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Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Kamla ji and malti ji sing a music while making churma and halwa. all women are busy competing with kamla ji. she runs to prepare dinner churma with pinki’s help. komal enables her mother. kamla ji keeps dancing and singing even as cooking. malti ji and kamla ji’s bhabhi smile seeing her hence. all girls take a seat all the way down to make laddoos next. komal imagines having a romantic moment with fortunate. he offers her rose and continues searching at her sweetly whilst she receives shy. she feeds him churma and laddoos. he compliments her. i haven’t eaten tastier halwa and ladoos than this. i cherished them. he bites at her finger as she feeds him. she calls him naughty and puts flour on his cheek. he chases her retaining flour in his fingers. she tells him now not to achieve this. anyone hears her for this reason and begins smiling. kamla ji teases her that she cannot forestall having romantic fantasies with her husband. he could be happy while you will make yummy food items. don’t you understand that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly? she hopes god allows lucky ji in arranging truthful first. i’m able to feed him all this later for sure. someone asks payal about her mother. payal stocks that she is telling anyone about the truthful.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ajay and jitesh pull the cart wherein payal’s mother is sitting. she has a speaker in her hand and declares about the arena well-known honest of haryana. she tells approximately all with a purpose to be covered inside the honest. people get excited.


Kamla ji’s churma is ready. she shouts at bharpayi to deliver moong for halwa. jamuna ji and kamla ji get all the way down to making halwa. all different girls are sitting unable to finish the primary task.


Pinki’s words echo in rana’s head. fortunate notices him looking disturbed. what happened? rana complains of headache. fortunate shows going to health practitioner first. health is before the whole thing else. he turns the automobile again. rana mentally apologizes to raghubir ji. i can’t make pinki ji unhappy. i have already disappointed her normally. i cannot do it anymore.


Women need to taste the halwa kamla ji has made however she tells them to permit the choice be introduced first. girls study jamuna ji’s plate and are tempted. komal says it seems to a hard competition to kamla ji’s churma and halwa. i want i discover ways to prepare dinner like her for atleast an afternoon so i can make lucky ji glad. kamla ji’s bhabhi name callings jamuna ji for creating a massive wager for making her daughter marry in this type of big house. you bought an excellent catch in fortunate. i too have daughters. teach me some approaches with which i will lure a boy from huge residence. jamuna ji is confused. what are you talking approximately? bhabhi ji says you knew the earlier alliance dint have whatever so that you selected fortunate. became some thing incorrect with him? jamuna ji stops komal from retorting. kamla ji is at peace to see her being insulted earlier than every body now. she tells her bhabhi to end this subject matter. jamuna ji says it’s miles her domestic. she will say or do anything. komal calls it incorrect. kamla ji’s bhabhi calls it a comic story. did you discover it wrong? jamuna ji shakes her head. komal looks disappointed. ahlawat ji joins them. he starts from kamla ji’s plate after which tastes from every plate. he takes bites from jamuna ji’s plate. it’s far yummy. kamla ji appears irked.


Malti ji tells her bhabhi not to worry. you may win like every year. ahlawat ji continues tasting halwa from every plate. he praises all and sundry for cooking amazingly tasty food. there’s no doubt that my wife makes the high-quality halwa every year however this time i tasted a new flavor. forgive me this time. your 20 year old document will destroy today. jamuna ji has made the most delicious halwa and churma nowadays. komal and payal are pleased whereas kamla ji, pinki and malti ji appearance on unhappily. ahlawat ji takes out rs.101 as prize cash for jamuna ji. kamla ji interrupts him. she has damaged a 20 year vintage report. nobody should even come closer overlook about breaking it! it isn’t a small thing. rs.one zero one is a small prize. she takes out cash from her bag. jamuna deserves rs.501. she offers the prize to jamuna ji. that is your prize. don’t insult yourself and me via announcing no. jamuna ji accepts it reluctantly. coin falls down as kamla ji we could go of it too rapid. i don’t realize how it slipped from my hand. payal picks it. kamla ji comments that payal is aware of the price of rupee one thoroughly. pinki smiles while malti ji is careworn. kamla ji claps for jamuna ji.


At night time, the organizer is still anticipating rana. a person requests him to make his reserving as they’re not coming.


Komal is enraged that she couldn’t do anything downstairs while kamla tai ji’s bhabhi said suggest matters about her in front of everyone. i wouldn’t have spared her if ma had not stopped me. she throws the plate of meals in anger and cries.


Precap: raghubir ji tells lucky and rana that complete village knows approximately the honest taking place the next day. what is going to we say to all people? fortunate indicates apologizing to anybody. we are able to reschedule it after three months from now. raghubir ji gets indignant. komal indicates helping lucky in making organizing the truthful.





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