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Chandra Nandni 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandra Nandni 31st March 2017 Written Episode Updates.


Helina says ma durdhara is beneath safety,ma says you’re mukhya maharani,helina says you’re right and says guards permit mukhya maharani in. mora and dadi with durdhara and durdhara maintains calling chandras name,ma and helina walk in,ma says rajmata we have plant life for durdhara i made a little pooja for her and so right here are flora and maintains it beside durdhara and pricks a toxic needle,chanakya walks in,helina mom says durdhara soon could be first-rate and deliver a healthful baby.


Chanakya says mukhya maharani please prevent and helina mother please display me your arms,ma says acharya what do you imply,am i behind durdhara and her baby,chanakya says i stated nothing of that,i am simply doing my paintings,it’s vital please,ma suggests each her arms and they’re empty,helina smiles,chanakya says you can go away.
chanakya walks back to durdharas room and says no person even rajmata and mukhya rani gained’t be let in without being tested. helina asks where is the needle,ma shows her leg,helina says why did you prick it to yourself its toxic,ma says move get that bottle,and drinks a medication and says it’s antidote and now durdhara will die slowly and we must some how blame nandini for durdharas dying,helina says she isn’t here how ,ma says await the right time.


Nandini wakes up beside chandra and smiles,chandra sees nandini looking at him and gets scared and says you , i thought it’s a ghost,nandini says liar,chandra says god whilst i exploit to awaken in mahal i’d see beautiful dasi and now you,nandini says i saw a monkey,chandra says i saw how you had been looking at me,nandini says you had been dreaming, i need to shower and leaves.


Vaidya says rajmata, infant may be delivered early and durdhara is weak too however don’t fear we shall maintain toddler in commentary and appearance after the child,helina walks in and says then we need to name chandra proper away,dadi says helina is proper,mora says i shall ship letter,helina says i shall move get them,durdhara thinks this shouldn’t occur,helina will kill nandini,helina gives durdhara cold appearance and says ma i shall make arrangements and leaves.


Nandini goes to close by river,and about to slide,chandra holds her and lifts her up,nandini says this isn’t wished positioned me down,chandra says i was to depart you in water no worries will drop you right here in mud,nandini says no no drop me in water,chandra drops nandini in water,nandini says are you mad,chandra says you requested me to drop you.


Nandini says move now i ought to bathe,chandra says even i must shower,nandini says please go,chandra says always emotional blackmailing,nandini sees few guys on different financial institution and says please live right here so that those guys gained’t look,chandra says i shall see what i want too, nandini says near your eyes,chandra says then how will i understand if a person is watching you,ok nandini you have options either the ones humans there can see you bathe or me,nandini doesn’t solution ,chandra says ok i shall leave,nandini says no please forestall.chandar holds dupatta to cover nandini.


  • Nandini purposely splashes water over chandra,chandra smiles. each get dressed and listen bell ring and nandini says looks like there’s a temple nearby lets go,chandra and nandini go to the temple,nandini greets panditji and asks why are the threads tied here,panditji says it’s ichapurti ( wish gratifying) temple, nandini and chandra tie one together.


Chandra asks nandini what did you want for ,nandini says you first,chandra says yummy food,such a lot of days i haven’t eaten exact meals,nandini thinks no need of coming right here and turns round, chandra says hear the entire desire, i also needed that someday i shall talk my coronary heart to her and we will live together all the time,nandini says ok shall we go away and slips,chandra holds her,helina says chandra and arrives there on a royal cart carrying crown.


Helina says surprised proper,i was searching you each where i’m right here you take you each returned mahal,chandra says i’m no longer coming returned,helina says it’s emergency,durdhara isn’t in top nation and may supply baby any second and she or he wishes you chandra.


Precap : durdhara says nandini promise me if i die you shall appearance after my baby as your own.
chanakya says chandra you need to find the character at the back of maharani durdharas dying.
nandini in cuffs,chandra says maharani nandini you shall go away the mahal forever and go away.
chandra searching after a baby. nandini looking after a toddler.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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