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Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update. Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Arjun is going to jahnvi’s room and says he’s simply jogging, from whom he does now not realize. he ran away from his friendship for love, saanjh has vandana, suman and others, but he is by myself. he keeps that global has made his maya mad, but his love will exchange her and he’s certain. jahnvi increases hand silently, but drops lower back seeing maya coming. maya says nothing will change as he left friendship for romance and even jogging far from love. she walks out. he walks behind her, hugs her and asks to pay attention. she says she does not want to. he asks to listen to his coronary heart from her coronary heart, maya…his heart has most effective her sound, he left his friendship for her, however he can’t neglect that he broke someone’s agree with. she says simplest she and her child has right to accept as true with him, and it is not his problem if someone loses his consider, he cannot blame himself, she kisses him and proper now she is his problem and three burnt eggs. he says he’ll carry them. she asks him to go out and produce eggs. he kisses her and leaves. she seems at her and his portrait.


Full Details of Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Door bell jewelry. maya opens door and is stunned to look samay and saanjh. she shouts to get out and tries to close door. samay forcefully opens door and asks saanjh to talk, he is with her. maya tries to shut door asking angrily what are they doing here. samay stops her and says she has to answer why did she kill prem uncle.


Suman tells vandana that she needs aid presently and can not support anyone. vandana cries and apologizes that she need to have listened to saanjh, saanjh is right maya can do anything and may be anywhere. suman says at that point only she, prem, shubh, saanjh, and samay had been there. vandana says a mom can do whatever to guard her toddler, but jahnvi became helping her collect evidence in opposition to maya.


Samay tells maya that no person can shop her now and she has to answer why she killed prem uncle. saanjh asks him no longer to do something. maya runs. he runs behind her and pushes desk. she falls down. saanjh asks him once more now not to do anyting. maya maintaining her tummy says forestall, what is wrong with you. samay reminisces maya’s crimes and says each horrific thing has its end and now her stop has come. he extends her hand toward him. arjun enters and punches samay. samay falls down. arjun shouts how dare he is to the touch is spouse in his residence. he pampers maya. samay breaks vase on arjun’s head. saanjh shouts arjun…maya panics and asks if he is nice. arjun begin trashing samay badly and pampers maya once more. samay breaks chair on his returned. arjun falls down in ache. saanjh pleads samay no longer to do anyting. arjun receives up and trashes samay once more. samay pushes him and alternatives curtain rod and hits arjun. arjun escapes and throws rod and trashes samay once more. maya’s facial expression modifications, she asks arjun to stop for their infant’s sake. she blames saanjh and asks if she is glad seeing samay’s awful condition. she is so mad in arjun’s love that she did now not spare ayan and prem to get back her love. samay says saanjh is not in arjun’s love and maya got prem uncle killed. he says she cannot harm saanjh now as he is together with her. maya says this is why saanjh is not marrying him, she comes among her and arjun always, she acts as crying and pleading to spare her as she has a infant now, smirks, then acts once more and says she cannot lose a toddler once more.


Last Part of Beyhadh 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Samay angrily walks toward her, however arjun pushes him. maya stops him and says samay that she does now not have answer for his hassle and saanjh has, trouble is saanjh loves arjun and no longer him, so she will no longer marry him. samay says he and saanjh will marry in 1 week, saanjh loves him and now not arjun. he asks sanjh is it. saanjh looks at maya and says let us go from here and drags him. maya hugs arjun and smirks at samay.


Beyhadh 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Samay calls maya and asks if she can not spare sometime for him. she warns if he tries to return close to her, she will be able to kill him. he enters through window and walks in the direction of her.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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