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Chandra Nandni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Chandra Nandni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Chandra Nandni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Vishkanya says we vishkanya are well-known for their splendor too and nobody may be spared of it but you,god you never were tricked into,and now i know why,due to the fact you’re a lover first and then a king,and nandini could be very lucky ladies to have you as her husband,and for that love i can help nandini,chandra says thanks,please come.


Full Details of Chandra Nandni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Chandra walks into nandinis room,vaidya says we tried hard but it looks like these are nandinis last few mins,chandra says please depart us alone for a while,all depart,chandra gets vishkanya in via secrete way,vishkanya seat beside nandini, she provides her poison to a bowl and says give it to nandini,chandra gives it to nandini,nandini spits it out,chandra stands helpless looking at nandini breath her closing.


Apma says helina the good information must be on its way. dadi says god why is my nandini continually tested,she continually does desirable however appearance what she is dealing with today,chaya says dadi don’t lose wish,chandra walks to them,helina acts as if she may be very disillusioned and apma consoling her,chandra says nandini isn’t any greater,dadi breaks down in tears,chandra says i’ve ordered to make her funeral preparations,mora walks to chandra and says cry son,don’t permit this pain conquer you,and hugs him,chandra seems at bindusara and picks him in his palms,and breaks down and cries in pain,chandra says my nandini is poisoned,my durdhara become killed further,now i shall now not go away that person alive and punish them in a way that no one shall forget about,my son is left motherless once more,i received’t spare them,apma and helina get scared.
Apma in tears and says nandini changed into so good but appearance she is dead,she changed into mother to bindusara,helina says ma it’s time to have fun however you’re in tears, apma says dear research this,you have to present this in the front of chandra,nandini became chandras love he won’t sit quite however until he has no proof against us he gained’t damage us,now visit chandra,he is harm and help bindusara,all have to take you as bindusara mother go,helina says i hate that child,he gives me headache,apma says if you want chandra and mukhyarani,move cope with that kid,we’ve just won half of recreation,so get to paintings ,helina leaves.


Helina walks to chandra and bindusara,helina sits besides them and says i know you’re harm,nandini changed into your proper love and she or he is not any more,i’m able to not and nobody can ever take her region however i would love to take location of mom to bindusara,he is left on my own again,and i promise i’m able to give him the love he merits, i have ordered to shift my assets to your room so that i received’t go away bindusara by myself.chandra says no helina,i have no one than bindusara in my lifestyles,i’m his parents i gained’t percentage him,helina says adequate but if you want me do name and leaves.


Bindusara performs with chandra,chandra hugs him and then covers them with blanket and leaves.chandra with bindusara receives in to a secrete room and places bindusara on mattress and says right here is your mother, bindusara,performs with nandinis hair,nandini wakes up and asks where am i,all that blood,what is taking place,chandra says you have been poisoned take relaxation,nandini asks who poisoned me,and sees vishkanya and says she did it, arrest her ,shop my son she will be able to poison her too,chandra says relax,she is the only who saved you,you had been poisoned like durdhara and vishkanya used her poison to kill its effect.


(After nandini spitting the poison,chandra says don’t go away me nandini wake up,i can’t stay with out you,nandini begins coughing,vishkanya says we’ve got a few hope,chandra says do what you can,vishkanya says we need to put her in a bathtub of poison to kill her poisons impact,to tub of water vishkanya provides her poison and bathes nandini into it,vishkanya asks chandra not to enter as it may be risky for him.vishkanya sways look the water grew to become inexperienced nandini is out of hazard now,but she will have weak point and needs rest,they each relaxation nandini on bed,chandra says thank you,but please keep this as a secrete,nandini is alive have to be secrete no person should no approximately it,in order that i can discover her and durdharas assassin )


Last Part of Chandra Nandni 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Nandini says thanks vishkanya,chandra says nandini you’re useless now and i want you to help me to find durdharas assassin and also i don’t want everybody to hurt you,will you be on my aspect,nandini says for durdhara certain i will,however who is it,chandra says apma,vaidya walks in and says she needs relaxation because of poison she has internal injuries,nandini asks how are you going to arrest apma,chandra says i’ve a manner.


Precap : Helina says ma you informed you left no proofs,but this dasi what if she tells about the kheer.
Apma says when I end that dasi chandra will don’t have any proofs towards me,apma is going to kill dasi and sees chandra in the back of her.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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