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Beyhadh 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Beyhadh 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Samay reaches saanjh’s residence. saanjh excitedly hugs him and introduces to circle of relatives. suman reminisces saanjh’s phrases that samay made her overlook arjun and he is best for her. she hugs samay and welcomes him. samay then identifies every family member and greets them. he asks ayan how his finder dating going on and if he nonetheless gets nude. ayan reminisces incident and receives apprehensive. his fiance asks what’s it. saanjh alerts samay now not to speak approximately it. samay asks wherein is washroom and suman indicates direction.

  • Shubh switches on information and all of them watch news about arjun misbehaving with maya and reporter shouting socialite maya mehrotra is facing home abuse. saanjh switches off television before samay returns. samay sees complete circle of relatives tensed and asks what passed off. he says shubh he ought to be his would be brother in regulation. vandana asks shubh to talk together with his jijaji. shubh says but ar…vandana scolds they don’t have time for faltu human beings.
    maya sees her home abuse information on information paper and fumes how can they print so horrific approximately arjun. she calls her pr and orders to make sure new paper prints apology subsequent morning. she keeps fuming. she then goes and braids jahnvi’s hair and says arjun and she or he love each different and are forever, how can any news paper badmouth approximately arjun. she continues pouring her feeling out and considering arjun. arjun at workplace hears his staff badmouthing about him and scolds them. the shouts at all to get lower back to their paintings.

Saanjh returns domestic and sees samay cooking pakoras and suman praising him. she sits and asks suman if arjun can do this. suman says samay is a superb boy and he or she should circulate on. samay joins them and drops pakoras on arjun’s information and says his mom tells constantly to drop pakoras on paper to suck all greater oil. he says saanjh that point has modified and her new time has commenced. saanjh smiles.

Saanjh takes pakoras for vandana and says her would son in law prepared pakoras for her. vandana says she does now not ought to discover a reason to come here and greets her in. saanjh tells arjun loves her and ayan and they may be his lifestyles. vandana says she does now not care. saanjh says this is why she is looking tv continuously wondering arjun’s news will show. arjun’s information comes and arjun says he is thankful to his circle of relatives and that they mean a lifestyles for him. saanjh smilingly seems at vandana. arjun says thank you maya and jahnvi aunty. saanjh receives disappointed and vandana appears at her.

Arjun and maya deal with newshounds and arjun says there is nothing incorrect with him and maya and they love every different. he indicates his faux love for maya but fumes. maya says their love is all the time. arjun says press conference is over and receives up. maya holds him and says there’s a problem between her and arjun.

Precap: maya tells journalists that she and ajrun are having a trouble, the problem that allows you to bring them more closer, their new little baby.

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