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Bin Kuch Kahe 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Bin Kuch Kahe 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Bin Kuch Kahe 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Kohli’s throw birthday celebration for rosy and invite his entire circle of relatives. rocky comes carrying indian outfit and greets nikhil’s parents. nikhil’s mom says she is calling quite in indian outfit and ought to strive one always. sudha jokes if she is their riya actually. sarika says she is calling quite. riya says even she is, murmurs not greater than me. nikhil gets mesmerized and says she is asking lovely. she says even he is asking handsome, but rosy is extra handsome. nikhil says his brother is.


Full Details of Bin Kuch Kahe 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Myra is going to kitchen to bring snacks. rosy follows her and starts offevolved chatting. kabeer follows them and stands listening them in lieu of picking snacks. rosy and myra reminisce their youth days and pull every other’s legs. nikhil receives jealous or rosy. myra’s get dressed zip tears. she panics and asks kabeer to stand away. rosy asks how will she manage. she says she can go to mamma’s room and he ought to cover her. kabeer is going to room and receives a headband to cowl, however gets disappointed seeing rosy solving myra’s get dressed. they continue pulling every other’s legs. kabeer returns thinking rosy is making an attempt to be oversmart.
Myra serves snacks. nikhil’s father says they are smelling excellent, who prepared them. myra says she prepared them. rosy stops him and says it’s far all his and choices snacks. myra asks him to forestall it, else she can inform everybody approximately his childhood incident. he continues munching snack. all of us say they’re too funny.


Kabeer sees abha smiling and asks all k. she says she is simply thinking about myra’s future, hopes she settles down quickly. he says she is self-reliant. abha says myra is emotionally weak and does want someone who can guide her emotionally. they both then be part of others. topic modifications to nikhil and rosy’s marriage and their mother says hopes they get married quickly. sudha says she ought to no longer be concerned about nikhil now as..rosy stops her and says she have to give attention to him. all and sundry ask what kind of girl she wishes. he says army girl, however if she isn’t always from army, she have to be having military girl features and must be bought up in addition. kabeer says considering whilst his matrimonial ad is out. rosy says due to the fact that a long in the past. myra asks if he determined one. he says yes, she is is the one, then modifications subject matter and says if her swayamwar takes place, there can be many women in que together with him.
Abha asks kabeer’s dream woman. he tells she must be like him and should love him the manner he is and he will love her the manner she is, etc. myra cautiously listens to him.


Last Part of Bin Kuch Kahe 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kabeer then serves dinner with riya’s help. anybody enjoy dinner after which revel in chocolates. rosy says not anything is most scrumptious than gulab jamoon in this global. they then decide to play sport. kabeer’s busy on mobile. myra asks him to emerge as dj and play track. abha says why must he and says she can. kabeer says he’s going to and starts offevolved playing track on riya’s cell. they all throw pillow and track stops while nikhil’s father holds pillow. he is asked to sing song. he sings a romantic track for his spouse. then his wife’s turn comes and she or he murmurs in kabeer’s ears to play tamma tamma loge..music. he plays and she or he dances. birthday celebration continues.


Precap of Bin Kuch Kahe 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Myra tells family that she has to cowl illegal creation information. kabeer asks who is the builder and shows now not to cowl it. akshay says he will guard myra.



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