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Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Nandini in her room,drop the curtains and is ache and then thinks approximately moras words, chandra walks in and says see i’m very worn-out and don’t count on me to look after binudsara i’m very sleepy allow me speak to bindusara and ask him if he has trouble if i sleep,where is he,nandini says he’s going to sleep with rajmata,chandra says first-rate possibility,let’s use this time,let’s play,nandini says however you have been sleepy and attempted,chandra says now i’m not,nandini says but i’m very sleepy and worn-out,chandra thinks prevent her and you’ve got to inform about how you feel about her.


Full Details of Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Pandugan walks in and says narrate me a story and additionally i overlooked you today all day,chandra thinks this turned into best element closing, i bet in my life i’m able to by no means have the possibility to spend exceptional time with her,nandini says i’m able to come in your room and then narrate,pandugan says no i shall sleep with chandra,chandra says it’s best,nandini says okay as soon as upon a time,pandugan says inform me about today,let me tell you,there has been a huge mahal like us and exquisite queen like nandini and pandugan narrates today’s episode inform of tale of the way bindusara was in threat after which says how was it, sincerely this isn’t a tale this happened in mahal,someone took binudsara away,chandra says what i’ve to talk to acharya,pandugan says nandini your flip,nandini says no longer now,chandra i shall go look after bindusara,pandugan thinks this can soon flip to a truth and i kill your son and also you and magad may be mine chandra.

Pandugan with a toy and appears at mora strolling in corridor and recalls how chandra killed his father and brothers and receives very indignant and throws the toy at mora,she dodges it,pandugan begins dancing mora stored oh no i desired to harm her,mora says son this isn’t properly,anyone can be harm,pandugan says but mora didn’t get harm i recognise my father killed your husband and now i can kill you,mora says pandugan behave your self,prevent this insanity,pandugan says you mad your husband mad,i understand my father killed your husband and behead him and tied his head in mahal mora gets irritated and slaps him,nandini sees this and says don’t fear she didn’t meant to and says ma why did you do this he isn’t in senses, mora says he questioned my standards and made a laugh of my useless husband,nandini says ma ,bhaiya isn’t in senses and that i’m sorry on his behalf ,mora says i’m rajmata and i gained’t tolerate whatever against my husband and it’s hazardous to go away him alone,lock him in some room in case you are so involved approximately him,pandugan says no locking,nandini says ma please,mora says he’s just the son of nand who had torchered and burdened me and
by no means ever reputable girls,nandini says and ma even i’m nands daughter,do you hate me too,please say some thing,pandugan sees chandra and runs to him and says she slapped me terrible mora punish her.


Chandra walks to mora and says ma why did you do that,mora says yes i did and i don’t remorse it, if all people misbehaves he has to undergo this,and the way may want to you forget about your mothers tears,those vintage recollections nevertheless prick me like thrones and so it’s hard to cope with all this.

nandini in tears,chandra says chill out,ma was indignant,nandini says chandra i’m dissatisfied because pandugan bhaiya he stated so many horrific things it became ma so she took it gently and if it changed into a person else and that they behaved other way,allow’s ship bhaiya some other place,chandra says nandini he desires you,your love,and that i promise i can deal with him.


Helina says dasi that is special alcohol to maharaj and get in when I ask you too,he can be very happy.chandra says nandini you’re my pal and as promised i will take care of him now and even later,no one in mahal and outside will harm him i’m able to fight for him,as promised i shall try this,helina listens to all this and says if this takes place nandini and chandra will be returned to get and now i shall inform ma approximately this.

chandra says nandini prevent crying, i will’t see you cry,my heart stops beating and there’s bizarre feeling,nandini asks what happens,chandra says i will’t provide an explanation for,now wipe your tears,chandra appears at her and thinks i’m able to never see you in tears,dasi walks in and says acharya is waiting for you in sabha and leaves,chandra says i shall come,nandini asks first tell me what occurs,chandra says i shall inform tonight.


Apma says clearly a promise,helina says now nandini could be lower back with chandra and soon the patrani and she forgot approximately the sweetheart too,apma starts guffawing,helina says ma what,apma says you chortle too,may be then dust to your mind goes, this is the satisfactory information,see why does nobody recognize approximately it,helina says because chandra told nandini in their room,apma says the amusing starts now,nobody in mahal is aware of about this,the difference among chandra and mora can be widened due to nandini,chanakya wants to kill pandugan and mora hates him and chandra promised to shop him and now when chandra will wreck his acharyas oath the whole mahal can be in mess and all due to nandini,the mahal will be in parts combating and accusations and nandini will be the motive.


Last Part of Chandra Nandni 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra changed into knowledgeable approximately the shops,chandra says as acharya unearths good,chanakya says okay mantriji call them day after today and later asks why had been you so absent,chandra says acharya ma and nandini,their distinction is widening every day,chanakya says never fall into girls subjects, they will find a manner themselves,but we’ve got a bigger problem,there’s someone in mahal in the back of bindusara and always assaults him,even the day gone by this took place and it became properly i sensed it and made plans beforehand,chandra says yes pandugan advised me a few medicines out of your room were stolen and used it to divert the soldiers,chanakya says however i didn’t placed the matter in front of absolutely everyone that drug treatments from my room are misplaced,is he the only,chandra says no longer viable,chanakya says discover it from him and make certain he shouldn’t discover it,be careful.


Precap : Chandra says pandugan i liked the previous day’s tale wherein did you hear it,pandugan gets surprised.
chandra says acharya before killing pandugan you have to skip me.
nandini and chandra in room and pay attention pandugans voice and nandini rushes out,pandugan is attacked by a person blanketed in blanket.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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