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Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Saanjh tells decide that maya’s husband arjun informed that maya is self-reliant and can cope with any state of affairs, then why didn’t she deal with this one. arjun shouts dusky, he did now not mean that. saanjh requests choose to explain arjun to behave. choose warns arjun. saanjh says maya has a lot safety round her, then how can ayan enter her house and try and rape her, until maya wants to. arjun shouts dusky. maya shouts saanjh mathur, she is a lawyer right here and no longer a pal, anyplace friendship ends, regulation begins. she says her questions finished.


Full Details of Beyhadh 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Arjun returns to maya and touches her hand. she pushes his hand and says his family thinks she is inaccurate, reminiscing earlier incidents. arjun says she isn’t. saanjh calls ayan’s fiance simran into witness box and asks if ayan can rape. simran says ayan is so properly cultured that he does not contact his fiance with out her permission, that is a fake case. saanjh questions simran’s mother and father or even they are saying ayan is a superb boy and this situation is false. maya offers ayan’s buddies and household’ statements and says every person agree with ayan is a superb boy, he is a superb fiance, true son, precise pal, and searching at arjun says precise brother. she then calls arjun into witness box once more. maya’s attorney items, however maya says wealthy humans get tired sitting in one region, so she wants arjun to face. arjun comes into witness field. saanjh says is it authentic he beats his wife. maya fumes and shouts this isn’t genuine. saanjh says she became crying simply now and now reacting. arjun signals her to be quiet. saanjh simply her house, even courtroom has cctv cameras and her actions are recorded. maya’s legal professional requests her to sit and sits. saanjh asks arjun if he beats his wife. he says this is wrong and that they proved it in press conference. saanjh says they even introduced maya is pregnant, then what passed off. she offers maya’s being pregnant report and says it became fake statement and maya isn’t pregnant. maya does what she likes. maya sits fuming.
Saanjh maintains and tells arjun meaning that press conference became incorrect and being pregnant news became faux, arjun lied. maya stands and shouts sufficient now, arjun did not lie. she expected her being pregnant wrongly, infant is not in her fate and says pregnancy package confirmed fake report and describes approximately in advance document wherein saanjh pushes her and he or she loses her pregnancy. saanjh asks her to take a seat now and tells arjun that he hates his wife so much that he does no longer want to visit london for three days along with her, he found out ayan that maya spies on him 24 hours. arjun reminisces incident. saanjh asks to speak. arjun says this is true, maya’s eyes are on him in toilet, bedroom, washroom, anywhere for protection motives as they are rich humans and maya is concerned for him. saanjh says so much that cctv recording isn’t with police and any security agent, however with simplest maya. that means, it’s far maya’s obsession. arjun asks why is she exposing what he told her. she asks to repeat loudly so that everybody can pay attention. saanjh says maya desires to manage arjun’s life and can go to any quantity, even can prove rape on her. arjun says maya isn’t always mendacity and any female would now not faux her rape, if her questions are completed can he pass. she asks judge to tell arjun that he can not move until she permits and says what changed into he doing while rape changed into tried. arjun says he become sleeping. saanjh says how can he sleep when his wife was being raped, asks decide to be aware down the factor, says arjun he receives very deep sleep. arjun says he became ingesting with ayan. saanjh says while he became asleep, then how does he know ayan attempted to rape maya, it proves he’s repeating what maya advised him. ayan says he heard ayan telling he will forget that maya is his brother’s spouse. saanjh asks which means he heard everything and asks then why did no longer he come out, if his spouse tied him to a bed.


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Arjun says reminisces being tied to mattress, says he was now not tied and changed into heavily inebriated. saanjh asks to determine if he became under the influence of alcohol, napping, or heard the whole lot. she tells fact is arjun met his circle of relatives after three years and whilst maya got here to realize about it, she made drama and crash landed from flight. she describes entire incident in detail, how maya reached arjun’s residence in ambulance, took him, gave hypnotic injection, took him domestic and tied him to mattress. ayan went to rescue arjun, maya hid room’s key in her shirt, ayan tries to get it, and many others.. in complete element. vandana and suman widen their eyes in a shock.


Precap of Beyhadh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Saanjh tells maya that she is a low magnificence lady and her fact is naked now. maya says she will be able to display naked reality and drops her garments. arjun indicates maya. all people found in court are greatly surprised.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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