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Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Kamla ji tells malti ji her bhabhi is coming over to stay with them for some days. malti ji realises she is coming home for the primary time after fortunate and rana’s wedding ceremony. she will be able to meet the dil’s too. kamla ji nods. jagwanti bhabhi speaks to each person about the whole thing. malti ji requests her to manager her. kamla ji concurs to take care of it. she wont spare anybody if she unearths out approximately your dil. there is a knock on the door. jagwanti ji and titli ji enter. considered one of them asks about their dil’s. kamla ji stocks that pinki has been cooking due to the fact morning for her mami’s. other bhabhi asks approximately komal. malti ji stocks that she went to her domestic for shanti-puja. the girls act to be surprised. they move interior to have a few snacks.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Jamuna ji comes to ahlawat residence with her family. malti ji invites jamuna ji interior. jamuna ji first asks kamla ji if she continues to be disillusioned about what passed off the opposite day. we also got here over to live. kamla ji feedback that she has no hassle. it is ideal that you came here. you wont must pay every body any money for rent or food. you can pay us that rent. you must paintings right here for you to stay. she asks payal and jamuna ji to easy the residence. they’re bowled over. komal asks her what she is announcing. i do all that. kamla ji name callings malti ji for her revolutionary dil is talking. she breaks into a smile. have a look at their faces! i used to be kidding. kareena gets sad. kamla ji calls them their guests. live for so long as you want. kareena had notion mami ji will show these rag pickers their vicinity but in vain. malti ji asks jamuna ji now not to take kamla ji seriously. she maintains joking. jamuna ji consents. you wont forestall us from assisting you even though. payal acts to have a headache. komal is of the same opinion to help her mom. raghubir ji joins them simply then. he takes malti ji aside. they needed to come here thanks to a state of affairs. i insisted upon them to return. kamla ji remains dissatisfied with jamuna ji over what occurred however you have to manage the whole thing. jamuna bhabhi offered to assist however you don’t have to permit her work. i am going out for some time. deal with all of us. jamuna bhabhi is komal’s mother and the spouse of my pal too. kareena information the whole thing.
Kamla ji has given kareena and pragya’s room to her bhabhi’s. jamuna ji offers to sleep within the courtyard with her circle of relatives however komal gives them her room. even fortunate ji isn’t here. malti ji recalls her husband’s words. she suggests jamuna ji’s circle of relatives to sleep in her room. kareena will sleep with komal. i’m able to sleep right here.


Malti ji helps her bhabhi’s. you should relaxation as you have got come to relax. water of well is bloodless. you could catch fever. i’m able to wash the utensils and convey tea for each of you. we will take a seat and gossip then. they agree.


Malti ji thinks she sent bharpayi on the wrong time. now i must wash all utensils. she sits down near the nicely to easy them. komal comes there and asks her no longer to achieve this. i will wash them. malti ji denies. komal denies. she speaks in fortunate’s way. when badho is here, no fear! depart it. i can do it. malti ji says you understood what lucky ji says but you don’t listen what i say every day. i’m able to easy them on my own. komal gives in. don’t wash those i’ve stored. allow me recognise while you are accomplished. i’m able to smooth them. kareena had made this video too. lucky bhai dint respond to my preceding video however he’s going to genuinely react now seeing his mom cleaning utensils.


Malti ji is sneezing. kareena tests her temperature. she has fever too. she makes malti ji lie down and goes to get blanket for her. she covers malti ji well. malti ji is worried approximately the other chores which still need to be finished. kareena swears to use this towards komal. it is going to price you loads!


Pinki is cooking on my own and complaining to herself. badho brings a baraat and pinki works! payal comes there. she asks her what she is cooking. before pinki can say something, payal lists down a long listing of gadgets she is craving to devour seeing that a long term! komal and jamuna ji note malti ji resting with a material over her head. komal is ready to touch the material whilst kareena advises her no longer to wake her up. she has fever so i requested her to sleep here simplest. komal gives to rub down her legs but kareena assures her she will cope with mami ji. you have to deal with kitchen. komal nods.


Kamla ji, komal and jamuna ji join pinki and payal. jamuna jis vouches to prepare dinner food for everybody. kamla ji says you took the comic story too significantly. you are our guest nowadays. have it these days. you handiest will have to make it next. jamuna ji asks pinki approximately the menu. pinki stocks that payal has a want listing. she narrates the entirety. payal says i was joking. all people appears pointedly at payal. komal provides that it is tastier while bhabhi makes all this herself. jamuna ji seconds her. she asks payal to begin cooking. pinki happily offers the meals gadgets to her. jamuna ji too helps her. kareena appears at them from outside and is in mind.


Malti ji wakes up and calls out to kareena. she is arranging food items in a tray. malti ji asks her to get her drug treatments from her room. i don’t desire to go there. kareena says i by no means say no to you. but payal bhabhi is in that room. she does not like me at all. it’s going to most effective worsen the problem if you want to make mama ji unhappy. they even refused to devour anything with out you. i used to be wondering to take dry culmination for them. malti ji has the same opinion to take the tray together with her. kareena mentally apologizes to malti ji. i realize i am doing wrong however it is important.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Komal is involved about malti ji. her mom shows her to sleep subsequent to her so she will be able to appearance after her. malti ji comes there however passes out feeling dizzy. kareena sends the video to lucky. he’ll apprehend what mami ji has to undergo due to badho.


Precap: Badho Bahu 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Pragya comes to teji’s room at night. it is as an alternative vardaan. she sits down subsequent to him and continues talking. i like you very tons and want to know what you sense about me. teji involves komal’s room while both komal and kareena are sound asleep. kareena screams seeing him there. komal wakes up and asks her what happened. kareena lies that it become a cat. komal shoves the cricket bat below bed to be able to kick the cat out. kareena assures her it’s miles long past now. teji walks within the hall preserving his hand in pain. however, pragya continues speakme to vardaan blind to the fact. vardaan certainly covers his head. pragya walks out of the room irked and collides with teji. she seems at him in shock.



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