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Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Chandra sees nandini stroll in along with her baby and husband, helina very satisfied to look that, girls gossip maharani helina is so lucky to have maharaj chandragupta in her existence,chandrika introduces her husband and child,helina thinks wow nandini you bought a fake husband too,chandra very jealous too see nanidnis husband help her and assist her,chandra in that anger hurts his hand,helina says oh no how did you injure your hand,chandra nods in satisfactory.


Full Details of Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Wedding rituals take vicinity, chandra imagines her husband and her performing them and says helina for bindusara this smoke isn’t always good and selections bindusara and walks away with him. malayketu near nandinis residence along with his goons and says this house is chandrika and she is trainer to maharaj kaling daughter instructor too,malayketu says good enough while right time comes kidnap her,gautami walks out,malayketu thinks what did she help chandras son,and asks his guys to stop,malayketu says i’ve to tell maharaj nand about this.
Helina says chandrika i need to speak to you about bindusara,nandini arms child to her husband and walks with helina,helina says wow faux infant and husband well carried out,all new circle of relatives, i desired you to depart kaling however now you can live because you probably did this proper component,chandra now things you’ve got moved on , i wanted you throw you away however you stood pretty in advance of my plans and in appropriate approaches, and we can leave to magad quickly, until then keep this recreation,nandini says helina you are close to chandra but are the most insecure character, nandini hears infant cry and walks to her infant,her husband says no he is asleep.


Chanakya is informed nand and malayketu men try and assault bindusara, and they have been there with plans,chanakya says however they were disgusted then how come,anyways make sure no person sees you presently and be with maharaj and preserve me informed,chanakya says this indicates there is a few problem is security here in magad.


Chandra seeking to calm crying bindusara, nandini walks in, chandra stops her and says i don’t want you to kill my child as you killed his mother,nandini says chandra you’re a king and till you’re here i received’t damage him and his cry appears like he has breathing problem and so if you allow me i shall assist, chandra nods sure,nandini checks his mouth and says look he had hair in his mouth,and its yours,nandini says no it’s no longer,nandini says no women has such small hair and you preserve playing with bindusara,and so be cautious next time, and that i don’t accept as true with you notion i shall kill him.


Nandini says chandra this medicinal plant is grown in kaling most effective and i have combined it with milk which assist bindusara sleep calmly,and in case you need you may prepare this in your own,chandra hesitates,nandini drinks it and says see i have no poison brought to it,chandra allows nandini give bindusara medication,nandinis selections bindusara in her arms and help him go to sleep.


Nandini seems at chandra and walks to him and selections a hair from his frame and says this is how bindusara might have fed on it so be careful and clean yourself before you cross close to him,nandini slips and chandra holds her,maharani kaling passing with the aid of sees them together,and thinks before she eyes shatnag and now maharaj chandragupta,characterless ladies.nandini says i must go and leaves.


Chanakya says i need facts approximately all protection exits,plans and every safety associated character of this nation,and this hidden direction why is it handiest greek soldiers appointed here and no magad, mantri says helina mom has made these modifications here is a letter,chanakya reads it and says why did she do this,only king can make these changes.


In kaling,pandit asks 5 married girls to bless the bride,chandrika is known as by means of a girl,chandrika steps ahead,maharani stops her and says she isn’t the right candidate,but she is a murderer first she attracted my brother and were given him killed and now she is eyeing on magad naresh chandragupta, this time she is having massive plans,characterless ladies,i saw her with maharaj chandragupta few hours returned,the use of her information she is having those plans,helina says what you have been with chandra,if this was magad i would throw you out,girls question nandinis man or woman,helina says characterless ladies throw her out,maharani pushes her,and chandra holds nandini.


Last Part of Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


chandra says maharani,how can girls behave with every other this way, allow me tell you she turned into with me in my room to assist my son, she treats him,maharani you very well recognise this however you went so low,chandrikas husband come and says allow’s go they don’t admire you.chandra thinks i am hoping he doesn’t take her incorrect as others.


Precap : Helina says nandini you shall come with us as bindusara nanny.
Gautami says why do you take delivery of this suggestion you have no relation with him,nandini says bindusara is my son,gautami says or may be you still love chandra.
Chandra steps in and its stormy whether or not.


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