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Badho Bahu 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Kamla ji appears at the jewellery she has set apart for pragya. malti ji involves her room. kamla ji wants to be organized in case they ought to do the engagement in case the groom’s family asks for it. these appearance stunning, right? malti ji nods. pragya will appearance all of the more lovely in these. they decide to go to market to shop for the whole lot important for the engagement. pinki comes there. kamla ji gives her garments to press. pinki comes to a decision to place badho on the assignment. pragya additionally comes there. kamla ji warns her no longer to ever react the way she reacted today. i’ve constant your alliance. no one cares approximately what you need. i want to peer you glad from now onwards. take this jewellery with you. i need to look you decked up after wedding. malti ji asks pragya approximately her english exam. pragya finally ends up telling that she failed inside the examination.


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It wasn’t my fault. grasp did it for revenge as we insulted his sister. kamla ji is pleased with the information. in case you had exceeded then you could have wished to keep your studies. the whole thing is over now as you have failed. you’ll study all of the family chores any further. no person should say anything to you whilst you are married off! she palms over steeply-priced jewellery to pragya who throws them at the mattress. i don’t need anything! malti ji tries calming kamla ji. pragya is still a child. i can explain it to her. pinki seconds her.
Pinki very well asks kamla ji if she can invite every person which include human beings (badho’s family) from bakriawal. it’s miles going to be a grand wedding in any case. kamla ji retorts that she needs no challenge in her daughter’s wedding ceremony. i don’t have any enmity with them but malti too doesn’t like meeting them. malti ji nods. kamla ji adds that that entire circle of relatives does something or the other each unmarried time. it’s a no from my facet. they be aware badho status outdoor. kamla ji asks her what she is doing right here. komal replies that she desired to speak approximately pragya’s wedding. kamla ji expresses her want to marry off pragya fortuitously and quietly. this is why i’m now not inviting your own family. it might be fantastic in case you wont intervene. malti and i can manage the whole lot. malti ji is of the same opinion along with her. komal assures them she wont deliver them any motive to whinge. she leaves. kamla ji is relieved that this rely is solved now. pinki thinks to update her mother on the whole thing.


Payal is cleaning utensils. pinki’s mother is surprised to see her working. payal thinks she came to feature gas to the fire. pinki’s mother acts all involved and excited to fulfill jamuna ji. she finally ends up telling them that pragya’s alliance has been constant. jamuna ji seems in vardaan’s path who is going blank.


Teji gets pragya’s name which irks him. i wont pick it! pragya paces unhappily. he isn’t even choosing my calls. teji talks to his telephone. permit me drink tea in peace. she can not forestall calling me. what if she does some thing? she will be able to stroll up to her mother and father and inform them she loves me? i can ought to deal with her come what may. he selections her name finally and acts to lament over her marriage. i know not anything can occur now. i cannot understand some thing right now. i am in temple. i’m hoping i wont do something to myself. she assures him she is with him. i’m able to come to temple if you need me to. he denies. i want to calm myself so i will locate a few solution. she concurs to anticipate him at home. she ends the decision with i like you. he heaves a sigh of alleviation.


Payal asks pinki’s mom approximately the man. he were given this sort of way much less woman. pinki’s mother tells her to suppose anything she wants to however the own family is truely wealthy. i will get nek as i were given the alliance constant. i helped them in the end. payal nods. i am worried about the circle of relatives wherein pragya can be married off. jamuna ji stops her. pinki’s mom acts to be concerned. i will ought to pass by myself there. hope nothing is going wrong this time. vardaan requests her no longer to inform all this at his home. it disturbs my mom loads. i request you to not talk like this here. jamuna ji reprimands him whereas payal seconds him. vimla massi simplest comes to feature fuel to the fireplace. she has nothing else to do. vimla ji says i handiest come for jamuna jiji. nobody else knows how to speak here. i can maintain you updated on the whole lot. she excuses herself. everyone seems upset.


A man walks up to teji and takes him to pradhan singh’s den with him.


Every body is collected in ahlawat house for panchayat assembly. sarpanch ji thanks raghubir ji for allowing them to behavior a assembly in their house. raghubir ji tells him it isn’t wished. my brother and i will take a seat on the couch and wait. every person is anticipating sangram singh (the principle guy) who enters simply then. pinki and komal get curious about him. pinki shares that he could be very short tempered and conceited. we ought to stand here quietly. komal complies.


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Bharpayi gives tea to sangram singh as he is taking a seat. he reprimands ahlawat family for letting the daughter in their house roam round with out a veil on her head. is that this how they’ll be whilst they are married? he dismisses bharpayi. pragya straight away cowl her head. panchayat begins. sarpanch ji formally thanks raghubir ji another time. the matter is virtually vital. it has shamed us badly. sangram singh says it is approximately the bride who eloped. she has maligned our village’s call together with her actions!


Precap: Teji consents to marry pragya. i’m able to elope together with her and convey her to shiv mandir. panchayat proclaims that bride’s wedding ceremony to an old man. komal raises her voice against this injustice. the lady is of his granddaughter’s age. all of us appears at her.


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