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Chandra Nandni 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandra Nandni 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Chandra says nandini we can’t stay right here anymore,nandini says no we can’t, regardless of the accusations however durdhara is in risk,who ought to it’s in the back of her and her child, we need to find it, a person inside mahal is trying to harm her,magad and durdhara need you,chandra says you’re right.chandra says acharya please look after durdharas protection after me,the whole thing achieving durdhara need to be examined two times,and shares a plan with them.

Chanakya says chandra,it’s your choice to depart the mahal,it wasn’t wanted,chandra says acharya it changed into your rule to stay with mukhya rani and i will’t go towards it,chankaya says no chandra you’re being attentive to your coronary heart and leaves.

Chandra asks vaidya how is durdhara, vaidya says she is doing satisfactory,mom and infant each are high-quality,chandra says please appearance after her and i’ve appointed infantrymen for her security and also you too hold inspecting her and durdhara i’m sorry however i need to depart.

Helina says look ma,what a plan ,now they may be collectively and also you ended everything,ma says endurance we will discover a new manner,helina says ma depart,i don’t want your help any greater.

Mora plays chandra and nandini aarti,chandra hugs her,mora says nandini you’re my daughter and sorry if i have hurted you,nandini says ma please don’t try this and hugs her,chandra and nandini take her benefits,nandini says accurate bye to avantika and all others. chandra says acharya i continually will be with my humans and magad and i hire you because the choices maker right here and leaves,helina disenchanted.helina thinks chandra this is not performed and also you shall face its effects.
magad people disillusioned about their king and queen leaving.

  • Nandini says it’s so cold here,chandra says don’t worry i shall erect the tent quickly,nandini goes assist chandra,it’s too windy and the tent falls over them,nandini thinks god what occurs when he’s so near me,both together erecting the tent,chandra lifts nandini and both perform the necessary arrangements,after which mild hearth,chandra says are you satisfactory now,nandini says sure but it’s so cold right here,i may additionally die quickly oh god,chandra smiles and hugs her, nandini says what are you doing,chandra says you stated you shall die so come close it’s too cold right here,nandini says chandra,chandra says we are married proper,and why can’t we try this,do you want someone else to do this,nandini says don’t neglect i will combat you,chandra says even though i touch your waist,nandini pushes him,chandra says ok ok,but how do i help you,we’ve one extra choice but you could’t do that,nandini says nothing is impossible for me.

Chandra says you need to devour alcohol ,nandini says no manner,chandra says it’s essential to shop your existence and if you don’t you’ll die and i have choose you and you’re so heavy,nandini receives irritated and liquids it,chandra says even i’m bloodless supply me a few.

Nandini and chandra inebriated,nandini begins guffawing and says you’re crimson monkey,chandra says don’t name me monkey but definitely i love it,nandini says you are so precise,chandra says no you’re so good,i’ve to tell you some thing,nandini says even i’ve to tell you something,chandra says nandini i really like you a lot,chandra holds nanidnis hand,nandini says chandra i really like you too,both kiss the pole with the aid of mistake and start giggling,they come near every other but nose is available in between and begins guffawing once more.

Helina ingesting and disillusioned about chandra announcing that nandini is the deserving one,ma walks to helina and forestalls her and says what if someone reveals you are drinking,helina starts offevolved giggling,she is drunk,and not able to govern herself,she takes the glass and throws it,helina says what did you assert someone shall see,who,maharaj chandra left me,now who will see me,ma says helina,helina says close up due to you i wrote the letter and appearance chandra left and that too with nandini,i loved maliketu but i couldn’t get him then chandra i didn’t get him too and you’re reason at the back of all of this and pushes ma,and says you destroyed my life,ma hugs helina.

  • Helina starts crying,ma says i promise,chandra and nandini will be separated i promise you.

Nandini and chandra together,nandini resting on his hand,nandini says i’m no longer bloodless anymore and also you don’t appear to be a monkey,chandra says i realize that and hugs her and both burst off to sleep.


Precap : chandra says nandini you have to alternatives both the human beings there can see you shower or me,nandini doesn’t answer ,chandra says good enough i shall go away,nandini says no please stop.chandar holds dupatta to cowl nandini.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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