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Beyhadh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Beyhadh 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Saanjh continues her argument in court docket and says maya mehrotra thinks life is a chess recreation and performs in her want, she need to be sent to jail for developing faux situation. arjun says maya is not lying. saanjh says he have to be frustrated that his spouse controls his lifestyles. he says if her gyaan is completed, he’ll move and walks to maya. saanjh asks judge’s permission to call her remaining witness in witness box, the hunter herself who preyed on innocent human beings, maya mehrotra. maya comes into witness container and takes oath she will inform fact. saanjh calls her maya mehrotra. maya says maya arjun sharma, she need to recognize the distinction.


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Saanjh asks why did she tie her husband to a mattress, if she changed into afraid that he will leave her. maya says her arjun will never depart her and anyplace he goes, he will go back back to her, saanjh does not understand it’s miles a love protecting. saanjh says it’s far love entice, love way now not a entice however bonding, which maya will not apprehend. she asks why did she hit herself in flight and crash landed it and why did she call her husband 40 times. maya says she changed into going away from her husband first time and got involved while he did no longer select call. saanjh says if she did no longer consider her husband that she known as him 40 times. maya says it is question of worry, she changed into concerned something passed off to arjun, else he might never go away her. saanjh says her arjun had left her already and went to fulfill his family. she become worried that she could not undercover agent him for 3 days, what he eats, what he does, how he breaths. maya’s lawyer items and says this example is concerning rape attempt and not maya and arjun’s relationship. saanjh says it’s miles very an awful lot related.
Maya maintains questioning maya and says her tale till now that she were given afraid when arjun did no longer answer her name and how did she attain ambulance. maya says she got hurt in flight. saanjh appearing as concerned asks if she is okay now and reads flight team’s file that maya opened luggage compartment forcefully even after caution repeatedly and dropped baggage on her forcefully and were given injured purposefully. maya’s attorney objects. choose warns saanjh she can not allege with out proof. saanjh apologizes and says her questions are applicable. she asks maya why did she attain her mom-in-laws residence whilst she became injured as opposed to going to health center. she says she became subconscious and does no longer realize something. saanjh says she won’t even recognise that she hired fake ambulance and crew as physician who treated her stated that she did now not want to use authorities ambulance and insists for a non-public one and herself referred to as ambulance. her hired actors advised maya did now not want to be touched through any male doctor and be dealt with, so that they added her to arjun. while ayan attempted to prevent arjun, he did not listen and left in ambulance with maya. maya gave injection to arjun and made him subconscious, took him domestic and tied him to a bed. whilst ayan reached her house to rescue arjun, she made a drama of rape and trapped ayan.


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Saanjh maintains whilst maya gets out of witness container, picks inspector’s gun and shoots saanjh and smirks. saanjh falls down and points at maya. maya keeps smirking and realizes it’s miles her creativeness. saanjh says this lady can go to any volume for her gain and ruin someone’s existence with rape costs, these sort of girls need to be punished so that they don’t allege any innocent individual. she asks maya to simply accept her crime in front of absolutely everyone, at the least her god may forgive her if now not court. maya gets out of witness container and saanjh says she can’t break out from truth and has to speak fact. maya stands within the middle of court and starts unbuttoning her dress. everyone watch in a surprise. maya drops her get dressed and arjun suggests no…


Precap of Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Maya removes her dress and says she can display the evidence, rape makes victim a perpetrator and it is a largest punishment.


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