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Beyhadh 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Beyhadh 8th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Maya falls asleep while speakme to samay. samay calls her time and again and then in ashwin’s style. she wakes up. he asks if she does no longer want to speak to him. she says doc gave her sedative, she is speakme. he asks if he need to come there. she says no.


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Saanjjh tears pillow angrily and thinks she can’t tell about samay to suman and vandana, else samay will kill shubh and he or she cannot lose her brother. she sees ganeshji’s idol and says whoever she considered buddy betrayed him continually, god must stand in line like others, arjuun cannot see maya’s tricks and is believing her, he must be with her, but is snoozing soundly.


Maya receives up from sleep time and again and says samay she is talking, sees battery draining and says she will be able to speak to him later. samay asks to rate her cellular and talk, else he’s going to inform her truth to arjun. maya runs to her room to pick out charger and seeing arjun dozing apologizes him. samay says mayaaaa.. in ashwin’s style. she alternatives charger and runs lower back to toilet. samay says he used to run in the back of her, now she is running. he asks to sing sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye, else he’s going to come there. she says no and signs crying.. arjun wakes up hearing her making a song and knocks door. samay says her canine got here, inform him she is with him. arjun says he’s coming in and receives in.
Saanjh cries searching at prem’s picture. suman with vandana enters and says samay’s hassle is not false, he will not wreck it. vandana says samay loves her loads and considers shubh as his brother rather than brother-in-law. suman says again samay will no longer destroy his promise.


Arjun asks maya if she is high-quality, she does not appear to. maya says she were given awful dreams and cries hugging him. arjun asks why did now not she wake him up. she says her dreams might have pestered him. arjun takes her to room. samay cries arjun came and maya left him, she does not care approximately him, not to fear maya wil meet her wherein nobody will disturb them, he’s coming maya… he appears at dozing shubh and remarks weird world, some does and a person else is punished. arjun hugs maya and asks to accept as true with his love, it’ll shield her. maya’s telephone earrings once more.


Inside the morning, during breakfast maya appears just at arjun’s cellular reminsscing samay’s phrases if she does no longer pick out call, then he’s going to inform her secret to arjun. arjun feeds her and asks why she is looking at his mobile while she has her personal mobile. samay calls her, she picks and he says resort imperial, room #101, sharp at eight p.m. she disconnects call. arjun asks who’s giving her blanks call, he’ll take a look at. she says voice recording, says she goes to orphanage for sometime in the nighttime. arjun says even he’s going to accompany her. she says it’s far girls orphanage. he says he’s going to make them experience comfy. she says no, says she will be able to cross and take a look at maa and leaves.


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Maya reaches hotel imperial in the evening searching around nervously. she reaches samay’s room and rings bell and then opens door searching round and walks in. she is surprise to see complete room decorated with flowers and candles. she then walks into bed room and sees it decorated like for honeymoon. she attempts to run, but samay enters sporting sherwani like groom and says her 2 mins might have wasted his whole lifestyles. she asks what is this. she says half of proper on her breath, on her lifestyles, on the whole lot. she anxiously says she cannot try this and walks out. samay acts as speakme to arjun over smartphone. maya returns and snatches smartphone. samay holds her tightly and takes her to room. she says forestall..what is he doing. he says love. she says it is wrong. he says those clothes are not correct, for suhagrat, there have to be bridal dress. he shows bridal get dressed and jewellery and asks her to wear them. maya says she can not. samay asks if she desires him to call arjun.. she nods no. he asks to wear it, it’s far a very stunning get dressed and could match her, then changes his tone. she selections earrings and get dressed unwillingly and tries to go away. samay suggests cell and says he’s expecting her.


Precap: Samay throws plant life on bed saying they may unite for all time. maya comes carrying bridal dress. samay moves towards her and he or she attempts to move returned.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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