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Badho Bahu 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Payal comes to ahlawat house disguised as a man. teji is working towards his strains with pragya. she continues talking romantically to him whereas he tells her to cognizance on her lines. she calls him unromantic in damaged english. he tells her to instruction. Kamla ji falls in payal’s fingers. payal calls her dadi. stroll carefully or your limbs may be damaged. kamla ji calls herself younger. payal attempts to move however kamla ji stops her. she looks at her from pinnacle to toe.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Pragya calls kareena higher than teji. she ought to atleast share my ache however then she left with out meeting me. teji shoots all questions at her at once. why she left and while? pragya stocks that she left from that day of honest simplest. don’t know when or if she may be returned. she notices him unhappy. he covers up announcing he is feeling horrific for her handiest as she misplaced her best friend. he smirks as he turns his returned to her. pragya calls him very high-quality and hugs him. teji is glad that he find out about pragya at the right time.
Kamla ji asks payal who he is. why are you roaming in my residence like this? she thinks he need to be sent via payal. badho’s own family has made this house a park. absolutely everyone walks in just like that. teji collides with payal by using mistake. payal once more falls on kamla ji who pushes her away. payal introduces herself as pritam singh, laundry guy. teji asks him where he turned into considering that morning. we were looking for you. nothing is ironed. teji advises her to take clothes from vardaan whilst payal / pritam singh says he has kept garments in fortunate ji’s room. kamla ji wonders why pritam singh / payal’s face appears so acquainted. payal jokes that half of of sirsa is his fan. you too must be feeling the same manner. teji and kamla ji laugh it off. teji brings payal to komal’s room. get them equipped in 2 hours. payal exams the trunk. they wont are available in even 20 hours now. teji asks her if she said some thing. payal assures him they may be again within time. she is having trouble lifting the trunk. i dint devour anything due to the fact morning. help me please. teji too is having a tough time picking the trunk. payal repeats his query at him. dint you consume some thing? teji lies that he is looking for manage. payal courses him. teji falls down so payal gives to help him. teji too feels he has seen this guy before. payal coughs and facilitates him in lifting the trunk before he can ask any further questions.


Komal comes to satisfy her mother. i was searching out you anywhere inside the truthful. jamuna ji replies that truthful is for young humans like her. i’m too vintage for this. komal asks her if she dissatisfied over what kamla ji’s bhabhi’s stated. jamuna ji denies. komal brings colorful garments for jamuna ji. jamuna ji recalls that her husband added the identical clothes for her years ago. they were stolen although. komal nods. he promised to get you the identical clothes later. honest wasn’t organized and father too is no extra. do that please. jamuna ji is worried as to what society will say now as she is a widow. komal speaks of alternate. society is converting. you too should exchange with society. jamuna ji praises her for speakme neatly like her father. i can try it later although. i must get some stuff from bakriawal. komal too takes depart. we can meet in evening. i am a tree. jamuna ji smiles and bids her goodbye. she holds the get dressed tight.


Payal / Pritam singh brings a few people to her domestic in bakriawal. they check the newly established electronics. payal asks them how an awful lot they may pay for it. payal’s mom enters. payal takes her apart so she wont say some thing. her mother praises her smartness. payal shushes her. simply wait and watch. the men tell payal / pritam singh they will handiest pay 1/2 rate for it. payal has the same opinion and takes the cash. payal’s mom asks her why she had to sell all this. payal points out that her mil turned into about to go back all of it. we got a few money atleast. i’ve all the solutions that i can inform at domestic. payal’s mom advises her to alternate clothes asap. you wont be capable of solution if anyone comes in. plus i too may have a terrible name. payal modifications her get dressed however is not able to take off her faux moustache. payal’s mother tries pulling it off but in vain.


Vardaan comes there simply then. he sees payal hence and questions her at the moustache. payal lies that she took it for lattu’s college application. i was just attempting it. moustache eventually comes off. jamuna ji joins them. payal starts to cry hugging her. she lies to her mil that the entirety become stolen from their domestic and cries loudly. jamuna ji makes her sit down down. tell me what took place. payal chefs up a story. vardaan tells them to loosen up. we will name police. payal stops him from calling police. jamuna ji says we ought to inform them of the robbery. she advises vardaan to tell komal too. payal tells them against it. she ought to be busy. what’s going to fortunate suppose? vardaan asks her why she isn’t letting him call. payal says all and sundry such as raghubir babu ji will find out slowly. you already know his nature. he’s going to get new items for us. don’t call police. jamuna ji wants to name shankar however payal makes them drop this concept as properly. jamuna ji and vardaan determine to speak to shankar in honest handiest. payal has the same opinion to join them after locking the house nicely. payal’s mother leaves with them.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Vardaan receives teji’s call. he tells vardaan that the garments have no longer been returned until now. he appeared bizarre. his moustache and garments had been bizarre. he need to have executed something. vardaan gets thinking. he calls actual pritam and reveals out that he dint take the garments. he sees the trunk under the mattress and ends the decision. payal asks him to return. i have set the whole thing. vardaan calls her pritam singh. are you in a rush to leave? payal acts harmless. vardaan says i know how you went to ahlawat residence dressed as pritam singh and picked clothes. now i discovered out approximately the moustache and why you’re here. that trunk has out garments. i couldn’t understand why you got here here all of a unexpected. he opens the trunk. see those are the garments you used to dress up as pritam singh. what’s the matter? payal finally ends up telling him she does now not need this play to manifest.


Precap: Fortunate holds komal dressed as tree. ajay and jitesh chortle at them. all guests are anticipating the play to begin. bharpayi refuses to participate as she can not don’t forget some thing. teji insists that everyone has gathered out of doors to watch it. don’t back out now. people refuse to attend anymore. komal makes a decision to do something in an effort to forestall humans.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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