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Badho Bahu 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 20th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Manager places komal in a ride. she shouts for fortunate ji. help! fortunate sees her for that reason and recollects her telling him how she is terrified of heights. fortunate asks the fellow who’s manning the trip to stop it however is advised that the controller isn’t working. lucky begins questioning.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Teji and pragya are sitting intently in a ride. she makes him take his hand off her. he complains that there is no one right here who will see them. vardaan sits close by. pragya shouts as the trip swirls. vardaan hears her sound. he recognizes them. teji notices him and covers himself and pragya using her dupatta. vardaan keeps looking at them closely. teji and pragya manage to break out stealthily. komal keeps shouting at lucky for assist. he runs quicker to jump at the trip and succeeds. kareena, ajay and jitesh look in shock. fortunate
Assures komal he wont let something appear to her. don’t be afraid. keep searching in my eyes. trust. don’t be afraid. komal calms down. fortunate is having a tough time protecting onto the railing. komal starts to fear for him. lucky pulls out a twine which stops the experience. fortunate right now pulls komal out. she hugs him out of fear and cries. they part hug. he tells her to prevent crying. anybody is watching. i can put you again within the trip. she smiles a touch. they walk away.
Pradhan ji’s son is irritated. how should they escape demise? i can take my revenge! i wont spare them! pradhan ji says even i need my revenge however my way. honest is going on in my water park. they may be nevertheless in our manage. we can get more probabilities however this time we will prevail. fortunate and badho will die!


Vardaan thinks pragya is innocent. she herself has realised she have to live faraway from teji however he may be very clever. he would possibly have trapped her once more. i’m able to ought to do some thing now. he spots a guy and a lady protecting themselves with a similar dupatta. it’s far pragya ji’s dupatta. it might be teji ji and pragya ji. i must find out why they may be sitting here like this. he lifts the dupatta however it turns out to be payal and shankar. he fumbles and payal also receives shy. vardaan fumbles as he apologizes to them. shankar says i used to be searching out your bhabhi’s jewelry. vardaan notices them on payal. he receives the trace and excuses himself. pragya and teji see the whole thing and smile.


Fortunate offers water to komal. ajay and jitesh ask him if he’s quality. komal says i would have died if it wasn’t for you fortunate ji. he asks her why she sat inside the experience then. komal tells him how she become looking him. i got here here and became told you went to bring bloodless drink for me. i used to be made to sit down forcibly in the ride. ajay and jitesh say supervisor ran away neatly. lucky tells komal to prevent crying or he’s going to placed her again within the ride. she immediately wipes her tears. lucky smiles seeing her therefore.


Kareena reprimands lucky for dropping the threat. that badho might have been out of our manner today! why did you step in as a hero? lucky scolds her for questioning like that. badho just saved you yet you speak of killing her! vardaan says it’s miles not anything. she is after didi since many days now. komal tells him to forestall however he gives his sister his swear. komal finally speaks up. i recognize all of the video games kareena has performed with me. she relates the whole lot. vardaan says if a person is quiet then it doesn’t mean that character is weak. i asked didi oftentimes why she saved quiet while she knew the whole thing. she dint want to create any rift between you and your brother. think how lucky ji might have felt if he would have located out what you had been doing. komal says i don’t know why you were doing so. i best desire you forestall hating me sooner or later and take delivery of me. kareena acts harmless before lucky but he does no longer consider her. you showed me a new face each day. i think it wont be proper to will let you live in this residence now. that is the proper time as a way to go back to your private home. kareena tries to provide an explanation for but he stays placed. kareena looks pointedly at komal and walks away in a huff. fortunate asks anyone to come back. they head in every other course.


All and sundry reaches the biggest experience of water park. jitesh explains that it’s miles an automatic trip. simplest bold human beings can sit in this trip. it goes from dark locations. komal refuses to take a seat in the journey. all of us backs out as properly. All and sundry is gambling water games. komal sees rana and pinki thankfully playing together. she imagines fortunate walking.


Malti ji is sitting at the brink of swimming pool. kamla ji joins her. the identical own family (whom kamla ji had rebuked for carrying brief garments) sees them hence and pushes kamla ji in water. that own family runs away. malti ji panics. she calls out for assist. komal jumps in to shop her. ahlawat circle of relatives gathers there. kamla ji shouts angrily about taking revenge. all and sundry in some way calms them.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Teji, pragya, vardaan and bharpayi excuse themselves to make preps for his or her play within the night. everyone else remains back for the golgappa competition. 30 golgappas are saved earlier than each team. one member will prepare them and feed to the opposite member. the man or woman eats maximum golgappas in shortest time will win.


Precap: Kailash ji and ahlawat ji win the opposition. pradhan ji offers them a prize.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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