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Beyhadh 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Beyhadh 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Maya falls from balcony, but arjun holds her legs and asks to hold his hands. maya says whilst isn’t ready to like her, what’s the use of protecting his hand. he asks to forestall garbage and hold his hand. she says her love seems garbage to him. he insists to preserve his hand. she holds and bites his hand. he shouts in ache. she insists him to tell that he loves her. he says he loves her beyhad and pulls her up. she says he did all this to trouble her and loves her. he says sure. she says she may be very bad and begins hurting herself. he shouts to stop, she is injuring herself due to the fact three years and those assume he injures her, he gets harm by using her insanity every day. she says he is proper and hits bottle on her head. he shouts what did she do and holds material on her injury. she asks if he loves her or not. he say he loves her lots and she or he is his heart beat. she asks if he is not telling this to save her. he says no. she insists to inform he loves her. he says plenty and is concerned although he dies, her love will now not go away im. she says it’ll not as it is a true love and unearths its house usually, he is her house and that they need one greater character of their residence, they want a child. arjun controls his anger.

In the morning, at some point of breakfast, saanjh tells family that arjun is in ache. prem warns her to neglect arjun as he left everyone 3 years ago. suman additionally says identical. saanjh says how can she neglect her formative years, arjun is in deep pain and wishes to tell the entirety. prem says some thing he had to tell, he told 3 years in the past with a slap, she may have forgotten about it, however he isn’t, reminiscing arjun slapping saanjh. vandana says arjun select his existence and he has to bypass thru his existence examination himself. samay enters and says examination is over.


Maya wakes up inside the morning and insists arjun to put off his blouse. he says he isn’t in a temper. she choices scissors and insists if he’ll or she must assist. he stops her. she asks if the previous day’s love changed into a drama. she attempts to walk towards balcony again, however he stops her. she unbuttons his shirt and massages his again as an alternative murmuring in his ears he slept on one facet, his lower back have to be aching. she says their dating so ideal, even after three years when they contact every different, their arms tremble, identical feeling, the whole thing is ideal.


  • Samay says examination in their endurance, they waited for his paranthas. she serves paranthas to everybody and asks saanjh to strive. she nods no. he says if she does now not take examination, how will he realize if he passed or now not. she goes to get pickles. he follows her and says her duffer shrunk a ailment and best she will be able to deal with him. she says thanks. he asks to have parantha and thank him. samay says her duffer desires her, she is aware of samay sees most effective reality. he reminisces arjun and maya chemistry on dance ground.


Maya serves breakfast for arjun and says she organized his favored objects. he attempts to pick dishes, but she stops him repeatedly saying one is oily, every other is simply too bloodless, different is simply too sweet. she serves omlette to them each and says their picks in shape, their dating is so perfect. arjun reminisces saanjh’s repeated overpossessiveness and torture and slits his throat. maya is taken aback and runs in the direction of him.


Precap: maya panics remembering arjun slitting his throat and throughout marriage take oath that until she is alive, she can love best him.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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