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Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Saanjh tells maya that she can’t run faraway from fact. maya removes her top in front of all and sundry present. arjun shouts maya…ayan receives tensed. maya says she accepts that she injured herself and indicates chunk marks on her hands and body. she says all her allegations are wrong and those are the evidences, her each harm is inflicted by way of herself, even on her returned. saanjh is right, she is a mad lady, we besides justice from humans like saanjh. no lady would like misbehavior, be it a working lady or house spouse, nobody can grasp her proper from her frame, no longer even a person’s hatred. ayan is her devar, they say bhabhi and devar’s dating is of friendship, ayan followed a very good friendship. while ayan was touching her, she changed into feeling like 1000 worms have been crawling on her frame, she became hating herself. ayan tore her clothes and tried to disrobe her, even these days she is being disrobed. arjun drapes her top. maya says saanjh observed a good friendship. since ayan compelled her, she imagines the incident again and again and does no longer want to live, however arjun stopped her and informed she is his desire, she can not tolerate anymore. there are many injures which she can not display, judge can punish her the way she needs. rape is a massive menace in which prey is proved culprit. arjun hugs and consoles her and looks at ayan angrily.


Full Details of Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saanjh tells choose that maya is mendacity and trying to divert them from fact. maya’s attorney shows scientific record and says it proves every damage has ayan’s dna. ayan says this female is mendacity, he did no longer do anything. arjun angrily trashes ayan and police pull him out. judge warns he can’t fight in courtroom. maya’s legal professional says there are numerous proofs which prove that ayan attempted to rape maya, they’ve a cctv photos and he needs permission to show it. footage is played where ayan forces him on maya. ayan says this is wrong, why don’t they show all digicam footages rather than one. attorney says due to the fact he broke all cameras except this one as he did no longer recognise approximately this digital camera. saanjh items and says maya broke all cameras and is attempting to prove ayan guilty. maya’s legal professional says this proves her inexperience, according to her her client is harmless till rape took place. he calls eye witness into witness box. samay enters. saanjh reminisces telling samay that he is the most effective proof in opposition to ayan. samay says he’ll now not come into court.


Samay gets into witness box. maya’s lawyer says that is samay ahuja, saanjh’s fiance and he or she had requested him to leave town as he is the simplest evidence. he requested how did he attain maya’s house. samay tells ayan became closely drunk and angrily left on motorbike to carry lower back arjun. he thought ayan is drunk and would damage himself. lawyer asks if he noticed ayan was forcing maya. samay says he became no longer, he become simply on maya. legal professional asks what changed into maya doing, if she turned into calling him to play ludo. samay says he pulled ayan away form maya and slapped him. legal professional asks why did he slap ayan, what changed into maya’s condition. samay says maya’s garments had been torn and frame injured like..like. legal professional says like someone tried to rape maya, he can also go away now. lawyer then tells choose that they’ve medical document, cctv footage, live evidence which proves she is innocent. maya loves her husband immensely and has proper to keep him, even her husband cannot pressure her. ayan have to be punished vigorously.


Last Part of Beyhadh 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Saanjh says this case is fake and its evidences are false, maya has fabricated them. choose says she has stooped so low to prove her patron harmless and maya guilty. saajh requests to present her a while. judge says she can get a variety of time when her patron will visit jail. she declares that after evaluating all evidences, ayan is proved responsible and he is sent to jail in try to rape case. vadnana, saanj, ad ayan sit shattered. arjun consoles maya.


Precap: Ladies enterprise individuals allege saanjh and blacken her face. maya smirks.


Update Credit To: Dolly

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