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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update latest.

The episode starts offevolved with anita anguri tiwari and vibhu inside the garden in morning. everyone is ingesting tea and vibhu says anguri you made this kind of tasty tea and nobody can make tea like you may. anita says yeah? even i make tea and its is tasty too. vibhu says when do you even make tea? and i am the only always making tea and food. do you don’t forget the closing time you mad tea? tiwari says she does make tea and that i drank so typically and it’s miles as tasty as anguri’s tea. anguri says sure even i drank. anita says see they realize. tiwari says anyway, anita ji what goes for your grooming lessons these days? anita says these days the topic of mom in regulation and daughter in law troubles are occurring. anguri says yeah? anita says yes their each day fights and what the cause is.

Anita says i am making a documentary film on a daughter in law and her mom in law and that they shouldn’t combat and have hate for every other. vibhu says you hate my mom and you continually combat for her so don’t even communicate about that film. anita syas i never fight and your mother taunts me all the time. tiwari says let it be and your mom is cheap vibhu. vibhu says what you stated? your mother is fat. anguri scolds vibhu, he says sorry. anita then says anguri why don’t you call your mom and i can make a documentary on you btoh. anguri says sure in order to be a laugh. tiwari and vibhu say no.

At home anguri calls mom in front of tiwari and tells her that anita desires to make a movie on them both and their cute relation or even tiwari is missing her lots although he says no however he misses you through coronary heart. mom says k i’m able to come and continues phone. tiwari says why did you invite mother? anguri says for the film she invited her. tiwari says do your very own work and i will tell mother no longer to return, in case you name her once more then see. anguri goes. tiwari says what a problem that is now.

At tea stall tika is there and vibhu and tiwari come. tika says what befell? these days tiwari your face seems like a pumpkin. tiwari slaps tika and he sits. vibhu says why did you name your mother and please tell her not to come back. tiwari says anguri known as her man and even i don’t need mom right here. vibhu thinks if mother comes he wont be able to meet anguri. vibhu says name your mother now and inform her no longer to come and the film is cancelled. tiwari says i will do what i must, you don’t worry. vibhu says name her now. tiwari says what the hell is your problem man? if my mother comes or no what is that to you? vibhu sits quiet after which gets up and is going.

At night at home, anguri tells tiwari that mother became glad or even she wants to come. tiwari says please close up and sleep and do no longer name mom here. anguri says why? she misses you and loves you. tiwari thinks if mother comes she will make his lifestyles a multitude and beat him ordinary. tiwari scolds anguri that shut up and now not to call mom. anguri takes the phone and calls mom and says mother tiwari is crying a lot and he’s lacking you and are available now. tiwari is bowled over and he takes the cellphone, anguri laughs and says i performed a prank and i did now not call mother. tiwari scolds anguri loudly, she sleeps. tiwari keeps the cellphone angrily.

At night anita is singing music and vibhu is walking with her. they arrive and sit down on their balcony wall. anita says my documentary needs to be successful. vibhu says child we could do 1 factor and we could go out of city tomorrow to some hill station or some thing because we did not go out for so many day proper? anita says that’s a pleasant plan vibhu and we are able to do this. vibhu says are you sure? if sure then i’m able to e-book the primary train tomorrow. anita says sure i am positive. vibhu says then i can e-book the primary teach and we can pass tomorrow. anita is glad and says yes.

Happu singh comes. vibhu says why does it seem like someone beat you very bad? happu says shut up don’t say some thing and i am tensed because i’ve a night duty these days and it’ll be annoying. anita says i will give you the solutions for your demanding night time duty or even now i’m making a documentary film on mother in regulation and daughter in regulation, this is, on anguri and tiwaris mother. all at once an auto comes and gulfam is in it. she says happu you handiest known as me now to pick out you and take you to my house for a application. anita and vibhu observe happu singh.

Vibhu says so this is your night time responsibility you liar. happu says don’t say whatever gulfam kali and that i did no longer name you, besides i can depart you home come. happu feels ashamed in the front of anita and is going with gulfam kali.

Precap: vibhu is on street and tells angrui who is in her lawn that don’t call mom because she is a misfit in the outfit of your house. Mom is behind in auto and she says I will remove you outfit now vibhuti. Mom picks up vibhu by his collar.

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