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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with vibhu coming domestic as katori and anguri says now my head isn’t paining. tiwari comes and says katori right which you got here and my lower back is paining, anguri’s headache went so rather rub down my back now. tiwari lies front on sofa, vibhu thinks i must massage him now again. anguri says she can bring tea and goes. vibhu starts massaging tiwari. happu singh comes and sees katori is there. he says wow katori you are here, he slaps on vibhu’s butt and says after him you’ll come at my house to do a lot of things. vibhu says no i wont and that i need to cross domestic. happu says sure you’ll include me.

  • At domestic anita says my legs are paining like by no means earlier than and its insufferable, that katori stated she would come however has now not but come. all at once happu comes with vibhu as katori and says anita you stated and she or he is right here. anita says oh thank god and katori do my leg rub down and its paining a lot. happu slowly says after her i can take you. happu goes. vibhu sits and starts offevolved doing anita’s massage and presses it strongly, anita says why are you urgent so much? vibhu says on the way to put off the ache out. anita says okay, then she sees the hands and says they appearance familiar. vibhu receives scared and says in reality once my picture got here in the paper so you need to have seen inside the paper. vibhu then presses legs. out of doors the residence, happu singh and tika malkhan are ready. vibhu comes out as katori. happu tika malkhan preserve her. they are saying we sooner or later were given you. vibhu says no i must pass home and i cant do the massage now. happu says yes you will do my rub down first, tika says then ours and we wont let you pass in case you don’t do. they select vibhu and take him.

There tiwari is passing by way of a few timber and bushes while he all at once see katori. tiwari hides and says what is katori doing here? all at once vibhu is going at the back of and gets rid of the wig and says what all i must do, then he eliminates the entirety and maintains inside the bag and removes all make up and wears hello regular garments, tiwari sees and says oh so this katori is vibhuti and now i will educate him a lesson.
at home anita is there in kitchen and vibhu is sitting. he says i had to do the rub down of that tika malkhan tiwrai and anita and that i desired to do for anguri but no all others are coming. anita comes and says wash all utensils. vibhu says no i’m now not in a very good temper, then he says you had pain in your legs what did you do? anita says oh sure i forgot to inform and that i called that katori massage woman and she did an amazing rubdown, vibhu says oh ok. anita says however there has been some thing unusual and i saw her hands, they felt like they had been your fingers. vibhu says you are comparing me to her? anita says no i was simply announcing. anguri comes and says i’ve pain on my waist and that i need katori, vibhu please name her now. anita says vibhu move call her, anguri says i can go domestic, you call her. vibhu goes.

At domestic he sees anguri skipping and says she is completely first-rate now. he asks anguri which you had waist ache? and now you’re skipping, anguri says sure i had but it went so i don’t want rub down now. tiwari comes and says no problem katori and also you do my lower back rub down, tiwari sleeps. vibhu says no i ought to pass home and that i cant do now. anguri says please for me do his rubdown, vibhu thinks now i will rub down this tiwari such that he wont ever ask for a rubdown again. tiwari thinks now i will teach you a lesson vibhu. vibhu hits tiwari on neck and presses it. tiwari does appearing and acts that his left facet of face were given paralyzed. he says you paralyzed my left aspect and what have you ever finished. vibhu takes bag and is stunned and runs away. tiwari says name police.

There in the back of the bushes again, vibhu changes and tiwari this time clicks pix on his cellphone hiding. he says now i will show you. tiwari goes in a cellphone sales space and calls vibhu, he tells him on phone in different tone that vibhu stop this drama of being katori and i’ve proof, quickly your truth will come out. tiwari once more acts as paralyzed and goes domestic. vibhu receives scared.
There vibhu receives home from kitchen, he hides there as tiwari and anguri come home to anita. anita says what happened to tiwari? anguri says he were given paralyzed due to katori and she or he pressed his vein. vibhu says oh my god tiwari came right here. anita says what? then you definitely should name the police, anita says i cant see tiwari’s face like that. anguri says me too and i wont depart that katori. abruptly yadram’s son comes with a courier, he says its for you anita and the sender’s call is written as trump. anita says what? she takes letter and says donald trump sent me a letter? she opens the envelope and sees vibhu’s images as katori converting garments. anita says oh my god, vibhu is katori and shows the pictures to tiwari and anguri. tiwari and anguri say vibhu is a cheat, anguri says i hate vibhu and i wont forgive him.
there vibhu says oh my god anybody is aware of now and what do i do?
Precap: at tea stall, tiwari as paralyzed acts and says to happu tika and malkhan that happu you’ve got placed a bounty on absolutely everyone who catches vibhu and i’m able to deliver the one who catches money too.


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