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Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Pragya sits all the way down to paintings with the mangoes. payal steps returned while kamla ji tells her to appearance on. you have to make pickles too. kareena asks malti ji approximately her fitness. malti ji tells her she is pleasant. payal asks kamla ji if she is making this a great deal pickle for whole village. kamla ji shares that it’s far made for entire yr. payal shows making the servants work. one bhabhi ji says all of us are right here. we are able to do it. kamla ji teases payal again. give her tea. she has to paintings. payal refuses to have tea or make pickles. komal also teases payal. nobody can make better papad than her. she can even teach someone in this. jamuna ji nods in settlement (preserving lower back a grin). kamla ji asks pragya to provide payal a few paintings.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Teji comes there limping. he asks for tea. pinki asks him what took place to him. teji too lies about the cat. i fell whilst she attacked. komal corrects him. it changed into a male cat. i picked up cricket bat and hit him beneath the mattress. teji recalls the whole lot. kamla ji comments that everyone besides her can see this cat. teji once more asks for tea. komal requests malti ji to have kaadha. you may sense higher. malti ji beverages it reluctantly. kareena is irked as they’re having a tough time uncovering komal’s truth. she is performing so well. teji praises her for displaying the proper matters to fortunate. you don’t document anything when komal is truely taking care of ma ji. you’re my kind of lady. kareena shrugs him away. vardaan excuses himself.
One of the bhabhi’s praises komal. she very neatly escaped the work simply so she will make pickles and papad’s. komal denies. i was questioning to do it as soon as i end different chores. i will get right down to paintings right away in case you say so. kamla ji’s bhabhi asks badho about lucky. she stocks that he’s in delhi. women point out that they’ve been married for only a 12 months and lucky is already travelling. it in no way took place with our sons. other bhabhi says how their married existence will maintain this way. kamla ji praises rana and talks awful approximately badho. badho covers it up pronouncing each marriage has usaand downs. kamla ji does now not buy it. we can’t see things getting on the proper tune. she courses pinki as to the way to make pickles. kamla ji provides that badho desires to battle. fortunate is already a wrestler. he’s going to obviously sense awful. i advised her to analyze some thing from pinki if she does now not know whatever. rana and pinki are like ram and sita. she notices jamuna ji’s disappointed face and lies that she turned into joking. such talks manifest. don’t experience terrible. rana joins them. he asks for a glass of milk from pinki who is going to get it right away. kamla ji praises him in the front of his bhabhi’s for giving respect to his spouse. she tells payal to paintings faster. laundry man comes there. she is running so she asks rana to deliver the clothes from their room. he brings them and confirms with her. payal compliments the couple in a sarcastic manner. rana is a wrestler but he’s sporting pinki’s garments round. he always says sure to his wife. i’ve by no means visible a man doing womanly tasks. what to do even though? pinki is about to say some thing while payal asks her how tons extra she can make rana ji paintings. he is a wrestler! rana angrily throws the clothes away. payal bhabhi is proper! don’t inquire from me to do such stupid chores ever again! do your work to your personal. i additionally have loads to do. don’t make me do all this. kamla ji and pinki get disillusioned. jamuna ji tells payal to stay in her limits. payal replies that everyone changed into joking here and so did i. komal says there is a restriction to the entirety. rana bhaiya were given disillusioned and scolded pinki. jamuna ji sends payal to make an apology to rana. he have to be feeling terrible. payal says i don’t apprehend what i did however they insist. payal concurs to move. i’m able to additionally make an apology on behalf of pinki. pinki seems disappointed.


Kamla ji’s bhabhi’s advises kamla ji to be on their toes. komal and her own family are too clever. be careful of them. dint you suspect earlier than choosing a dil? komal makes a decision to do some thing as the bhabhi’s are simplest talking toxic matters towards her and her circle of relatives.


Rana is status by myself out of doors. payal walks up to him very cautiously. i got here to make an apology to you. i stated a bit too much at the same time as joking. he tells her not to apologize to him. i am not dissatisfied with you. she says you are a calm individual similar to ram ji. you furthermore mght deserve the honor and repute he were given. study komal. you know the way upset lucky stays with komal all the time but she always respects him. he can say whatever to her however she wont ever think to move towards his words even in her dreams. pinki is probably a good deal smarter than her but komal will never dare to talk to fortunate ji the way pinki spoke to you today. if she turned into in her state of affairs, she would wash palms and do the challenge herself. you deliver so much recognize to pinki however she does no longer seem to care. she too need to think about your recognize. rana gets questioning. payal thinks to set pinki next.


Komal sort of forcefully feeds gujiya’s to the kamla ji’s bhabhi’s. devour them. ma has made them with love. i have heard tongue becomes sweeter with candies. kamla ji begins giving brief irritated instructions to pragya and pinki. komal asks malti ji to relaxation inside. malti ji is of the same opinion. komal goes to make milk for her. malti ji heads interior.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Malti ji beverages milk. komal asks her how she is feeling now. malti ji replies that she is feeling better. komal receives glad. fortunate ji must be absolutely concerned in fortunate considering ma ji’s health. it’s far critical to tell her she is excellent now. kareena comes just then. komal requests her to click on her photograph with ma ji and ship to fortunate. it will make him glad.


Precap of Badho Bahu 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Payal fills pinki’s ears against rana. you are not the only to undergo everyone scolding you. pinki and rana get right into a heated argument which leaves rana almost on the verge of slapping pinki.



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