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Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Komal comes home which makes her mother honestly glad. komal receives excited thinking about the shanti-puja. now we will do the whole lot together. her mom nods. did you talk to lucky? she denies. jamuna ji tells her to maintain in contact on and rancid.


Teji decides to paintings his magic on kareena too. he leans closer but she tells him to sit on his knees as an alternative. he does so and continues flirting. she tells him now not to be more smart. you need to have closed the door if you loved touching the waists of such weirdo’s. he says i desired you to be jealous which came about. she asks him if he forgot who she is. he maintains flirting whereas she scares him by way of taking rana’s name. he’s going to beat you badly while he’ll find out approximately this. he smiles. you would have advised every body if you desired to. i recognize you want me which is why you known as me here by myself. we can be buddies. take delivery of it. it will be a bonus to you. she indicates him to be her servant. he comfortably is of the same opinion to be something she can inform him to. she asks him to depart as he is flirting too much. he snatches the grapes from her plate as he goes. she comes to a decision to teach him a lesson. kamla ji asks her if she has some spirit internal her. you’re talking to your self. i simply heard what sport you performed with badho. kareena says you ought to be proud of me. kamla ji scolds kareena for being a weak player. you dint recognise whilst and how badho pointed out that alliance. she went to her domestic even if the problem wasn’t resolved. we couldn’t do whatever whilst she planned so much while still being in this house. what all can she plan now while she is at her domestic along with her circle of relatives? you wont recognize anything. we must see what she does next. kareena assures her things will appear their manner quickly. i can ought to visit her domestic now to understand her subsequent move.

Komal talks to madhuri. lucky ji isn’t choosing my phone once more. jamuna ji sits down with komal. is the entirety adequate? komal simply stocks that she stopped wrestling. payal bombards her with too many questions. did they throw you out? let’s talk to them. jamuna ji stops her. permit her whole. komal tells them that everyone became worried because of wrestling. fortunate ji too dint want me to fight. after the dangal, he asked me to forestall. jamuna ji asks about lucky and raghubir ji’s reactions. komal stocks that everybody left the final choice on her. i notion to pacify fortunate ji first. perhaps i will combat once more along with his permission. jamuna ji appreciates her. payal says we did that so that you should spend some more time with lucky. komal nods. why need to i insist if fortunate ji does no longer need it? jamuna ji leaves the selection on her as well. do remember the fact that your own family and husband should not be disappointed with anything you do. kareena leans in to listen. payal advises komal to preserve lucky glad. don’t pay attention to all and sundry. if he’s to your facet then not anything will cross incorrect. jamuna ji tells komal best to do what she likes. you must best consider making a place for yourself in fortunate’s coronary heart. kareena thinks anybody is planning too many things here. i will see how they prevail!


Kareena greets every person. komal is amazed to see her. kareena lies that she became lacking her. i am sorry as i dint are looking for permission and came without delay. komal welcomes her inner. jamuna ji welcomes her open heartedly. we’ve got a shanti puja day after today. kareena vows to ruin the shanti puja. there may be no shanti (peace) whilst i am here! she suggests inviting teji, bharpayi and pragya over. it will likely be a splendid help to you too. komal likes the idea. it’ll be appropriate if we spend a while together after what came about. kareena asks jamuna ji if she said something incorrect. jamuna ji denies. my home is small. i used to be wondering how i can look after every body. kareena says we can alter even on a carpet. don’t take anxiety. komal assures her mother she can positioned cots. i can sleep with them out of doors. jamuna ji has the same opinion.


Kareena covers her nostril because of the odor coming from cow dung. she calls teji. you need to deliver some thing i’m telling you to to badho bhabhi’s house.


Kamla ji scoffs malti ji. your dil is enjoying at her domestic while you’re working here. my dil is incredible. she is supporting you. malti ji prays badho never comes back. you don’t recognize how happy i am. ahlawat ji complains that they dint get tea at time simply due to the fact komal left. kamla ji says you are saying as if komal became right here due to the fact early life. she offers to make tea but malti ji offers to do it. teji tells kamla ji about the shanti-puja at komal’s domestic. kamla ji complains that komal tousled the entirety here and is having a shanti-puja at her home! malti ji asks him how he is aware of this.


Teji says kareena ji referred to as nowadays. malti ji is amazed. how did she reach there? kamla ji shares that she requested her before going. go away that. say what you (teji) have to say. teji asks her if he can take pragya and bharpayi to their home if they may be adequate with it. raghubir ji consents but kamla ji is towards it. they insulted us the previous day yet you want us to send our daughters to their domestic? raghubir ji calls it a great act as it’s far for puja. kamla ji reminds him she will be able to take selection for her daughter. teji and bharpayi are loose to move. my daughter wont cross there and it’s far final! she walks away. ahlawat ji tells teji to go along with bharpayi. inform jamuna ji we will reach on time. raghubir ji seems at malti ji who avoids his gaze.


Precap: Pinki tells rana no person remembers the person who is on range 2. you dint cross even while you have been called by using delhi camp! rana shouts at her to prevent. at night time, all people is asleep besides teji and kareena. kareena loosens the nuts of something in order to fall day after today when they may try and attain it. shanti-puja wont occur tomorrow. they panic as vardaan gets up proper then.



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