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Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Kamla ji runs to jamuna ji to stop her. jamuna ji cries and tells komal no longer to stop her, kamla ji attempts to make her up. malti joins her fingers to jamuna not to be angry with them. jamuna apologizes and says her choice about staying at her daughter’s in laws turned into a big mistake, she doesn’t want any hassle of their residence because of her. she swears komal to observe her. jamuna steps over a gutter, her foot stuck into it and she or he fell down. quickly there may be a hurricane, a truck starts to transport closer to her with the force of air. komal runs to assist jamuna. lucky who came running across the road come to push the truck returned together with his complete pressure? komal changed into greatly surprised to see him war and is going to his assist. both struggle towards the pressure of truck and had been not able to prevent it. they come to jamuna’s help now, fortunate holds jamuna in his arms sporting her inner. komal became moved by means of his gesture.


Full Details of Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Interior, teji become massaging his frame out of workout. bharpai comes to assist him and says she brought a balm for him. he permits to apply the balm. she asks wherein he have been harm. teji thinks about the locations he became injured and jerks his head out of disgrace; then factors closer to his arm and leg. she applies the balm. teji continues the bottle of balm from her, he kisses her arms. bharpai was concerned what if someone watches them. vardhan watches them collectively and turned into disturbed.
There inside the hall, fortunate asks jamuna if he must name the doctor. komal says there’s swelling over her foot and requests her to live here for a while. jamuna sits up saying it’s a minor injury, she doesn’t need any false impression in this residence. komal wasn’t equipped to permit her pass. kamla become upset that she ought to forestall her at any value else all people might be irritated. kamla holds her ear in apology and tells malti to do so as well, jamuna requests them not to do this. kamla asks pinky to vow jamuna she received’t fight rana once more. pinky forces a grin over her face and promises to never fight. rana also promises jamuna to never combat pinky. komal asks payal if she has to say some thing. payal says it would be satisfied for her to have a look at a monvarat. lucky asks if he need to now call a medical doctor. upon kamla’s insistence jamuna consents to love, however on a condition. she forbids them name a health practitioner for her.


Teji comes to kareena. kareena says it changed into correct that fortunate arrived. badho become keen on wrestling and desired to take his permission for wrestling. she became unaware the wrestling will take region between badho, her circle of relatives and lucky.


Last Part of Badho Bahu 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update


In the room, malti walks restlessly involved approximately the lawsuits. she wonders what took place that jamuna had to leave this house, she was concerned approximately her husband’s anger. at night time, lucky greets raghubir who appreciates lucky for saving jamuna. raghubir says jamuna wasn’t prepared to come back to live with them but he had made them up, she became their obligation. lucky is going to take rest for some time. raghubir asks how he left the sports camp in the middle. fortunate turned into speechless, he says he had a touch harm and concept about taking rest. raghubir become concerned immediately and asks if he must call a physiotherapist? fortunate assures he would be exceptional with rest and promises to go away when he receives best. kareena meets him in the hall and appreciates his access, she says everybody ought to have helped there. she calls their whole own family as actor, jamuna should be posing to be vulnerable. lucky was enraged at kareena for speaking incorrect approximately jamuna. kareena says no one had come assist him, had he been there. she asks why lucky lied to raghubir, lucky says he couldn’t inform him he came to push badho out of the house.


Precap of Badho Bahu 9th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Badho thanks lucky for helping her mother. he says she is his mom as well. she hugs him and notices his hand changed into injured. she does dressing for his injured hand



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