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Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Pragya explains the idea of runaway bride to bharpayi. Teji comes to fulfill vijay singh and pradhan singh. he’s greatly surprised to peer the men from mumbai (bhatti). bhatti confronts teji. you should have enjoyed with my money, proper?


Full Details of Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Komal asks fortunate if he spoke to the legal professional. fortunate nods. the whole thing is in process. she asks approximately the man’s call but sangram singh deal with the meeting. a lady, dressed as bride (kusum kasana), enters. kamla ji and malti ji talk approximately kusum. they think that this girl have to soar in a well and die.


Sarpanch ji factors out that kusum eloped from her domestic to marry a man she loved but the man dint turn up. her dad and mom have disowned her or even stated that she is useless for them. we need to decide as to what we must do for her or where she need to live. komal is not able to control her feelings. no mother and father can renounce their children. i’m sure they may come quickly to take her lower back. lucky advises her to be quiet. kamla ji is irked that badho can not preserve quiet. she can get us in hassle if she wont hold quiet. she warns komal to maintain quiet. sangram singh tells badho that kusum’s mother and father can’t take kusum now even supposing they have got a alternate of coronary heart now. a runaway bride does now not belong to everyone. her destiny is inside the fingers on panchayat now. she can be punished for her misdeed.
Pradhan ji asks bhatti as to what they need to do to teji. teji lies to bhatti that he got here to sirsa to set up cash for him. bhatti tells him to go and convey it but teji asks for greater time. bhatti offers him time to only deliver the money. pass now or agree to what we need. zalim singh asks teji if he has a few love connection with pragya. we’ve got heard that her alliance has been constant some other place? pradhan ji advises teji to help him marry pragya. deliver her to shiv mandir early morning. we can set up the whole thing. teji fumbles. vijay singh leaves him with best choices – either marry pragya (or die through their palms)!


People communicate in opposition to kusum. she does not should live. she will be a awful have an impact on for anyone. she need to be given such a punishment in an effort to supply a lesson to each person. absolutely everyone consents on that. pinki asks kamla ji if these people will kill kusum in reality. kamla ji replies that she isn’t always positive however it seems so. komal motives that the lady isn’t at fault. she most effective fell in love and is getting punished like that! i worry she can be killed. raghubir ji refuses to permit the sort of decision manifest in his house. sangram singh asks him to talk up. talk your heart earlier than each person. kailash ji lies to him that he’s adequate with anything decision panchayat will take. komal feels babu ji is thinking in any other case.


Sarpanch ji disagrees with the idea of killing kusum. they all agree to throw her out of the village. sangram ji asks him if he pitied the female’s tears. don’t neglect that this can repeat if we permit her move. kids will repeat it. she ought to be punished seriously! throwing her out of the village wont be enough. panch (5 leaders of the panchayat) speak the problem in lower tones. pragya wonders approximately teji’s whereabouts. he is temple whilst my life is already in this kind of mess!


Teji comes to a decision to shop his existence. i wont be capable of break out these humans but i’m able to stay if i marry pragya. survival is more crucial right now. he sits at the sofa and expectantly tells bhatti he wont get his cash. your (pradhan’s) paintings may be accomplished for positive. i am equipped to marry pragya. i will elope along with her day after today and convey her to shiv mandir. i’m able to marry her however you’ll deliver my money to bhatti. zalim singh accepts the circumstance. they shake fingers. zalim singh warns teji now not to even think of dishonest him or he wont spare him. teji laughs.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Panchayat broadcasts that kusum has damaged; hurt the regulations / norms of the society. we ought to set an instance for the society. panchayat desires accurate for every body. we are not that stone hearted. we want to give her a hazard to make her lifestyles better. he asks raghubir ji if he thought they will do something wrong with the lady. raghubir ji thanks him for allowing kusum a girl to alternate things for higher. sangram singh tells him to attend to pay attention the decision. one, she will be able to devote suicide earlier than everyone on her very own. , she may be married to the guy whom we are able to choose. an vintage guy (kishan singh) enters. every body is shocked to peer an old man taking walks interior. kamla ji mumbles that such an oldie will marry now. sangram singh adds that kishan’s wife died 15 years in the past. he’s going to marry kusum but this wedding will occur most effective if she agrees. raghubir ji calls it injustice. komal seconds him. she raises her voice towards this injustice. the woman is of his granddaughter’s age. how can you make her marry him? anyone looks at her. raghubir ji supports her. think evenly sangram singh ji. she cherished someone unconditionally however most effective were given cheated in go back. she turned into loyal in the direction of her love, her promise. it isn’t her however that man’s fault that he dint turn up! who should be punished then?


Precap: Teji indicates pragya to elope with him and then marry. in panchayat, raghubir ji raises an objection to the choice. sangram singh calls it a massive insult to him. certainly one of his guys hits raghubir ji on his head.


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