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Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Chotto gets call from her husband. he reminds her that it’s miles teej day after today. when you consider that ultimate 15 years, i haven’t celebrated teej without you. i can celebrate it with you this year also, that too in punjabi fashion. bajwa own family from gangwal has invited us. she readily agrees to come. i’m able to carry along badho, fortunate, pragya and vardaan so pragya can also have a good time her first teej with fortunate. her husband compliments her for constantly considering others.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Payal thinks to busy pragya with a few work. she is constantly busy on her smartphone. i will ask her to grind spices.

komal calls her mom and asks approximately pragya. jamuna ji tells her she is great. she sits in a nook all day and does now not communicate a lot to others. komal shows occupying her with a few paintings so she does not get time to suppose an excessive amount of. jamuna ji is of the same opinion and ends the call.
payal acts to be too much busy. i should ship lattu to school too. are you able to grind the spices pragya? jamuna ji gives to do it with pragya’s help. pragya recalls what fortunate had instructed her and concurs to help her.


Maltiji asks her bhabhi about pinki. bharpayi stocks that her mom isn’t well. she can be lower back soon. malti ji asks bhabhi about the mag she is studying. kamla ji tells her that it’s miles full of pix of switzerland. when I went to germany with him (raghubir ji).. she stops speaking noticing her bhabhi gazing her disappointed. chotto notices badho doing all the paintings and the elders gossiping. this isn’t right. i can’t permit it manifest. she stops badho and questions all of us if they will handiest gossip or do some thing themselves too. kamla ji and malti ji reply that they have their dil’s. they’ll do the work. we’ve got executed our bit already. kamla ji provides that badho and lucky took over the whole obligation. bua asks them if they will simply sit down idle. malti ji asks for her concept as to what is wanted to be completed. bua points out that komal can tell that as she is managing the whole lot. komal is stunned. bua says you would know who can do what. don’t be afraid. just tell them what is wanted. bua tells bharpayi to clean garments and do other chores till the wedding. bharpayi is of the same opinion. bua subsequent asks badho to inform her mil and tai ji what they could do. komal advises them to grind turmeric and sandalwood. each the women are taken aback. chotto says seems like you don’t feel like do some thing which is exceptional. i will call servants from my domestic. please tell bhaiya as to why they had to come. malti ji denies. we can do it. she winks at kamla ji who too reluctantly is of the same opinion. chotto adds that they have to make preps for teej too. badho will forget about the ones preps too. kamla ji thinks chotto is making them too much. this way they’ll celebrate even as we are able to stay busy with all of the work. i will must do something.


Jamuna ji explains to pragya as to the way to grind the spices effectively. she sings whilst doing so which brings a smile on pragya’s face. they hum together. jamuna ji forgets the lyrics so pragya sings for her. payal peeks at them surprised. jamuna ji praises pragya. who did you analyze it from? pragya replies that she used to sing it with chachi. i learnt it even as working with her. payal is irked to see them bond so properly. i can ought to create distance between ma ji and pragya. she thinks of an idea.


Kamla ji motives that malti can grind turmeric and badho will make preps for teej. it’s miles her first teej in any case. it might be high-quality if she can do it. komal is of the same opinion. chotto bua thinks she ruined all my difficult work. i tried so much to loose her but she took the duty herself. what am i able to do approximately her!


Payal tells her mil that the buttons of lattu’s blouse broke. you may restoration them as i’ve some thing else to do. pragya can grind spices. jamuna ji is aware of pragya can’t do it alone. payal says she has to analyze some day. vardaan tells his mother to stitch the buttons and gives to help pragya. she withdraws her fingers seeing him for a second but then facilitates him.


Komal takes out a timber box from her cabinet. she looks at her father’s picture and gets emotional. her palms caress a wedding card that she had made for herself whilst she changed into a kid. she receives emotional.


Lattu comes domestic and stocks that he gained first prize inside the opposition. he gives the trophy and certificates to pragya. she smiles at him. payal does now not appear so glad. vardaan congratulates pragya. payal realises that the garments used for lattu’s get dressed is virtually her dupatta. you chop it? pragya hides her smile and says he win due to your dupatta handiest. can you no longer go away one dupatta on your very own son? vardaan is shocked and keeps mum. payal comes to a decision to present a fitting respond to pragya.


Komal plays the globe. she gets her mother’s call. jamuna ji luckily thanks her for her suggestion. pragya helped me in grinding spices nowadays. komal receives teary eyed which concerns jamuna ji. is the whole lot best? inform me definitely. komal says it is not anything. a few antique recollections freshened up abruptly. do you recollect how i made a wedding card whilst i was a child? jamuna ji unfortunately relates that it never were given printed. komal says it doesn’t count number. i’m satisfied to have a husband like lucky ji and such a nice family via my side. i am glad to marry such a pleasing man. i’m able to call you later. there is a lot to do. jamuna ji concurs and that they stop the decision. fortunate has heard the whole lot as he turned into standing outdoor on the door.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Komal keeps the timber container again in its vicinity and goes out of the room. she is too lost in her own mind to notice fortunate. he is going inner and takes out the wood container. he goes through its contents and finds the cardboard. komal’s words echo in his head.


Precap: Mahasangam epi among badho bahu and waaris tomorrow. kamla ji calls komal and lies to her that she can’t see the famous person at once on teej night.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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