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Bin Kuch Kahe 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Bin Kuch Kahe 24th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Bin Kuch Kahe 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Shekhawath introduces myra to sandeepan iyer who desires to builder a large rental in jaipur and chief minister will inaugurate it. myra says that is first-rate. kabeer calls myra, however she disconnects his name. kabeer thinks why anyone is rejecting his call. sandeepan messages him if he is in india, thinks how does he realize. he calls sudha and asks if abha is at domestic. sudha says she need to be in cafeteria. nikhil speaks to his friend and asks a way to get again cafeteria settlement. pal says it’s far a big conspiration against abha and they ought to have planned since as a minimum a year.


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Abha gets consumer’s calls who ask why did now not she yet despatched lunch. she says nowadays she can’t. they yell at her and disconnect name. she receives low bp due to tension collapses. sandeepan holds her and makes her take a seat on a chair and asks if she is k, even her sister collapses due to low up while she receives tensed. he asks her name. she says abha kohli. he says he’s sandy, sandeepan iyer and asks if she has someone with her. she suggests nikhil and says her friend is together with her. sandy leaves. nikhil panics over phone and tells abha that riya’s album were given canceled and he or she could be very disenchanted. abha asks him to move domestic.
Nikhil calls kabeer and asks him to attain home right quickly as riya’s album got canceled and she is very disillusioned. kabeer asks what about abha, why cafeteria is sealed, in which is she. nikhil says she went to municipality office and his friend is along with her, asks once more to come back home proper now. they each attain home and notice riya angrily breaking things. kabeer asks to give an explanation for frivolously. she says her organizers had taken mortgage, so whilst police got here to arrest them, they eloped. nikhil consoles her.


Abha is going to her cafeteria and lamentably appears at authorities seal on lock. her personnel ask whilst will cafeteria open. she says don’t recognize, she can pay their income after calculation. sandy enters and breaks lock with stone. he says her cafeteria is open now. she says why did he wreck it. he says she need to are seeking for attorney in place of waiting. he calls his pal legal professional and confirms appointment. abha says she will be able to tell myra and nikhil. he says first priority need to be meeting lawyer and getting live order.


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Kabeer prepares coffee for himself. myra enters. he asks for coffee. she ignores and tries to walk to her room. he stops her and says she should now not disturb 2 enthusiasts and prevent being antique age version. she asks what does he mean and walks into room and says nikhil pampering riya. she asks kabeer why did no longer he inform at once. he asks what did she tell abha about their mumbai assembly. she says what…he repeats query. she says she advised they met in zee information office and that’s all. he continues taunting if did not tell their night spending, that stunning morning, and many others.


Precap: Abha asks kabeer if he is aware of about them. he says no. riya says enough, you all are hypocrite, she is leaving home.


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