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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with anita on foot down the stairs speaking with a pupil and as she comes within the corridor she slips and falls down. she seems up and sees all tiwaris garments had been put for drying. anita calls tiwari and says what is this? who puts garments in corridor to dry? i slipped and fell. tiwari says i am sorry but once I put clothes outside they lose their coloration so i put it inner. anita says what shit? just shut up and the way will we stroll from right here? tiwari says i will clean the water.


Full Details of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


There in kitchen anguri is pronouncing i pass over tiwari and wherein is he now? is he pleasant? has he eaten whatever, i omit him so much, why did he pass? vibhu comes and says anguri you’re crying here for him but that guy is residing in my house on hire and is genuinely residing lavishly, he’s enjoying and isn’t in any respect cared approximately you. anguri says don’t say that, he ought to be considering me now. vibhu says no bhabhi ji he isn’t and that i advise you leave that man and throw him all the time out of your life because a person like that doesn’t need to live with you. all of sudden mom comes and says what did you are saying? vibhu says rattling she got here, he goes when mother stops and says wait right there in any other case i’m able to bounce out from the window and beat you. vibhu stands and smiles and says how are you aunty? mom says you close up up and friends help whilst there is a fight among husband and spouse and you’re telling anguri to throw tiwari out? vibhu says no i intended, mom scolds vibhu and says shut up, i’m able to beat you plenty now and you continually disturb my daughter in regulation and keep dull her you jobless and vain man. mom says wander away now. vibhu smiles and is going. mom tells anguri that if he comes again then show him your slippers. anguri says mother i’m missing tiwari plenty and make contact with him again, mother smiles and says don’t fear permit him stay he’ll come himself.
At night, anguri is in room and crying looking at tiwaris photo, she says why did you pass? and please come returned i leave out you. all of sudden from balcony tiwari is available in and says you known as and that i came, anguri is extremely joyful and she or he hugs tiwari. tiwari says kiss me on cheek. anguri begins kissing, unexpectedly it’s a dream and mother says forestall kissing me anguri. anguri is stunned and says sorry mother. mother blushes and says you have got a variety of romance in you anguri, anguri blushes to. mother says even my mom in regulation said to me i had lots of romance in me. mom says anguri these days i’m able to sleep down simplest its better if i sleep down.
At anita’s home, in bedroom anita and vibhu are napping. anitas eyes open and he or she is taken aback and screams. vibhu receives up and switches mild on. they see tiwari turned into napping down. tiwari says what occurred? anita and vibhu say don’t you have manners tiwari? how did you input our room? vibhu says what the hell, how did you even enter my room and the way dare you do this? tiwari says i don’t have surprise sleeping right here and the fan wasn’t operating down so i needed to come as it’s far too warm. vibhu says i will test now, he is going and is derived back and says it’s far working and he is mendacity. tiwari says no it stops in the middle and it took place 3 times and i’ve given 10k lease so i’m able to. anita says neglect it vibhu and allow him sleep. all of us sleep and tiwari looks at anita, then he too sleeps. tiwari starts offevolved loud night breathing, anita and vibhu get up, anita says this guy is so irritating. vibhu says you only desired to hold him as tenant.
Subsequent day in lawn anguri is there and cries and says what did i do tiwari? you handiest fought and you handiest went, i did not even say something. please come returned i omit you. vibhu comes and sees and says anguri you appearance unhappy? why? anguri says i miss tiwari and why have you kept him domestic. vibhu says however don’t live with him he is anyway a vain guy and doesn’t take care of you. anguri says he does, do 1 component throw him out of your house and he’ll come returned domestic himself. vibhu says however he is difficult how will i do this? anguri cries and says please do it please and she goes. vibhu says now what do i do? tika and malkhan are coming and vibhu says boys you try this process of removing those who don’t pay hire from domestic? tika and malkhan say sure. vibhu says i have work for you and take away the tenant dwelling in my house these days. tika malkhan say ok and we will do it. vibhu is going.


Last Part of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update
There tika and malkhan deliver tiwari choosing him out. tiwari is on road and gets down. he says what are you doing and slaps both of them? they are saying we were order with the aid of vibhu who is the proprietor to remove you from the residence and we wont permit you in again. tiwari says get apart and i’ve paid the hire. tika says we don’t care the proprietor has said and we are able to not allow you to in and in case you use pressure we will beat you up but you could live with us for simplest 1k rupees. tiwari receives irritated and says depart it and takes his bag and says i’m able to pass domestic most effective. he knocks the door and says anguri please open and let me in. mom opens and anguri is there. mom slaps tiwari and says you wont come home and she or he pushes him anguri says please take him. mom closes the door lower back. tiwari is going to tika and malkhan and says i can stay with yo, boht say its 5k now. tiwari says what? why? tika says we changed our minds. tiwari says k come on. as they’re going anguri unexpectedly opens door and says tiwari!! tiwari looks at her and tune starts offevolved laila essential laila, tiwari runs and that they both hug and go domestic and mom hits tiwari on butt.
Precap: Tiwari and anguri inform vibhu you haven’t carried out something for anita. tiwari says she is beautiful and you did not do anything for her until now, i read in paper that a person made a 1 crore policy for his wife before death. even you need to do some thing for anita at least after you die.


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