every body satisfied. every person has blended reactions on their faces.


Precap of Badho Bahu 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Komal shows letting fortunate prepare fair. fortunate refuses however komal requests him to achieve this as he’s right now not able to wrestle too. raghubir ji broadcasts that fortunate most effective will make all preparations. later, fortunate tells komal he seems like killing her alternatively. she reasons that if he does what he is informed to then he will gain appreciate in the eyes of his father. you may then sense like hugging me instead of strangling me!


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