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Beyhadh 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Beyhadh 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Beyhadh 9th June 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Suman tells vandana ones saanjh gets settled in london, even she will be able to shift. vandana asks if she will be able to forget her. suman says why will he, she is her antique age guide. she goes in to maintain clothes. vandana sees many neglected calls on her cellular. she selections name ayan speaks. she asks how did he get phone. he says be made a few pals and says he is involved about saanjh, how a lot they realize approximately samay, only what he instructed. he asks when prem died who turned into around, suman, shubh, and samay..so he doubts samay. vandana stands thinking. suman returns. vandana says saanjh is getting married and that they want to recognise more about samay.


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Samay waits for maya on bed throwing rose petals. maya enters wearing bridal dress. samay says today they may unite at closing. she says she cannot do that. she says she does now not have desire and asks her to sit down. she sits. he movements towards. she gets irritating.
Vandana tells suman that ayan had known as and he doubts samay, if they can delay marriage. suman receives angry and says ayan and arjun don’t like saanjh’s happiness. ayan is in prison and she or he is believing him. vandana says she is proper, she ought to no longer pay attention to ayan. suman says saanjh is getting happiness and samay is her destiny. vandana says she is proper and hugs her.


Samay asks maya to wear veil like a bride and statistics her. he asks to open veil now. she gets rid of veil and throws her earrings away, shouts she has arjun’s child in her. samay shouts child is the big trouble. he gives her juice and asks to complete it because it has diet c, excellent for her child. maya finishes juice. samay says all the trouble will be solved, he blended abortion pill in it. maya runs to washroom and vomits. she holds his collar and shouts she can kill him if some thing occurs to her infant. samay says blah…blah..blah..holds her and says if she doe no longer come close to him, he’s going to definitely mix abortion pill. he says he will marry saanjh, but will spend nights with maya. if she does no longer obey, he’s going to kill saanjh, maya’s infant, and maya’s dog arjun. maya cries and says her child that mamma may be very terrible, she will now not allow anything occur to arjun’s bandar.


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Maya returns domestic shattered and walks into jahnvi’s room. she leans on her lap protecting tummy. she panics and says he has back. she made rajeev as samay and rajeev has returned with equal insanity and possessiveness. she is going into flashback where rajeev kisses he and she or he does not react. he asks what came about. she says she is thinking why damaged heart’s sound is not heard, why a person we like does not love us, why heart will become stone and loving stone isn’t clean. samay says love is name given to reasonably-priced wishes, there is not anything like that. maya says she is finding love in him. he says he does not have time for that, if she does not want to deal, he has other alternatives, trying to walk out. she holds his hand and says he’s going to locate many options and no longer maya. out of flashback, maya says she has failed, earlier samay became below her manipulate, now she is underneath his control, she is scared. if she does not obey him, he will inform her reality to arjun, she does no longer need to lose arjun, he is her genuine love. arjun enters.


Precap: Arjun asks maya to inform truth. maya says samay is her mistake that’s troubling her, his call turned into rajeev and he obsessed with her, she thought he could no longer return, but he has returned to get returned his love.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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