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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On lollyupdates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode starts offevolved at tea stall. happu singh tika and malkhan are there, vibhu is sitting near tea stall on road hiding as beggar. tiwari comes appearing paralyzed. he says happu this vibhu made me paralyzed and he pressed my nerve. happu tika and malkhan say if we get vibhu once we are able to beat him so much that he’s going to recognize next time what to do. tiwari says if every person sees vibhu, beat him and i will provide a bounty of 15000rs to that man or woman. vibhu listens this and receives scared, he says what shall i do now?
in kitchen anguri is making food, vibhu is going as beggar and says madam please supply me meals and i’m hungry. anguri says that sounds like vibhu? vibhu turns and says so you recognized me bhabhiji, and i’m very hungry please give me meals, i did no longer devour seeing that lot of time. anguri is irritated however gives food within the plate to vibhu, vibhu eats. anguri then shouts loudly and says tiwari come right here, come here happu singh vibhu is here and trap him. vibhu smiles and says no one is coming and manifestly the police isn’t roaming here. vibhu eats meals and is going. anguri says tiwari come right here.

  • at home anita is there speaking with meenal on cellphone and tiwari comes paralyzed. anita continues cellphone and says sit. she says didn’t you tell medical doctor? tiwari says sure i did but he said not anything can happen, anita says what? twiari acts crying, anita says wait i’m able to convey water and espresso. anita goes. tiwari then says i fooled all people, he sees anitas handkerchief and smells it and says wow it’s far stunning. anita comes out and sees tiwari and sees he’s k. she comes and tells tiwari you lied? tiwari adjustments face again and says no bhabhiji believe me. anita says get up now, tiwari receives up. anita says make your face right. tiwari makes normal face. anita says you’re a fraud guy and you desired in charge vibhu for this? you tried to position him right into a problem. anguri comes last her eyes and says take this tiwari ji medicine and i cant see your face. anita says open your eyes and tiwari was mendacity. anguri opens and is shocked. she says i wont communicate to you and also you blamed terrible vibhu via doing this. tiwari says sorry.

Outside tika malkhan seize vibhu and are beating him. anita and everyone listen inside and exit. they see vibhu. happu is there too and anita says depart him every person. they leave him. vibhu says they beat me so much. anita says why did you beat vibhu? tika and malkhan say that because of vibhu twiari became paralyzed. anita says examine tiwari and he became performing in order that vibhu might be arrested. tika malkhan say tiwari due to you we needed to beat an harmless guy, sorry vibhu. happu says but he massaged us being a female and i can take him to jai;. anita says who said massaging a person is a crime? and absolutely everyone can massage so go away in any other case i’m able to inform commissioner the way you have been taking benefit of the person you notion became a lady even when you have a spouse and youngsters. happu says k sorry we are able to move. they all pass. anita says vibhu you need to be a lady and rubdown, come domestic i will teach you.

At night in lawn, tiwari says i am sorry vibhu and its because of me that you were into this mess. vibhu says you have to be. tiwari says anyway provide me extra beer. they drink and vibhu says i recognise you desired beer so that you stated that because it’s a dry day nowadays and also you don’t have any. twiari laughs and says i will press your shoulders, he presses vibhu’s shoulders.

subsequent day, at domestic anguri comes. vibhu is there and that they sit down. vibhu says what occurred bhabhiji? anguri says i wished wheat and might you deliver from market. vibhu seems at her and says i’m able to. anguri says i used to be kidding and says i desired to take flour from anita but i’m able to move take myself. vibhu says sit someday bhabhi ji and we could speak, anguri says i have paintings and i should pass, no longer such as you. anguri geos and vibhu says why did she insult me?
precap: anita says make my sketch vibhu. vibhu says i will make as i’m able to, he makes and anita sees, she screams and says what is this? tiwari listens hiding and says i can make anitas comic strip.



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