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Badho Bahu 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Kareena brings pragya there. payal compliments her on her beauty. it seems as if you are including to the attraction of this jewelry. pragya appears at teji who seems at her burdened. pragya seeks jamuna ji’s benefits. fortunate says i never concept ma will bring vardaan’s alliance upon badho’s askance. she is so greedy. i wouldn’t have understood it ever if you (kareena) had not informed me. jamuna ji asks for pragya’s hand for vardaan stunning every person.

vardaan attempts to say some thing however his mom stops him. she again asks for pragya. kamla ji asks her how dare she assume she will be able to marry her daughter to her son. fortunate says plan is a success but i experience bad to see badho’s mom getting dragged in this. raghubir ji says you (jamuna ji) ought to have requested me earlier than pronouncing some thing like this. she replies that she has concept well before talking. i idea komal might have told you. plus, pragya is so superbly dressed that is why i concept you would know. the own family of groom enters. they taunt raghubir ji for calling them all of the way from ambala after they had already something else on their thoughts. lucky wonders how they got here so early. they were speculated to come at eleven. kareena smiles thinking how she had modified the timings and knowledgeable them on phone. rana tries to do harm control but pratap ji refuses to stay returned. you’ve got cheated us huge time. raghubir ji calls it a misunderstanding however pratap ji and his spouse live put. lucky tells them not anything is being constant her. allow’s sit down and speak. pratap ji leaves along with his wife.

  • Kareena mentally apologizes to lucky. i can’t see you all in this example but i had to do that to open every body’s eyes. kamla ji blames komal and her mom for ruining her daughter’s existence. malti ji calms her down. jamuna ji shakes her head. i dint know a person else became also coming. i knew about this then i wouldn’t have come here in any respect! i dint come here just like that. god also desires this to appear. pundit ji additionally stated that their guna’s (features) match. kamla ji does now not care anything is there. my daughter can not go to your home come what might also! komal provides that both pragya and vardaan also like each other. pragya shakes her head. komal reminds vardaan that she requested him approximately it. he replies that he said she is right pupil and quality human being. you could have asked me as soon as ma. fortunate asks pragya if she likes vardaan. pragya denies. he’s simply my master ji. he teaches me. i speak well and smile which doesn’t suggest i like him. komal starts to say something but lucky holds out his hand at her. stop! why do you need to forcefully marry them when they don’t want to? what’s your gain in this?

Kamla ji says she has all of the advantages. first she trapped you. she dint say no to marry you even as soon as! now she is attempting to marry her brother with my daughter as she has her eyes on pragya’s jewellery. her own family desires to scouse borrow them from us! raghubir ji requests her to calm down. he asks jamuna ji how this entire component started out. jamuna ji without a doubt stocks that she dint reflect onconsideration on it at all. komal positioned this in my head after which pundit ji’s words prompted me to suppose. he stated komal has sent her home. everyone appears at komal in marvel especially raghubir ji. he confirms the equal with her who answers undoubtedly. kareena is happy wondering mama ji will see things without a doubt sooner or later. her truth will be out now! fortunate asks his father if he saw how his beloved dil is making an attempt to restore pragya’s alliance with vardaan. malti ji and kamla ji blame komal and her family for pratap ji going away angrily and making them look down before every person. fortunate too scolds komal for spoiling his sister’s life. you can have asked me if you wanted something. she replies that she best wants to see him satisfied. lucky tells her to prevent. enough of all this drama!

Raghubir ji tells all and sundry to be quiet. i’ve heard sufficient. he turns to komal. how did all this start? she swears on bholenath she definitely felt pragya and vardaan like every different. i heard pragya worriedly announcing desires to take this relation ahead. she got here out of the room looking tensed. i observed her and saw vardaan popping out of her room. he became all shy after I puzzled him. what else may want to i think? teji and pragya launch what has occurred. raghubir ji and kamla ji question pragya. what’s all this? pragya admits that it changed into her simplest. lucky is greatly surprised. payal says you dint depart a stone unturned in insulting us nowadays. i haven’t visible all people being insulted like this. you have to have notion about how all this began if we are saying something. you insulted us that is adequate but you have to have concept approximately your dil atleast.

Kamla ji is ready to hit pragya however komal requests her to pay attention to pragya atleast. pragya thinks to do some thing or she will be stuck. teji hopes pragya saves the state of affairs or he can be in hassle. pragya scolds badho for developing this mess. it turned into i simplest who said all that however they were the strains of my play. badho bhabhi heard something and thought of some thing else. she has created this mess. kamla ji asks all and sundry if they understand it now. kareena smiles. teji too seconds pragya. i handiest gave her the script. komal calls it a misunderstanding. i most effective desired pragya and fortunate ji to be satisfied. forgive me if possible. he shakes his head. payal admits it turned into a misunderstanding but you have got insulted us actual bad these days. not even enemies behave like that! jamuna ji apologizes to all of us. we came over forgetting our status and the whole lot.

forgive us if viable. raghubir ji as a substitute apologizes to her. i’m able to by no means doubt komal’s intentions. her intention changed into desirable. jamuna ji is in tears. we’ve made a mistake. forgive us if possible. i request you no longer to say whatever to my daughter because of this. raghubir ji points out that she is his daughter too. jamuna ji requests kamla ji to scold or taunt her. don’t say whatever to my daughter. payal speaks in vardaan’s favour. we would now not need your jewelry despite the fact that pragya would have married our vardaan. ma ji too wouldn’t have performed it. we trust vardaan. he’s capable sufficient to stand on his personal ft and get his spouse something she wishes. we might have taken your daughter with out something. raghubir ji consents together with her. placed it all at the back of. it turned into a misunderstanding.


precap: komal apologizes to her circle of relatives for what befell. raghubir ji says we understood everything that occurred. kareena tells him not to mention something. we might take a choice nowadays. kareena pulls komal to a room (or someplace). malti ji seems on thankfully.



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