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Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Komal comes in holding two buckets of milk. teji and pragya forestall of their tracks in surprise but disguise earlier than she will be able to spot them. komal closes the door at the back of her and heads interior. pragya and teji come out from their hiding area. teji leaves for temple.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Next morning, bharpayi calls out to pragya while she is heading out. the groom’s own family can be accomplishing quickly. pragya lies that she turned into going to hope for the equal. bharpayi gives to return along but pragya assures her she can manage it. such a lot of guests are coming. you’ll be wanted here. bharpayi nods. pragya requests her no longer to tell all and sundry or ma may be involved. bharpayi concurs. pragya leaves for temple.


Komal asks pinki to light diya. i must go out for a few pressing work. malti ji and kamla ji ask her approximately it. why don’t you live at domestic for a while? komal stocks that her mom has sent shagun for pragya’s wedding ceremony. vardaan is bringing it there. he can’t come right here, right. malti ji points out on the duties which can be needed to be performed as it’s miles pragya’s engagement nowadays. komal is greatly surprised to hear it. she recalls lucky telling her that pragya loves a person else. now fortunate wont have a whole lot time to speak to every person and explain this. i’m able to must do some thing. she agrees to live at home to help. kamla ji lets in her to head (as she doesn’t need her near her daughter). pray properly. meet everybody. take your time. engagement is in evening. there’s adequate time. komal nods. don’t worry i can manage the whole thing whilst i’m lower back. kamla ji tells her to depart. we will cope with everything. komal leaves. malti ji asks her bhabhi why she lied to komal. kamla ji shares that she does no longer want any drawback in her daughter’s wedding ceremony.
Pragya reaches temple and complinents teji. you look really satisfactory on this attire. he asks her if he dint appearance true earlier than. she shakes her head. i can not imagine we are able to get married nowadays. he acts unhappy for the fact that he could not deliver baraat to her domestic. she says it is good enough. atleast we can be collectively. she goes in a room inside the backside of the temple to trade.


Pradhan singh, zalim singh and vijay also attain temple. zalim singh indicates preventing the marriage. vijay factors out that it will be a cherry on the cake if it takes place before entire world. the men of ahlawat circle of relatives may be after our existence. pradhan singh instructs a guy to do as he become told to. the guy assures him his work may be accomplished. Komal meets vardaan. they talk about their mother.


Vijay asks teji how he’s feeling. teji asks him how come he’s here. i am doing all that you informed me to. vijay tells him that he has paid bhatti already. teji panics. you shouldn’t be right here. you purchased me in this case. you’re making me marry this lady! i don’t want to marry. vijay advises him to go away then. we wont let your wedding ceremony show up with out your want. teji tells him now not to funny story. i can not depart her by myself at this second. we have come too a long way. her brothers wont spare me if i run now. vijay points his gun at him so teji flees from the scene.


The identical guy (raju) meets komal and vardaan. he tells her that zalim singh, pradhan singh and vijay had been seen 15 kms a ways from here. please tell fortunate ji. vardaan indicates his sister to inform fortunate however she is hesitant.


Pragya comes out dressed as a bride but teji is nowhere to be visible. kamla ji asks bharpayi about pragya. bharpayi lies that she is getting ready. kamla ji buys it. bharpayi is worried for pragya. it’s been too long. what should i do now? need to i inform all of us or not?


Fortunate notices rana, ajay and jitesh lost in deep verbal exchange. what are you guys discussing about? rana reminds him of pragya’s engagement. lucky is greatly surprised. did badho come to inform me this the day past? he asks his tau ji approximately pragya. was she glad with the news of her engagement? kamla ji nods. she herself came to me to get her garments and jewelry. she has no issues with this engagement. he gets questioning. did you fix the alliance forcibly? kailash ji tells him not to worry for no reason. we wont do some thing like that. fortunate almost takes teji’s call but stops.


Komal makes a decision to tell fortunate. rana assures lucky that pragya said sure earlier than him simplest. don’t fear. komal calls lucky and tells him about pradhan singh’s whereabouts. assume nicely before doing something. i don’t want you to get in any trouble. raju watches them from far. i should update pradhan singh.

fortunate vows to complete pradhan’s story once and for all these days.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Pragya starts offevolved to worry now. teji hides behind a tree to see what pradhan and his gang are up to. pundit ji acknowledges pragya. you are marrying teji? she nods. why do you care? simply do the rituals. he concurs and asks her about her groom. did he run away? she declines. sangram singh and different panch come there simply then. your groom ran away! pragya appears down tensed. vardaan and komal are headed in the direction of the temple at the same time as teji maintains to look at from in which he is status. sangram singh seems at pragya from pinnacle to toe.


Precap: Kamla ji greets the groom and his family. all people asks for pragya. bharpayi factors out that she is not in her room. sangram singh calls pragya runaway bride. humans speak unwell about teji. who will marry this woman now? she too is a runaway bride now!


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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