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Badho Bahu 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Lucky and komal have come to fulfill the manager of water park. someone is retaining an eye fixed on komal and lucky though the digicam. we don’t need to look forward to too lengthy now. the prey has fallen in our lure on its personal. we had been anticipating this threat considering that goodbye however sooner or later got lucky.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Manager meets komal and lucky. komal speaks to him approximately the truthful. we want to ebook your park for that best. lucky adds that complete village will come. see if they may in shape on your water park or no longer. manager assures them 2-3 villages can are available in this water park. it’s large.


One of the guys talk approximately killing fortunate proper away however the vintage man tells him towards it. we will get many chances.


Manager makes fortunate fill info of the honest he is planning. he gets a call from a person and informs him approximately fortunate’s arrival. he tells fortunate no longer to fill the form. we cannot take cash from you. i informed you our proprietor is your fan and he can not take money from you on your village humans. lucky says i can not try this but manager insists. fortunate requests to meet his owner. supervisor agrees to make him meet the owner next time. lucky tells him to convey his thank you to him. komal is glad. the whole thing happens properly while you pass somewhere.
The guys plan to kill fortunate and komal in the fair. raghubir and his family have been certainly happy with komal and fortunate. see how they lose their existence now!


Absolutely everyone is shouting at shankar to hurry up. payal tells everybody to be quiet. stand in line. shankar too advises them of the equal. he writes down the information on a form at the same time as payal stamps them. they may be small vendors who could be retaining a stall or small keep inside the fair. a man asks them if every person will get a shop. shankar says the location isn’t too massive so i cannot tell honestly if everyone will get a place or not. we are able to try to accommodate maximum human beings. the fellow tries buttering payal who tells him off. buttering me wont assist. stand in line. the man offers up. shankar asks payal if she gave prices in faculty. she speaks of the costs. shankar resumes his paintings. kamla ji tells the accountant and his wife to take all people out with them. you all got here over to our house uninvited and now this! positioned this store elsewhere. shankar is of the same opinion. kamla ji scolds all of us. payal looks disenchanted. we’re running with out pay and now all this! she tells her husband not to encompass her in any of his paintings in destiny. each person leaves. kamla ji laughs.


Payal is reducing vegetables whilst there may be a knock on the door. she reveals the equal man status outside the residence retaining watermelons. she tells him to come later. my husband isn’t domestic. he requests her to have it. it’s far very candy. she unearths cash inside watermelons. he requests her to get him an area to put his store in the truthful. he offers her his slip and he or she puts a stamp on it. she warns him now not to inform everybody. he consents. she takes one watermelon from him earlier than he leaves. she is happy thinking about the honest. it will be amusing.


At ahlawat house, anybody is on the brink of coaching for the play. ajay and jitesh are excited to be part of the play however fortunate isn’t. teji tells him to face quietly. i will cope with the whole lot. kamla ji asks pragya to say some thing in english. i need to peer how fine you speak. she starts offevolved announcing her speak in damaged english. kamla ji says she speaks english in haryanvi most effective. everybody smiles. pragya apologizes for forgetting the line. kamla ji scolds her for forgetting her line inside the training. you may make me look down.


Teji motives that juliet can’t explicit genuine emotions without romeo. i will manage the entirety tomorrow. kamla ji asks him to speak in english. we can see in case you are capable of some thing or no longer. teji consents. he says i like you to pragya which angers fortunate and kamla ji. she warns him to be careful or she will dig a grave for him. teji factors out that it is a play. fortunate permits him to provide an explanation for the scene. kamla ji nonetheless isn’t satisfied. she tells teji to make certain the whole lot is going properly the following day. he assures her approximately it. lucky too scares teji. vardaan tells all people no longer to fear. the whole lot will be first-class day after today. kamla ji tells teji and vardaan to expose real combat so no person is fooled. teji promises her it’ll be real. fortunate teases him calling him sunny deol. vardaan tells his sister to keep in mind her function properly. tree must be there. she nods. i can do my position nicely. ajay speaks well of lucky. he played ram ji’s function. all of us changed into left amazed. fortunate calls it garbage. malti ji says he dint use to mention some thing when he changed into a child. kamla ji says youngsters develop up in the end. my rana is like hanuman ji. he grew up however he still listens to something i say. i am actually pleased with him. pinki complains to teji that he ought to have given the lead role to her. he consents with her but points out that it’s miles for college kids who are learning english. pinki says it’s adequate. it might have been specific if it turned into me even though. pragya will even be able to tug it off.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Raghubir ji asks them about preps. seeing the play, everyone might need their kids to analyze english. he asks komal about her preps. she tells him approximately the deal they were given nowadays. raghubir ji asks lucky if he met the owner. fortunate denies. he wasn’t there then. komal assures each person it’ll be fun. we got the area. kamla ji asks them about water park. what is it? komal explains it to them. women discover it ordinary as people shower their openly. shankar provides that he spoke to the traders. payal says the whole thing is constant. it will likely be exciting the following day. komal seconds her. raghubir ji is impressed hearing their plans. why don’t all of us sleep now? komal says i am too excited to sleep. kamla ji advises her to cook food for all and sundry. komal heads to kitchen right away.


Precap: Truthful starts. raghubir ji offers credit to komal and payal for making preps at the same time as komal provides that her husband helped her in each step. lucky facilitates komal attempting bangles.


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