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Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Teji hides beneath a cot and kareena hurriedly lies down while vardaan receives up to drink water. he steps over teji’s legs however is ignorant of what happned. teji bumps his head on the cot. he lies down on his cot while he sees vardaan again in his area. kareena indicators him to rise up. she asks him to make the photograph of komal’s father fall. he drops the hammer by using mistake. komal wakes up startled listening to the noise. thief! komal slaps komal mistaking her to be a thief. kareena holds her cheek in ache. it’s me! komal asks her what she is doing here. kareena lies that she came to test on teji. observe him. vardaan suggests that perhaps he walks in his sleep. they all agree. komal suggests making him scent shoe but kareena advises in opposition to it. vardaan helps him to the bed. komal apologizes to kareena. i notion it turned into a thief. kareena nods. permit’s sleep. she still holds her cheek in pain as she heads to her cot.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Subsequent morning, rana is practicing. pinki comes out and they each stare angrily at each different. rana pushes ajay in anger. don’t you already know a way to struggle? ajay guarantees to analyze. pinki’s phrases echo in rana’s head. ajay holds him from behind. raghubir ji sees them as a result. rana pushes him away once again. raghubir ji asks rana where his mind is. i have told you to maintain your head calm while in akhada. what’s the matter? rana lies that its nothing but raghubir ji insists. rana requests him to allow him to visit the sports activities camp too if any such threat comes in future. raghubir ji with ease has the same opinion. i’m going to bakriawal. don’t tell bhabhi anything. rana concurs. he smiles seeing the smile on pinki’s face.


Shanty-puja goes on in komal’s home. raghubir ji additionally joins them. payal’s full awareness is at the plate which has cash. she prays that vardaan gets the process of ca. she desires of all the modifications that this opportunity will deliver in her family. jamuna ji prays that komal receives to win lucky’s coronary heart. raghubir ji prays that peace stays in both the homes. wish not anything is amiss inside the lifestyles of any youngster of our residence. komal prays the equal. give me courage to win lucky’s coronary heart. pundit ji asks for ghee. teji gives to bring it. vardaan points at the same stand whose bolts they had loosened the other day. teji sees each person busy in puja and deliberately loosens all of the bolts making the stand fall. anybody rushes there. gas is in a mess. they worry as to how it came about. this has never befell before. teji acts harmless. kareena walks as much as komal’s father’s image. she takes out a cutter and cuts the ropes protecting the photograph. the photo falls down. she hides the cutter in her returned pocket. komal runs to pick out the photo. the body is damaged. every body wonders how it occurred. komal gets emotional. kareena adds that each one this befell on the day of shanti-puja. payal asks pundit ji why that is occurring in their house. pundit ji replies that some thing is inaccurate in this residence. jamuna ji asks for a solution. he says there’s a totally bad effect in the residence. we have to do shuddhikaran first and then try this puja. payal asks about the charges. jamuna ji stares at her. she tells pundit ji to do what he thinks is high-quality. pundit ji shows them to go away the residence to accomplish that. komal speaks of leaving residence for now however pundit ji speaks of three days’ time to do shuddhikaran.


Payal says where we will cross for 3 days. jamuna ji asks for any other method to the hassle. kareena happily thinks they were going to spoil their family. now they will be homeless! pundit ji has no alternate method to the trouble. komal asks payal if she can stay at her mom’s region. payal’s mom says you all are welcome in my house but there may be a hassle. payal’s brother’s family has overtaken my house. i actually don’t get a place to sleep so usually. how can i take you in my home in this case? i wish my home became as massive as my heart. jamuna ji assures her it is no problem. don’t worry. we can manage it for 3 days in a close-by dharamshala. komal says it isn’t match to live. payal cries. wherein do we cross for three days? what’s going to occur to us? komal and her circle of relatives is tensed. raghubir ji tells them not to worry approximately some thing. come to my house. you don’t must pass anywhere else. kareena is taken aback. he adds that that is the right thought. it will be an excellent thing for our family if you will come over. teji is worried approximately dropping his room.


Payal likes the idea. households will get together. it will clean away the vintage troubles. we will get to appearance after each different. jamuna ji speaks towards it. kareena thinks she became underestimating them. scenario turned towards me simplest. jamuna ji courteously refuses raghubir ji’s offer. it is a sin to even drink water from daughter’s domestic. please forgive us. he reminds her of the alternative relation which the circle of relatives shares. we’re friends too. komal and payal request jamuna ji. she gives in. raghubir ji tells her he wont insist upon her if she feels she is pressured into this. come handiest in case you feel even a piece glad approximately it. jamuna ji is of the same opinion to come back. raghubir ji tells komal to inform malti ji about it. he asks every person to % the stuff they might want. i would be again quickly. jamuna ji nods. kareena thinks to do something asap or they’ll shift to their domestic completely.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Komal calls home. she informs malti ji approximately their arrival because of shuddhikaran. malti ji says to procure your babu ji’s permission. are you calling me to reveal off? komal is in a catch 22 situation.


Precap: Jamuna ji involves ahlawat house together with her own family. kamla ji remarks that it’s far that you came right here. you wont must pay each person any cash for lease or food. however you should paintings right here which will stay. she asks payal and jamuna ji to clean the residence. they’re stunned.



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