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Beyhadh 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Beyhadh 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Maya tells samay that he tried to invite for love, which he does no longer deserve. he ssays being together with her, he learnt to snatch right. she attempts to hit him with bat again. he holds bat and pushes her to wall, pinning her. he says her love turned into his breath, he cherished her whilst she desired to, reminiscing incident, he killed someone when she desired to, reminiscing killing prem. he says he did the whole thing in her love, but not now, he’s going to no longer let her rule over him now. maya laughs and says human beings call him mad, however he is larger mad, what is incorrect with him. samay performs recording in which maya tries to kill jahnvi two times, kills ashwin, traps ayan, hides evidence, and many others… maya is taken aback.


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Samay says he does now not depart something returned, this mad is in the back of her and she or he does no longer understand anything. he is at the back of her like shadow on account that 8 years. in view that she met arjun, he tried to kill that canine. reminiscing being with ashwin when he tried to kill arjun. he says her shadow noticed the whole lot, she confirmed ashwin’s murder, jahnvi’s coincidence, and many others. he is that air that can attain anywhere. maya panics seeing evidence towards her. samay says saanjh despatched video photos to a few humans, arjun, prem, and him. she deleted arjun’s pictures and pressured him to kill prem, now he’s having his part, how did she love it. he laughs and says she is proper, he is a mad, until he became along with her, he became her mad, now he is out of her manage, what will she do now, did she like this chitrahaar. maya stands in a shock.
Saanjh reminisces shipra telling that samay is truly rajeev randhawa. she thinks of retrieving video from prem’s electronic mail and attempts to login with one of a kind passwords. she receives hint bharosa and thinks whom papa trusted most.


Maya asks samay that is what his love is, blackmailing her. he says if he desired to blackmail her, he might have long in the past. he laughs evil and says he desires what he merits and may visit any extent, she can do what he says, else his insanity may additionally kill arjun. maya tries to unfastened herself. samay says she can do anything he asks, if he calls her to fulfill, she will, if he asks her to sit, she will be able to, if he needs her to the touch, she will be able to permit him and now not resist. she shouts she is becoming someone’s toddler’s mom. he pushes her on chair, lifts bat and says no one can come between their love, no longer arjun, no longer unhappiness, no longer hatred, and now not..he also preferred playing cricket in youth, however got a risk now. he blows bat in the direction of her tummy. she shouts no…arjun wakes up getting bad dream approximately maya he exams his cellular and gets away from bed. samay stops simply before hitting maya and says until she is his, he’ll love her everything and when this love will vanish, even her toddler will die. she holds his collar and shouts she will be able to kill him. he pushes he and says she killed him eight years cross, now she has to consider herself and child. why she is forcing him to come to be terrible, she driven him into this insanity eight years ago, if she wants to live with arjun,


She will, if she wants him to marry saanjh, he’s going to, but she has to like him and proportion half love with him. he’s going to marry saanjh, but will have a good time suhagraat together with her, and if she does now not agree, he’ll kill saanjh, then arjun will recognise her fact and then he will leave her. he says he has not anything to lose, so he does now not should fear, she has to fear as a substitute as arjun is coming here. he suggests message in her cell and says he referred to as arjun from her mobile and messaged him. he forces himself on her. she says if arjun will see them, he’s going to kill them each. he says permit him come and notice his quantity of affection.


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He maintains forcing himself on her, she ought to depart her. arjun reaches calling her. maya receives tensed listening to his voice and asks samay to go away her. samay says her dog came, let us see whose love will win. he continues forcing her. she pushes him and attempts to run. he holds her. she pushes him again. arjun opens door. maya seems around room and does not discover samay. arjun asks what is she doing here in those garments, if she is excellent. she cries hugging him and says the extra she tries to run from her past, it comes in the front of her again and again. she desires to save her toddler from her past’s darkness. arjun says until he is there, not anything will occur to their infant. he asks her to wash her face in water. maya sees samay under water and forestalls.


Precap: samay kisses maya’s hand sitting below water.
Arjun tells maya let us pass. maya thrusts samay into water.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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