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Beyhadh 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Beyhadh 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Samay offers proof in prefer of maya. decide declares ayan responsible. saanjh and her team appearance in a surprise. maya with pass eyes seems at samay. police take ayan out of court docket. journalist question him if he isn’t ashamed seeking to rape his sister in regulation. vandana asks him not to fear, saanjh will show him harmless. ayan’s fiance says she can watch for him. arjun tells saanjh that she can try to bail out ayan time and again and he will try to cancel her bail. police take ayan. arjun is set to take a seat in car while he gets a call and actions apart. maya asks not to go away her by myself. he says not anything will take place and moves apart. she seems at saanjh. a few girls catch saanjh and yell what kind of a girl she is, did not she experience ashamed harming another girl’s dignity. they try to blacken her face.


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Maya smirks, then receives out of automobile and stops them and says she can now not permit every other lady being insulted. saanjh tried to harm her self-appreciate, but if she becomes like saanjh, what is the distinction between them. someone else will decide saanjh’s punishment, then no person can shop her. she asks girls to go away, hugs saanjh and walks to vehicle searching at saanjh. arjun returns and asks why did she come out of automobile, gets into vehicle and leaves. saanjh thinks duffer goes on a incorrect path.
Arjun leaning on jahnvi’s lap cries reminiscing meeting ayan, vandana, relaxation of incidents. he tells jahnvi it’s far all his mistake, he ought to now not have met ayan and instructed him his sorrows, ayan might no longer have taken severe step, now ayan may be in prison for all time. he hears sound from maya’s room and rushes in. maya rubs her pores and skin repeatedly with scrub and tries to clean her injures. she begins bleeding.


Samay enters saanjh’s room and asks to forestall considering arjun and focus on ayan’s bail. she says she cannot forget about arjun so effortlessly. samaya says she has to get out of her beyond and give attention to her destiny. saanjh says together with her mind-set, she cannot deliver justice to their courting, so it’s miles better he leaves. he continues his moral gyaan. suman and prem input and listens them.


Maya continues panicking, rubbing her pores and skin with scrub and tells arjun that her marks aren’t going. arjun reminiscing doc telling he has to handle maya carefully and no longer permit her into any anxiety. he lifts her out of bathtub and takes her under showers. he holds her tightly and says if she is imperfect, he is more imperfect. he maintains his dialogues and romances her. he’s taking her on bed and consummates. he thinks he has to offer her the affection she merits to stop her contemplating the humiliation she went via.


Suman confronts saanjh that she is greater obsessed on arjun and now not maya. she has to understand that arjun has left her and will now not go back. she is rejecting samay time and again and any dignified individual would no longer tolerate this insult, she need to circulate on with samay now. saanjh hugs prem and cries she does no longer recognize what to do. he says once in a while sorrows teach us more than what happiness teaches us.


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After consummation, maya smirks that no person can clutch arjun from her. she reminisces hiring women to insult saanjh and giving them money after which caution saanjh that if she comes among her and arjun again, she could be in greater hassle, she hopes saanjh understood her warning, else she will be able to face dire consequences.


Precap: Vadana kneels down and begs arjun to return her son ayan. arjun asks her to move away, he or maya can not do something now. vandana selections knife and runs closer to maya to stab her, however arjun holds her hand.


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