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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Updates.


This episode starts offevolved with tilu pronouncing i am now not joking huzoor. tilu receives up and says i am gulfam kali. tiwari gets scared and shivers. tilu says in case you play chess again, you’ll see my face inside the infantrymen of chess and then i can come and devour your hands. tiwari runs away, tilu and anguri laugh.
at home in morning, anita is speaking to gulfam kali on phone and says how did your plan work? did they give you cash? gulfam tells her the entirety that happu singh and every body got scared so much that they left their wallets there and ran away. anita says this is high-quality, our plans have worked and even tiwari and vibhu stopped playing chess. vibhu listens the entirety and thinks so that they were given us.


Full Details of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

At night tiwari and vibhu are playing chess. tiwari laughs and says so this became a plan. vibhu says sure, they think we’re fools. vibhu and tiwari play chess. abruptly anita comes disguised as ghost of gulfam kali. anita laughs like a ghost and says i told don’t play chess nonetheless you’re playing? anita says now i’m able to kill you. vibhu and tiwari examine her and forget about, then they maintain. anita is stunned and perplexed and attempts once more and makes scary faces. anguri comes walking and says oh my god that gulfam kali’s ghost has come, see it is so horrifying. anita laughs and says i told not to play chess. vibhu says toddler its enough now we realize that gulfam has now not died and this all become a drama. tiwari says yes now prevent it. anita says what? oh my god! our plan has failed, anguri says which means they’ll play chess now. vibhu says no, we’ve got decided that from now we can not play chess, vibhu throws the game. tiwari says yes, we’ve got determined that once we’ve got our other halves why we could play with those pawns? vibhu says i’m able to play with anu, tiwari says i will play with anguri.
In bedroom, vibhu is talking to prem and says i am bored now even chess is not there to play, anita is the one with none sadness. anita comes. vibhu maintains the smartphone. anita says what are you doing here alone? vibhu says nothing. anita says we could do some thing, i scared you loads right? vibhu says sure. anita says then this time you be the ghost and come from the balcony and scare me, and then we can romance. vibhu says what? now you want to be scared? i can no longer be the ghost. anita says please come on. vibhu says no. anita says sure. vibhu says study my lips i will not. anita says have a look at me and say it again. vibhu seems and says k great, i’m able to do it. vibhu goes to be the ghost.
In anguri’s room, anguri is watching a film and tiwari is calculating some work. anguri blushes. tiwari says what occurred? anguri says he’s giving her ice cream in the rain, it’s so romantic. tiwari says yes it is. anguri says you by no means take me to consume kulfi. tiwari continues his work apart and says k shall we cross now, we will consume kulfi. anguri says now? it isn’t always raining. tiwari says it is satisfactory, we are able to devour ice cream come on. anguri says ok and they each pass.
There vibhu come to be sthe ghost and is climbing stairs. uncle is available in automobile and gives pelu the cash and sees a person in black get dressed going inside the room from balcony. uncle runs to the ladders and says i’m able to not depart this guy. uncle is climbing while his waist breaks and uncle says oh my god, it pains a lot. in the room vibhu and anita are romancing on a music and anita sings the tune. down uncle listens and says the tune is playing. after romancing, the tune is over, uncle says now the song is also over, who is aware of what’s going to appear now. there tiwari and anguri come down and are going to devour ice cream they see uncle and meet him. tiwari say what is he doing right here? anguri and tiwari say hi there uncle. anguri says why are you standing here? unexpectedly anita screams from bedroom. all and sundry panic and uncle says we could pass discover. they all run and ring the bell.

Anita comes and says who is it now, she opens the door. uncle tiwari and anguri move in and sit down and say what happened? anita sits and says what took place? anguri says e heard you scream. tiwari says sure are you great? anita says damn, yes i am excellent nothing came about to me. uncle says don’t lie, we heard you and i also noticed a man enter your room sporting a few darkish clothes. anita says once more! uncle says what? anita says not anything i was dreaming and i saw a ghost in my goals so i screamed. uncle says you’re lying. vibhu is standing and watching from up. uncle has the papers and says this time i can not stop and he tears them. anita says no! vibhu is shocked. anita says why did you do this? vibhu says guys i am right here. every body get scared. vibhu says i’m vibhu not the ghost and uncle why did you tear the property papers? you’ll by no means provide me the assets, you continually come here to idiot me and it was besides me. uncle is wearing goggles and he laughs. anita says what befell? uncle says those papers were the settlement papers of me and my lady friend from bangkok. tiwari says vibhu you look higher like a ghost. uncle says ghost? that isn’t always better, uncle gets rid of his goggles and all of us get scared and scream.


Full Details of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Uncle laughs and says don’t be scared they’re just lenses. uncle says besides i will go to bangkok my flight is there, tiwari anguri additionally arise to move and eat ice cream. they three pass. anita says don’t look at me now, get rid of your get dressed because it isn’t always a elaborate get dressed opposition. vibhu eliminates his ghost clothes. anita says uncle always simply fools us, he’s a fraud he will by no means supply us his belongings.


PPrecap: A large contractor comes and says this vicinity appears best. anguri anita vibhu and tiwari are there. contractor says i will build a mall right here. anita says excuse me, do you’ve got the permission. contractor says i don’t want a permission, i have power. vibhu comes back from bringing milk and he sees all homes in a rubble. vibhu is taken aback and says no! tika comes and cries and says that contractor did it to build his mall right here, all of the houses are long past.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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