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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with tiwari with the brush. anita says i will bring coffee, tiwari says your portrait is sort of executed. anita is satisfied and is going to bring espresso. saxena waits near window and tiwari goes to him. saxena givs him the portray and saxena says i really like it. tiwari takes it and sits on sofa with the painting.

There in kitchen, vibhu says anguri did tiwari make your portray? anguri says yes and suggests vibhu the painting. vibhu sees and begins guffawing. he says that is a portray? anguri says yes it is. vibhu says at leats you must have brains to take into account that tiwari fooled you. vibhu says are your eyes so massive? anguri says no, vibhu says are your enamel like a monster? anguri says really not. vibhu says is your nostril see you later? anguri says no, vibhu says tiwari fooled you and its not anything. anguri takes knife and says he fooled me and that i wont go away him. vibhu says keep that and take this stikc beat him with this.

At domestic anita brinsg espresso and offers to tiwari. tiwari says the painting is prepared bhabhi ji. vibhu comes and says anita wait and first see this. he shows her the portray, anita says what’s this? vibhu says this painting become made with the aid of tiwari yesterday night time whilst anguri asked him to and do you watched he must have made a good portray of yours? anita says yuck what’s this and its so bad, tiwari smiles and says anita i made that painting whilst i used to be now not in mood however now i used to be. anita says i hope something appropriate has been made. tiwari shows the painting and its exactly same , anita is impressed and says wow its so best. vibhu sees and thinks that is some thing else and that i need to discover.


At tea stall, happu singh is there and he says even i need my portrait made. vibhu says have you seen your face and no one will spit on it. happu says what is your problem? and tiwari made a great portrait of anita. vibhu thinks i’ve an concept.

At tiwaris house vibhu is going as a nawab and anguri is there. he tells her he lives in sitara town. anguri says i have in no way heard of that anyway what do you need? vibhu says i need to speak to tiwari. anguri calls tiwari. he comes and says hello. vibhu says surely some woman put the photograph of the latest portray you made on social media and even i want my spouse’s portray made so i came right here, i’m able to give you an excellent amount of cash and this is her image and make it exactly as proven. tiwari takes it and says okay sir i will make it. vibhu has sword and as nawab he says thank you and goes.
Tiwari is going to saxena who’s taking shocks at his residence. tiwari stops saxena and says clearly the painting he fabricated from anita, anita placed it on social media and a nawab got here to me. saxena says so? tiwari says he asked me to make a painting of his spouse and right here is her photograph. saxena says then make it. tiwari says that is why i got here to you and please make it. saxena says okay i can make it but i simply want my shocks. tiwari says k.
Next day at home tiwari is there with the painting and vibhu comes because the nawab with the sword.vibhu asks for the portray and tiwari offers him. vibhu sees the painting and says wow its pleasant and i’m able to come up with what you earned. anguri comes and anita is there too. vibhu says right here is the 10 lakh cheque and take it. tiwari says thanks and with this cash i can make greater top notch paintings. vibhu says now i must reduce your palms in order that your don’t make some other portrait as stunning as my wife’s. anita says are you mad and you will grasp the arms from an artist? tiwari gets scared and says no please no. vibhu is going behind him with the sword. saxena comes. tiwari in the end says no go away me and saxena here made the painting and not me. saxena says yes he’s pronouncing the fact and that i made it. tiwari says sorry anita saxena made your painting and not me. vibhu sooner or later says in his voice, see i advised you all tiwari changed into lying and he isn’t a painter. anybody is taken aback and tiwari is angry. anita say vibhu its you? vibhu says sure, i added the reality in the front of every body.


precap: anita tells anguri that vibhu gets shocks nowadays and he talks in bhojpuri.



Update Score To: Aditiya

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