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Chandra Nandni 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 21st April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Chandra Nandni 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with helena coming and telling nandini that you are coming with us to magadha as chandra stated however if you come to magadha you will stay a servant within the palace because you have to and no one will receive you as nandini so you should cover your face at all times along with your saree. however see in case you want to come as there at your property you stay well however here you will must live as bindusara’s nanny. nandini thinks what gautami informed her and bindusara is not secure with helena so she needs to be in magadha. as helena goes, nandini stops her and says move and inform your king that i’m coming to magadha.
gautmai is stuck by means of padmanand and in the tent padmanand takes the infant. gautami says that is why i in no way advised you and hid it from you because you may take my toddler, gautami cries.


Full Details of Chandra Nandni 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Padmanand takes the infant and sits and says you may be my successor.
In magadha the preparations are being accomplished and mora and grandmother are there. grandmother says i’m so excited to see bindusara and i need to hug him. mora says sure i am too or even chandra will be here. a servant comes and tells chandra and every body have come and are at the gate. mora takes pooja plate and each person go out to welcome chandra.
Outside mom does chandra’s pooja and positioned tika on his brow. she says wherein is bindusara? from in the back of nandini comes keeping bindusara and her face is covered. mora says who is this? helena says mom she is the brand new ayah for bindusara and he or she helped us even on the halt and made bindusara quiet, she takes desirable care of him. grandmother says what’s her call? helena says her call is chandrika, she can’t talk however and in her village it is obligatory to wear a face cowl. mother smiles. all people are available in.
Helena is in her mother’s room and apma says are you mad to deliver nandini returned in magadha? helena says don’t fear mother and i have everything looked after, once bindusara could be first-rate chandra himself will send nandini again from right here. apma says its not that and their love can once again ignite, and now chanakya knows approximately me. helena is taken aback and says what does he know? apma tells that after she became inside the cave talking to nandini’s step mom approximately the alternate of rupa and nandini and we planned it, chanakya was there and he heard everything. nandini says does he recognize about me? apma says no he doesn’t however each time he might also tell chandra.
In room, chandra is with bindusara and he is crying, chandra says i ma here only and don’t cry you even had food and played with me too? lets hear a story now, chandra sits and tells bindusara story of a warrior fighting inside the woods against wild animals, nandini comes and says if you tell him such frightening memories he will obviously be scared. nandini takes bindusara and says he desires me, chandra gets up and says oh yeah? then you definately handiest inform him story, you are besides exact at such things. nandini receives unhappy. chandra is going and sleeps on sofa.


Last Part of Chandra Nandni 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update
Nandini takes bindusara in and out a palace balcony, as mora is there and grandmother. grandmother says she has ache in her ankela dns he wishes that remedy nandini used to make. mora says don’t take her name in the front of me. grandmother says i realize she made a mistake however its ok. mora says i thought her and he or she used to come and disguise in the back of me from her father at the same time as playing, she as soon as even fought together with her father for me, i don’t accept as true with she killed durdhara. mom says anyway lets play with bindusara, mother takes bindusara from nandini’s hand, unexpectedly nandini’s face cowl receives away from wind, no person sees however nandini puts it returned on. mom says it appears chandrika and bindusara have bonded. nandini takes bindusara once more and thinks mother i did now not do what you watched. nandini takes bindusara to sleep.
in room, as chandra sleeps on sofa, nandini takes a blanket and places on chandra. she then takes bindusara and sleeps beside him on the mattress.
Precap: Chanakya tells chandra that king this girl apma has plotted against the kingdom and punish her. helena is there.


Update Credit To: Dolly

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