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Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Komal advises lucky to talk to pragya in private. we can be capable of understand her emotions whilst she can communicate her heart to you. lucky has the same opinion with her. i will pass talk to her. she tells him to be calm at the same time as talking. he replies that he knows how to talk to people. do i get disenchanted with all and sundry for no reason? she points out at his loud tone. he mellows down. i will be again.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Teji comes to pragya’s room and acts to cry. i have heard your alliance has been constant. i will kill myself if you marry every body else. i will leap inside the nicely. she stops him. don’t cry. i wont give up so without problems. i will discover a manner out. he says there may be no one here who will assist her. she receives an idea. we are able to speak to ma babu ji if a person from the circle of relatives will listen to us? what approximately badho bhabhi and fortunate bhai? teji panics. they wont spare me. she reasons that everybody listens to them. they will speak to anybody if we speak to her. bhai loves me plenty. he even promised to let me marry the only i need to. he gets wondering. she advises him to talk to badho bhabhi and decides to speak to lucky. he nods and leaves. outdoor, he mumbles to himself. am i mad to talk to badho bhabhi? i’m able to run away the instant this marriage takes place. i am no longer talking to all of us!
Lucky involves pragya’s room. she turned into smiling a 2d before however then acts to cry. he asks her if she sad with this alliance. she replies that her parents can by no means take a wrong selection for her but this time they have got fixed an alliance for me already! she shares that she loves a person else.


Komal notices teji outdoor her room and calls out to him. she calls him inner. fortunate asks pragya approximately the the guy. she seeks promise from him that he wont get angry. he guarantees her. she ends up taking teij’s call which angers him. he is not any much less than a joker! she reminds him of his promise. listen to me as soon as. i recognize your subject. you feel he isn’t always top for something. you handiest said money doesn’t count number when it comes to like. he ought to have a terrific heart which teji ji already has. he loves me loads.


Komal confronts teji. i have heard some thing approximately you and pragya. he acts innocent however she tells him no longer to behave clever. she failed in her exam due to you. don’t come near her now. he realises she doesn’t recognize pragya loves him. she next reminds him of pragya’s alliance which has lately being constant. don’t come close to her till the time pragya is married. both her brothers are wrestlers. they wont spare you otherwise! teji runs out of the room scared. komal hopes pragya’s wedding happens easily. please don’t permit any problem are available between.


Pragya requests her brother to talk to her dad and mom for her. he says this isn’t a small count number. she nods. that is the purpose why i am asking you. you promised me on rakhi that you will allow me marry whosoever i need. he says i’m no longer breaking my promise. i want to first make certain that this is right for you. she knows he’s worried as to how they may manipulate in future as teji ji isn’t working. fortunate remembers komal’s explanation approximately wedding. existence turns into easy while the companion is proper otherwise everything becomes a multitude. give me a while to determine. i will come on a end then.


Fortunate prays to god to assist him make the proper decision for his sister. Payal’s mother is outdoor ahlawat residence looking all exclusive. teji too steps out of the house and she can’t take her eyes off him. she deliberately falls in his palms. romantic music plays in the history. Lucky thinks of teji. i can not see whatever good in him. assist me lord.


Payal’s mom thanks teji for saving her on the proper time. teji feels stuck. how do i get this oldie off my returned? villagers taunt payal’s mom for roaming around all decked up. don’t you realize what your daughter has executed! fortunate watches them from upstairs. teji gives an apt respond to the guy. payal’s mom is all the greater floored. lucky feels top approximately teji. he respects women and fights for his or her honour. my sister ought to have seen something top in him too. payal’s mother thanks teji before leaving.


Two guys are showing a image to all of us to find out if they have visible the man. vijay singh shares that he has seen and is aware of this guy well. why are you searching for him? they proportion that he’s absconding from mumbai with their cash (five lacs). we got here here looking for him. vijay singh decides to help them.


Fortunate thinks he was wrong about teji earlier. he seems to be a nice man. i’m able to have to speak to ma babu ji approximately him however he doesn’t earn whatever. i can’t think about some thing. i will speak to tau ji, tai ji as soon as he receives some job. i have some land in nearby village. he calls his legal professional.


Raghubir ji receives sarpanch ji’s call. we wanted to return to an essential decision. panchayat is below construction. can you assist? raghubir ji indicates him to hold his meeting in their courtyard. sarpanch ji says it is going to be weird due to what took place the day before today. raghubir ji says you doubted us however the reality is out earlier than all people now. sarpanch ji is touched along with his phrases, idea. raghubir ji asks approximately the issue. sarpanch ji stocks that it’s miles about an absconding bride. you’ll discover the entirety in evening.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Komal asks fortunate if he spoke to pragya. he tells her she was right. pragya is in love with someone else. i have found out the entirety about that man. he will maintain her satisfied. she asks approximately the guy but he says we don’t have time for this. there is another fundamental trouble here – he isn’t hired. no mother and father will marry off their daughter to an unemployed man or woman. i’m wondering to open a manufacturing unit in his call in nearby village. i will make a house for them on some other land. she is impressed along with his concept. who’s the fortunate guy? he is ready to inform her when he gets name from the legal professional. he leaves to meet the attorney. komal is all smiles. lucky ji is wondering a lot for pragya. if he marries her off to the man she loves then her existence will be packed with happiness. thank you lord!


Precap: Pinki very well asks kamla ji if she can invite anybody including humans (badho’s circle of relatives) from bakriawal. kamla ji retorts that she desires no predicament in her daughter’s wedding. absolutely everyone is accumulated in ahlawat house for panchayat meeting. sangram singh (the main guy) comes there. he reprimands ahlawat own family for letting the daughter of their house with out a veil on her head (bharpayi serves him water like that). is this how they may be whilst they may be married?


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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