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Chandra Nandni 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 19th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Chandra Nandni 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Chandra sees dasi running here and there and asks is bindusara all proper and walks to helina,helina says chandra bindusara is high on fever,naresh says don’t fear we have referred to as chandika,chandra says not required vaidya why don’t you do some thing,she says i worn-out the whole lot however bindusara is added up until now without his mom and he has determined that warmth in chandrika and is lacking her now,helina says what are you speaking i’m his mom,vaidya says however maharani he isn’t getting quite even to your arms,dasi informs kaling naresh chandrika denied to return,maharani kaling says that is due to what happened nowadays,helina says chandra we have to go magad and acharya will discover a way, can’t see bindusara in pain anymore.


Full Details of Chandra Nandni 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Greek mantri and helina mom,greek mantri says someday greater to stop the day however i see no steps from acharya chanakya to get this royal stamp looks like this time he received’t stand with the aid of his words,helina mother says he is cunning and sensible by no means underestimate acharya chanakya,and of he said he will,he’s going to. greek mantri says helina mother we will solution his any sport,dasi informs them acharya has called them in sabha,helina mom says come allow’s move and discover what’s the new game all about.
Nandini attempts to close home windows as it’s to stormy out,the door opens and nandini sees chandra at her door,he walks in,nandini asks is bindusara all proper,chandra says how will you ask after killing his mother,anyways i’m right here to tell you that i’m now not right here to beg you to come see bindusara but to warm you stop from coming near my son and excellent you denied,nandini says i didn’t need to return to mahal,chandra says look at my eyes i don’t have any feelings for you,and all it has hatred for you and i’m able to find the exceptional of docs for my son but you received’t be allowed to be close to by using son and pushes her and leaves,nandini says i won’t chandra, i can in no way come near you and bindusara and by no means come back, we’ve one-of-a-kind paths beforehand.


Bindusara maintains crying,chandra says we shall go away proper away for magad,naresh says maharaj it’s too stormy it’s not desirable for child,chandra says we will call all properly docs however now not chandrika,helina says chandra i’m bindusaras mom i take his responsibility allow’s leave for magad,vaidya says maharaj the query it’s approximately you or maharani helina however approximately baby bindusara and he’s so uneasy due to the fact he needs that warm temperature,you need to get chandraika for bindusara desirable,chandra says i will in no way try this, i shall discover every other vidya if you may’t help us but we won’t name chandrika and shall go away for magad,helina thinks that is so good,dasi didn’t you listen move make preparations to depart.


Gautami says correct decision why go help that baby and that toddler whose father killed our complete family let that infant die or live,nandini remembers durdhara calling her sister and asking her to be along with her son as a mother,nandini says bindusara does count number to me,gautami says if he did you will go,nandini says i’m able to’t leave you and move, if i’m going i’m able to threat your lifestyles and infant’s life,gautami says nandini i’m right here to appearance after my toddler however bindusara whom shall he look for, don’t you ever suppose what that letter suggest wherein durdhara wrote approximately her step looking to kill her, you didn’t kill her then who.


Gautami says if it’s helina who killed durdhara, just reflect onconsideration on terrible bindusara,nandini says no bhabhi i can’t try this,gautami says why because chandra is indignant and doesn’t recognize you,is that this all extra vital that bindusara, has your self recognize emerge as vital than a infant or is it that you nonetheless love chandra and if you visit mahal and appearance in to his eyes he shall see the ones emotions for him,nandini says no bhabhi i don’t love him and leaves.


Chandra remembers the episode while durdhara pointed at nandini,after which now nandini continually took care of bindusara,chandra thinks why did she save bindusara, while she attempted killing durdhara, no this time i won’t accept as true with her, helina walks to chandra,and says it’s time to depart, all and sundry leaving kaling.naresh says i would like you to suppose for your decision,chandra says i am i should take your depart,bindusara nevertheless crying,anybody proceeds in the direction of magad.


Helina mother says acharya i nevertheless have the royal stamp and now not much time is left for middle of the night,chanakya says i want to talk to her on my own,greek mantri says feeling ashamed to say sorry in front of me,helina mother says you can wait out, chanakya says don’t forget to shut the door,the greek mantra standing out wondering why became i despatched out as a minimum helina mother should have asked me to live in. helina mother walks out,greek mantri asks what happened where is royal stamp, helina mom says with him,greek mantri asks how what came about in thee, she walks away,chanakya says greek mantri i informed you i can have it via tonight.


Gautami writes a letter nandini you came to my life when I wished you maximum, you gave me my existence back but it’s time in order to go back, you’re preventing yourself due to us, it’s time to satisfy your promise you gave to durdhara and be with bindusara, don’t try to locate us, we’re going a ways far from you, supply your existence a sparkling starts offevolved, your loving bhabhi gautami.


Last Part of Chandra Nandni 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Gautami alternatives her toddler and baggage and walks out of her hut and finds malayketu status with his guards and asks what are you doing right here,malayketu says now your father in regulation will consider me whose toddler is he and who stays along with you,gautami thinks they shouldn’t discover about nandini,and says i stay alone with my baby, malayketu says kidnap her and the guards take her and her toddler away.


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